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  1. Being the host of many tournaments for many game systems, nobody likes outside opinions. In my experience it leaves both the offender and the victim of the mistake feeling as if they were cheated or singled out. Players in competitions are supposed to be experienced at the rules they are using, and mistakes that are not corrected between the players should not be brought to light until after the event. Even a post game discussion when there are still rounds to play could put either player in a poor mood for future games making the experience for other players bad. Best to just keep it to yourself and remember not to make the mistake yourself.
  2. My LGS brought in 2 Tantive cases and sold 2 cases. He sells for a good price (enough that internet buy + shipping saves me nothing) so that works real well for us. We don't do tournaments here so there is a lot more willing to play larger pt games. 100 pt matches can be left to the serious people.
  3. I am thinking downscaled Lancer Frigate for the empire. Anti-starfighter platfrom and simple shape, although still rather large. How about an Imperial Sentinel landing craft instead?
  4. Hey Gosric, why not the Lancer Frigate? http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Lancer-class_frigate
  5. A couple at our local store had the same problem. The engine was fixed with a dab of super glue.
  6. Wes Janson

    Wave 3 ships

    I hope wave 4 moves further into the EU with the options, as I feel the clone wars stuff does not really fit in to a game called X-wing. E-wing Tie Defender The above would be my obvious guess, followed but some odd possible types. Tie Droid Preybird Fighter Assault Gunboat Z-95 Headhunter A-9 Vigilance Interceptor
  7. There was an X-wing book where Rogue Squadron members fly Z-95s. In regards to a rebel match the Tie-Defender never made mass production due to cost and the Empire falling apart. A counter measure never developed as a result. The EU stuff should show up, there are too few movie ships in EIV,V,VI. I just hope that the prequel ships don't become the next focus :S
  8. The background of your photo is always important. Make sure your camera is set to daylight flash, and your depth of field is on its highest.
  9. My own research and time spent pouring through Star Wars tombs points at the B-Wing being rated as difficult to fly, so for starters I say limit the pilot cards in that matter (no rookies). The fighter also lacks an astromech, so this should also not be allowed as an upgrade. On the plus side apparently it is a modular design allowing for weapon swaps based on the mission, and its targeting computer allows for independant tracking between missile and blaster targets. Primary mission being attacks on enemy capital ships, not fighter combat. Second, the B-wing carries 12 Proton Torpedoes, (4 more then the Y-wing), is speedier then the previous but slower then the X-Wing. In a direct fire role it also has 3 laser cannons and 3 ion cannons, once again making it more potent then the Y-Wing. Based on X-Wing games in the past, its shielding is the best of the rebel fighters, but its hull was not as robust as the older Y-wing. So I figure one better blaster attack rating, two torp cards, same agility as Y-Wing, 1 better shield, 2 less hull. The Tie bomber finds itself in a similar situation as the B-Wing, being designed for attacks against capital ships, and slower then most standard starfighters and lass manouverable. If I remember correctly it was even slower then the Y-Wing, only has 2 laser cannons, but carried more heavy weapons, such as concussion missiles or proton torpedoes, proton bombs and thermal detonators. Apparently their targeting systems were also quite accurate. From a durability stand point, all I have to go on was the X-wing PC games, which had them being about 3 times tougher then a standard TIE. To me, a more comparable fighter to the B-wing would be the Imperial Assault Gunboat, which I hope shows up at some point.
  10. deniper, its good to see more people doing some customs, good work. Photos are always trick on these little guys.
  11. bsmith, thanks for the compliments. It was all done with a brush.
  12. Hey Roy, when I get a chance to stop by I will post it for sure.
  13. Hey all, has anyone else decided to repaint or add detail to their miniatures? I took a crack at Red 5 (Luke's X-wing) tonight and it turned out nice with minimal effort. When I get my add on packs in the mail I will do up Red 2 & 3 as well. Anyway I will post the other guys as I get them done.
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