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  1. I am thinking Carrack class light cruiser will make a great counter to the corvette. Also looking forward to the old Dreadnought/Assault Frigate MkI as a cheaper option to the Victory and MkII AF
  2. It does help remind me not to think so linear when deploying regardless of how silly it is.
  3. I totally intend to play larger club games that involve way more ships so 3 VSDs is happening lol.
  4. I agree with Cobalt, that making sure the objectives you bring for your opponent to pick from should benefit yourself in the situation vs trying to guess what will be hard for your enemy.
  5. Ah I was wondering if you could do it twice.
  6. Making the A-wing the worst of the rebel fighters against capital ships. It is possible but by far a poor use of its capabilities. Y-wings make me happy. A good medium.
  7. I agree that losing your defense advantage at full stop does encourage players to keep the game mobile. I hate nothing worse then playing against a stationary enemy. Predictable, and boring.
  8. I came to the same conclusions. If you attack from several directions against a capital ship with little to no fighter escort, it will suffer. This will be the best way to dispose of Star Destroyers. Escorting fighters to tie up the enemy fighter screen should allow the bombers to slip past and hit the ship. Rebel fighters need to play the numbers game. They have more hitpoints and can afford to be outnumbered in fights. It may be best to tie up the Tie's with as little as possible (X-wings) while the Y-wings and B-wings do their work. Redirects are not that big a deal as reducing a vessels shielding in general is a victory.
  9. Ya normally the station allows for damage to be discarded on overlaping ships and squadrons.
  10. I would be tempted to spread them out some in a bit of a random fashion. Hope to help break up Imperial ships and single them out with my smaller more manuverable ships if they decide to chase.
  11. sitting idle waiting for the ambush may be no help, seeing as the jump point can be moved each round. Means imperial fighters may be forced to patrol the objective areas. It also allows the faster rebels to move into a flank position while the Imperials sit in wait.
  12. Rebels has been great to watch, cant wait to see some of my old favorites on screen. Should see some ships from it soon in our games.
  13. Sir Games-A-Lot Barrie, Ontario Canada Facebook Group: Festung Barrie
  14. This objective is looking really tempting for B-wings to shine along with an Assault Frigate. Gives a chance to really get in the thick of it early. I intend to play the bid war and hope I get to choose the 1st player in most situations. I don't need the heavy Imperial ships having any advantage I don't want them to. As a defender in this situation once again I feel B-wings being left back to defend against the Imperial flank would be of great use. My slow movement doesn't cause me any issues in that regard. The trouble is the enemy squadrons eliminating my B-wing defence early. In general I would not want to have to focus on defending my rear when the enemy will be in front of me in equal or greater force. This will require more thought.
  15. I think a balanced list will be the best approach so you don't find yourself wanting. The bid war may be more of a concern for players who choose to build a fleet that excels at one task, and want their objective set to be in play. I can see a new use for slow B-wings with many of these situations now.
  16. I am looking at using everything in my capital ship arsenal to get the most out of my rebel fighter groups. I am half tepted to use CR90A corvettes as anti-fighter vessels. Guess I will have to put it on the table before I find out though.
  17. I am aiming for about 8 of everything so sure I will take extras.
  18. My LGS gave me a heads up of end of March at this point. Does that mean the core game and the expansions though?
  19. I recycled the extras. Pretty much any doubles of uniques and the like always go straight into the bin.
  20. Its all recycleable material, none of it is going to waste. I do feel that much of the package is wasted space, but it is all designed to show off the rather well painted miniatures. The forever praised paint quality on these models has been a huge selling point here for many.
  21. I am wondering if using them to cover my scum BTL-4 Y-wings vulnerable rears would be worth my while.
  22. I am happy with the Y-wing update and it will find use in both my rebel and scum units. The generics find a lot of use in my lists, as I am usually a casual player I feel the constant use of the named pilots is a little dry. With many of their abilities though it is hard not to choose them with competition play. As far as dud ships are concerned I don't feel that any ship is a dud vs being too focused on one mechanic or ability makes its use a little more challenging. Once again competition rewards consistent performance over luck, so unreliable may be a better term then dud.
  23. I bought 4 the other day, but havn't really tackled a scum list yet. I have a feeling I can make a great use of them as support for a Firespray though.
  24. Mistakes are one thing, rules violations to ones advantage that are constantly repeating should be dealt with by the organiser, not spectators.
  25. I always play rebels for the most part, and feel the scum pack has just added some needed flavour to the game for existing players. Don't see the scum being a new player attraction however. That said, they are the only faction with any reasonable stock available at my LGS. The existing players have essentially bought out the stock on 90% of the \Rebel and Imperial X-wing minis with limited reprint stock arriving. Some of the new Y-wing only cards have got me thinking of alternate uses for that ship in my builds. I have had great success with Y-wings during game play, even if I lose it is usually a very tight game, which is great fun. One sided matches are for tournaments and honestly are no fun at all for myself to be a part of. I don't see any reason to discontinue using Rebels, they are my go to. Everyone has a like though.
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