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  1. I think there is a typical high amount of hate nerdery flying around about how they are going to screw up our childhood. Everyone needs to remember this is made for the next generation. We are here for the ride only. Enjoy your kids getting back into it, and getting to be the cool dad/mom who knows all about it.
  2. I wouldn't mind seeing a bonus to certain star fighter types, such as a boost to bomber or escort craft when being commanded by a certain vessel. There is plenty of room to have these sort of things go on. Heck, it could even be a crew upgrade for all it matters.
  3. True there would be mainstream users, and also disconnected cells. The equipment quality and standards would be quite variable. It really shows in the the odd collection of capital ships the Rebellion employs.
  4. I think the trick is to find your own ways to add spice to your games so you are not waiting for another persons ideas to move you forward.
  5. I think certain missions/objectives will favor the B-wing simply due to deployment outside of the norm or closer starting positions. Enemy start speed may also play a factor.
  6. Ordered 1 core and 3 of everything else. Going to be playing 500 pt games by the sounds of the group.
  7. I don't mind that really. Never made sense that in a universe that large the rebels relied on a couple designs. When your fractured and wanting, anything is better then nothing.
  8. Thinking on my comment, the assault frigate II is a dreadnought variant so good chance we may see it. I also hope Thrawn makes it out of the EU write off. Maybe throw him in a movie. That would be cool.
  9. Ships I agree will have no trouble as tech is always changing. Factions are right offs. Still hope for a dreadnought though.
  10. 'All wings report in.' My rebel pilots putting a torpedo right into a Star Destroyers bridge view port.
  11. Further lending to my Rebel ships being my anti-fighter platforms while my fighters do the majority of the capital ship hunting. I have spent more time thinking about what I will do with this game then I have spent playing anything else as of late.
  12. I say both starter and Wave I by 28th of March.
  13. I was already thinking this route as well. Lots of smaller craft could be introduced in this fashion. Maybe they come under a different heading then squadron?
  14. Looks great DuskSong. Off to get my felt tomorrow.
  15. Exactly what I was thinking. Not every character has to be better then the last one. Whats wrong with a flavor character here and there?
  16. Daala is in the story quite a bit. Regardless of her losing record, at least she didn't die off early like many of the movie characters
  17. Yes many a past complicated space gamer. I am just so impressed with X-wing that this one is gonna be my Space game of choice, and I haven't played it yet lol.
  18. **** I tried to fish for the SSD lol. I do see the Devastator being in there, just hope we see beyond the movie ships characters more. The Empire more then anyone, will benefit from the EU for ship and character ideas.
  19. Well I have a feeling this game is going to do very well. But that said, we will see variants that are relevant before we see ships that mimic previous releases. Going to bet on the MC80 Liberty Style first. I hope to see an MC80B Mon Remonda. Home One style cruiser may also get its own model, but we would have to wait and see if they justify it having its own statistics. There are so many ships to choose from I hope they get to majority of them before they stop production. Doubt we will see simple repaints though.
  20. Just for debate, why would Piett come with the ship title Devastator? Was his ISD not the Accuser before going to the Executer? I figure they would save Piett for the Executor. Its gotta be coming eventually.
  21. The hardware store has mastercraft metal briefcase style tool cases 18"x13"x6" with 4.5" deep punch foam tray and foam topper for about $15-30 depending on where you go.
  22. That is my question as well. If I can fire into the dogfight without risk my Corvettes just got a new job.
  23. So when this bad boy ISD comes to light, which Star Destroyers do you want to see names on cards and what captains do you think should be present? I hope for; Grand Admiral Thrawn (Commander) Admiral Natasi Daala (Commander) Lorth Needa (crew upgrade) Gilad Pellaeon (crew upgrade) Captain Dorja (crew upgrade) ISD-II Chimaera ISD-II Avenger ISD-I Right to Rule ISD-I Relentless
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