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  1. I don't think I have ever won a game 1st or 2nd player when Advanced Gunnery was the objective...
  2. Gave this a go to start our campaign today. Worked out well and the **** rebels still ended up with 3 repair yards... Lol!
  3. Have you considered Veteran Gunners instead of just ordnance experts? At least ths way you can keep your accuracies and re-roll a bad attack pool all together? This would also work well with Jonus cause you could mod the die to accuracy that you need, spend the accuracy, then re-roll all the dice in case of poor attack.
  4. I would almost be happy to make Vader into Tempest Squadron and Dengar a standard jumpmaster to add in a Lambda-shuttle for relay. At least this way even your escort is a bomber and you can junk boosted comms on the Victory for a Tractor Beam to help catch faster prey.
  5. I think that a squadron being placed on the table with RLB is activated post placement as part of the same command that placed it. So my AFII B places 3 squads, they are placed and then are activated in an order of my choosing using the AFII B's 3 squad activation pts in the process to do so. Anyway my position is that placing a squadron on the board with RLB counts as the intent to activate the placed squadron under the condition of not being able to move as an already in play squadron would have the option of doing. I also see your point of placing 2 using 2 pts and then activating one of the 2 placed for the 3rd pt in the case of a stock AFII B. This is also within the realm of the cards meaning. Disagree fully that you can place 3 squadrons and then activate 3 more unactivated squadrons with that command. The word 'instead' says that I am still spending one of my activation pts to place the squad on the board.
  6. Probably but I never really used the card before so it sorta dawned on me after reading this.
  7. You gotta go further up in my posts I already pointed out that placing the a squadron regardless of whos camp your in counts as one of your squadron command limit. So a ship with 3 squadron value places 2 and commands an already on board squadron uses its full 3 squadron command points in that spending of the dial. In the above I was saying I think the placement of a set aside squadron in the play area will require it to be activated post placement by the very ship executing the command that placed it on the table.
  8. Nah currently we used the word 'can' be activated vs what I suspect should be 'are' activated one at a time. Its all about wording as is the point of this whole debate. Currently I am firmly in the camp of placing the squadron in the play area means it must be activated post being placed on the board.
  9. This is how we see it as well in our local group. We also came to the decision that squadrons placed can simply not be activated by the command that placed them in the play area, but it still counts towards the total number of squadrons that ship can command during the dial or token spending. So as we see it now, we can place our squadrons, but choose if we activate them or not with this command and spend the command regardless in that choice. At which point an additional ship could command those placed squadrons during a later squad command on the same turn as normal including moving them.
  10. So if I had 4 set aside squadrons on my ISD, I could use the squadron command to place two squadrons, and activate 2 other squadrons already in play leaving 2 squadrons in reserve still? All the while also activating the 2 squadrons I did place although they can't move? Am I correct here? Essentially what I am asking is I do not have to place all of my set aside squadrons in one command reveal? I suppose the counter is I can place any or all of them without activating any of them, although it will still use the launching ship's squadron command up at that point. I think the mistake in the wording of the FAQ is the word 'can' be activated vs saying 'are' activated. Maybe not a mistake at all though.
  11. I havn't said anything about this RLB thing until now. Where is the debate? Place squadrons with squadron command, activate with command while no move possible, shoot if able to do so. I am more excited about veteran gunners being able to use their accuracies before re-rolling the remainder of the dice.
  12. Currently there are 2 worlds Phemis and Talfaglio, that are just reasons to fill in empty map space. There is no reason to want them or need them during campaign play. That will also be the case if you end up with one at random from the list at campaign start. I have a few ideas.
  13. The rules for contain are on the fold out leaflet that came with the Light Cruiser. Make the Raider-I a Raider-II, and move the overload pulse there instead. It seems cool at first on the Vic-II but you don't have anything with big enough firepower to take advantage of the enemy ship you exhausted all the defense tokens on. You want the smaller Raider to exhaust the defence systems and then have the Vic-II smash it to bits.
  14. Ya I would lose the Gunnery team on the MC30 for the Engine techs on the MC80 in a heartbeat. If you like rogue, take Hera Syndulla with 2 flights of standard X-wings. She can give them Rogue each turn and provide you with that extra bit of Anti-squad firepower you are looking for.
  15. I am planning on further modding this list to include additional effects for otherwise worthless worlds that will only apply after they are generated. These additional effects would not remain as part of the system effects after the campaign starts. More on that as I tackle it.
  16. Hey all, just posting this random location generator for your Corellian Conflict games. No more auto picking repair yards, and enjoy the experience of having to work with what you have and fight for what you need. Enjoy! Star Wars Armada Corellian Conflict Random Starting Location Generator The intention of this chart is to provide a totally random campaign experience without having the modify the mechanical workings of the Corellian Campaign system. Note this may generate locations that are not well balanced, but may provide for a unique start to the campaign. Following the normal rules, the Imperial players will start with a base on Corellia and one additional base location/player on the Imperial team. The Rebel team will also generate 2 locations/player and decide which ones will be bases and which ones are outposts after generating all of their locations. The Corellian map if divided in two vertically down the center, contains 12 locations/half of the sector map + Corellia. For the purposes of the location generator, the chart will be divided into two Sector sub-lists. The side containing the planet Corellia will be the Corellia System Locations and the remaining map half will be called the Trade Spine Locations. Roll to determine which Sector sub-list chart the generated location will come from, then roll on that chart for the 1st or 2nd half of list, finally roll for the location itself. Re-roll already generated locations. You will need a 6 sided die (D6) to generate each location Corellia: Imperial Controlled Corellia System Locations (D6 1-3) (D6 1-3) (D6 4-6) 1. Phemis 1. Raider's Point 2. Froz 2. Vagran 3. Polanis 3. Plympto 4. Drall 4. Corfai 5. Selonia 5. Truzzdan 6. Talus 6. Sileria Trade Spine Locations (D6 4-6) (D6 1-3) (D6 4-6) 1. Centerpoint 1. Talfaglio 2. Tralus 2. Nubia 3. Crash's Drift 3. Forvand 4. Saberhing Asteroid Belt 4. New Plympto 5. Aurea 5. Duro 6. Sacorria 6. Xyquine II
  17. Cards gave me an idea. What if you do it like RISK. Randomly shuffle the deck of cards representing each system and deal them in the required amount to each player. Further randomly draw cards for your base/outpost systems from the cards dealt to you? This generates the starting systems. Would this not make for a more variable starting set up with totally random conditions? Corellia being the only assigned Imperial system? Even better I can just make a random chart with dice rolling.
  18. I get where your going. I do think you have a decent list working here now though. I just always get leary in low activation fleet of making enemy destruction my only tool for winning however. Based on your point total you are probably going to see your opponent choose the 1st or 2nd advantage though.
  19. I would always recommend grabbing the ships you domn't have up. You may be a collector but as you do play you will find many of the upgrades in those expansions of great us accross your fleet.
  20. With Dodonna I am suprised you took Wedge over Luke.
  21. Hey Scootermac, always good to try new things. I have a few suggestions although in the end it is just my own opinion Lose Boosted Comms on the Bright Hope and put General Cracken on board. This ship never has to come close to the fight as long as your VCX-100s are close to your fighters. This ship can stay at distance 5 of your fighters and command all day using the 100's relay ability. Plus the Bright Hope is a pain in the butt to kill so Cracken should be safe. This should also make the Yavaris a cheaper target for the enemy. Currently it is a fragile ship with a lot of eggs floating on her. My additional observation is that your Bombers are slower then the fleet they are supporting. Your taking a group of fast ships with fighters that can't keep up without some serious help. May I suggest swapping the B-wing and Dagger squadron out for 2 additional Y-wings? At this stage drop the YT-1300. Between Dagger Squadron/B-wing/YT-1300/boosted comms removal you add in 2 Y-wings and 2 X-wings. Maintains your escort squadrons, all can use Norra Wexley, and now they all move quicker. Another point is to lose Adar Tallon and add in Raymus Antilles. You may as well get 3 squad activations every time you use Yavaris. With Adar you still need to wait until the squadron step or have another ship reactivate the squadron you switched the dial on. For the Assault frigate MkII, drop the H9s, add Electronic Countermeasures to keep that ship on board longer. One of each defence token can get hairy. AT this stage that should leave you enough pts to add Dual Turbolaser Turrets to the ship and leave you at 399 pts.
  22. I think you could consider Capture the VIP, and use the shuttles early to drag the objective off to you. Considering relay and strategic are both usable in the same turn it could create problems for your enemies. Deploy outward from the start, relay your fighters out to cover your shuttle advance during the squadron step. Anyway you get the idea. Even Intel sweep could be a great objective further allowing you domination of the strategic sector of the game. To me any objective worth points will help your small ship count fleet instead of trying to engage and destroy the enemy as your only means of generating pts. Close range intel scan wouldnt be a bad final objective. Forces Rebel Ackbar/Home One players to spend their accuracies to gain pts vs killing your ships.
  23. I hear ya, the Arquittens is a good ship, but does not fit well into the form of play the remiander of the fleet wants to tackle. Plus there isn't anything really special about the red crit world for Screed to exploit.
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