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  1. I think the Armada bases would be perfect also, but would we be able to get them outside of the game? Currently I am using dice to represent shield strength just sitting on the bases. Suppose that could change though.
  2. I have already been working on it. Started with an Attack Wing conversion when I first saw the Armada previews, and I am now thinking on further adjustments based on the now available rules. This is for total fun, and my game group has loved it. I painted these 1/7000 scale minis for the game. Lots more to do :S And with Armada coming I will be hard pressed to work lol.
  3. I have only used the larger ships in X-wing as scenic items. It really does draw a lot of attention when these fighters are flying about all these larger craft. To me it really makes the game look that much more amazing. Using them in game play has never come up in our group. Armada has already sparked soo much interest in our area, it will be bigger then X-wing from our prediction.
  4. Too bad. Even with all those Star Destroyers, you still needed a mammoth battle station to dispose of a few giant fish bowls floating in space.
  5. Hope and unity through violent acts to torpedoing your ISDs
  6. Oh of course they are leading the no name rabble, I just assume the large fighter is significant enough to represent one freighter size ship. I suppose you could think of them as multiple ships, but I figure most of the large craft are not squadrons. As you say though, it does not matter really.
  7. ||I igure the fighters represent anywhere from 6-12. The larger single ship fighter types are just really iconic and couldn't be left out. They are all epic pilots with famous ships, of course they represent single craft lol.
  8. You could always go with an in game effect vs an objective. The interdictor could always reduce the start speed of each enemy ship by 1, representing the pull from hyperspace. You could allow the Interdictor player to shift a ship up to 12" any direction as long it remains in the deployment area and faces the same direction it was deployed in. Again representing that pull from hyperspace where it was unexpected. You could force enemy vessels to enter the table on turn one from the base edge instead of being deployed. I am sure there are more effects, but I feel they would be better to reflect in game problems vs only a few potential objectives. This would be the route to making it worth being used in game.
  9. The Bulwark Battle Cruiser is a rather large Rebel ship.
  10. I have a feeling we will see many ships for this game. It hasn't even hit the shelf yet so hang on and wait lol.
  11. Nice. And I looked at Imperial Assault and said "meh". Can't wait to see the new generation of ships mixing it up with the old.
  12. Its just shifting the Evade token effect into closer range brackets. Card text is instead of the standard rule, so at long range you would simply use the evade token normal effect, at medium and short you would use the card text. Either was you should always use the card text, and the two effects do not stack as the card does not mention long range at all.
  13. Well I am surrounded by Imperials here. I plan on bringing down a few Star Destroyers with my Y-wings just to show a classic can still do its job..
  14. The base is large on the ISD because the little shield dials look far more spaced from the base corners then on the medium Victory class base.
  15. I bought 3 assault frigates lol. I think it looks cool.
  16. I am already printing some rebel logos for my capital ships. Lots of Rebel love here. 3 Corvettes, 3 Neb-Bs, 3 Assault Frigates and 4 packs of fighters. Also playing imps too. I feel having one faction only leaves me wanting if I don't have a regular opponent. Best to have both!
  17. Ya that one. Already set aside the funds. 2 ISDs 3 Raiders 1 Cal Cruiser 2 Cal Frigates 1 bounty hunter pack.
  18. The ISD and Cal Cruiser are both on large bases. Just look at the dial size on each arc compared to base width.
  19. I agree on Ozzel, not a bad commander, just crossed purposes with Vader. Thrawn should be an obvious choice.
  20. Watching it for sure. I have a feeling it is very directed at getting people ready for the new movies and contains things we will see on the big screen. Inquisitors anyone?
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