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  1. Mastercraft makes a 13"x18"x6" power tool briefcase with full punch foam insert and topper for $25. Cheap, and makes thing easy. Have room for all my core and wave one ships (2 of each) and all their bases. I carry all the tokens, dials and fighters in a small 1 level tackle box.
  2. My impression after first go is that objectives are going to be a really critical and fun element in your games. Its amazing how it can shift deployment and change your priorities during the game. Once you know what you are doing, you should always use objectives.
  3. It has to be the way the ties are in the mold. In all honesty I didn't find it a concern.
  4. OMG a whole day worth of games?! I don't see how that could be fun at all. People complain about some silly stuff.
  5. Actually, I agree. Some 3rd party mats may have obvious marker points at certain distances. Such as stars at certain points and so on. For tourny play I can understand the move.
  6. Well the product picture is a computer render, not an actual paint job. However my own Nebulon B is not that bad. You got a dud.
  7. They must start and end their move against the range ruler. So no curves. The game being set at 6 turns does not lend itself to tons of flying about avoiding a fight.
  8. Pretty much every game uses a 4x6 table setup so the space should be pretty standard for most game stores.
  9. If people are only willing to play within the tournament limits then you are probably at a club who has forgotten how to have fun. That said, if you want the club to embrace games outside the hardline size, you will have to be willing to do the work to keep interest in larger games. Set up narratives, campaigns, custom scenarios. I find that over the last 15 years of running the local game group, its a bit of a task to keep people interested. But if you are willing to do the work to organize larger games, then you will see larger games. It is early yet, I think more waves will see more ships, and more people wanting to use larger collections in games.
  10. I also meant to add as more ships are available to buy, the chances of seeing large fleets on the table will be far better. People will want to use more of their collections.
  11. I figure 300 pts will be the tournament scene and expected game size in order to complete in a reasonably quick time . What is stopping anyone from outside of the tourney scene playing whatever size they want? Who doesn't want to play epic size games?
  12. Our group here has read the rules and are all on deck. It is set to be the primary space combat game in our area. Why don't you start the group and get other people into it?
  13. One of the biggest troubles we had with taking away some of the maneuvering capability provided by the flight path system was ships with limited fire arcs being near no use if they couldn't turn fast enough. Realism aside, which quite honestly is not my first concern, the Flight path system represents Trek combat in the later Star Trek series quite well. That said, I think model scale is a big part of that. In 1/7000 scale, most of my ships are under 5cm long, making the flight path bases and move system perfect. When they are that small a big lazy 3 turn looks proper enough for a large ship to make a lumbering turn. The Galaxy class I pictured above earlier is only 9cm long/Defiant 2.1cm, so again not a big stretch to use flight path. Keep in mind we have added multiple shield arcs/fire arcs and changed the damage system, so agility is only the property of smaller ships. Now put the same universe in 1/2500, and the Armada move system suits the table better. The ship miniatures are far larger (closer to Armada size) and would then really look silly making little tight turns. So I argue that model scale is very important in deciding between the two systems and how it is represented in a fight. Attack Wing however fails to capture the feel of large ships, and did just cut and paste the whole X-wing fighter combat system. So I think the best solution lies in the middle. Currently we we have worked out our own version of a combat system using colored dice for range brackets, but also in various sizes. Seeing the Armada rules for the first time is giving us ideas on maybe using their dice system. However, we can already handle 10-15 ships battles in under 2 hours, so I will keep people up on how it goes between both versions.
  14. The thought did cross my mind. But Corvettes are not that cheap really. And chances of all 4 making it there to do that is slim. Also have to think your opponent would have to be very good about putting his ship where you needed it. I think seeing that tactic attempted would be a complete waste of time in most cases. I also feel that if I came up against an opponent who did make collision kills his primary goal, I would simply not play them anymore. If a players goal is to find the cheesy rule problems to win, by all means throw them into traffic and save us from their silly problem.
  15. You got it Keffisch. I think he was more worried about the potential of being counted as speed zero by being forced to backtrack on the move tool in the event of an on table overlap. Seeing as ships not moving can't send defense tokens, this was a valid fear, but not a logical one. Just an observation, but because you can measure your moves ahead of time, collisions should be rare. But then again, based on how slow and plodding ships are, maybe it will happen a lot? Corellian Corvette suicide ships?
  16. I think there are going to be plenty of other vessels produced before there is any reason for this to hit the play area. If they did produce it I would say no more then 18" long. Relative scale in this case would have to be applied with force. To expect anything bigger would be both a financial problem, and an unusable game piece. However, everyone is hung up on a model. What about a game mat with a shot of the Super Star Destroyer from above orbiting Coruscant or something?
  17. That is one of those situations where you just have to keep in mind the ship is moving regardless of how far it actually moved on the table.
  18. Babylon 5 would just fit into this system like a glove. Already thinking on the conversion rules. Models being sourced... I hate when things inspire me.
  19. We spent a long time working with the flight path template system as the movement basics, but that is about all we kept from X-wing in our conversion. We didn't have Armada rules to bounce ideas off of so we took our own direction. We are currently using small dice placed in the appropriate arc on ship bases for current shield strength and other effects. The lack of multiple defense arcs was one of the biggest failings of Attack Wing in our groups opinion, and was the first thing we added. The Defense token idea from Armada would be really neat, and the guys are already thinking on ways to Trek it up
  20. Stone Grey has been a staple in my rebel repaints as well. Very close match.
  21. Many battles in Deep Space 9 vs the Dominion of dozens of ships/side on screen. Those are the battles I wanted to game. I have a full blown working copy of the conversion rules for the Trek guys in the bunch. The ship data card below is one of many we did up for our Attack Wing conversion. You can see some Armada influence in the colored dice representing range bands. I have been having a blast with all this stuff. I had no idea how far I would take this fan project but it is still going lol. I took the Attack Wing basics, but I added in power and multiple defense arcs, as well as variable range weapon systems. This also eliminated upgrade cards for the time being as we wanted a more generic feel to our ships. So far we can manage about 10 ships/side in about 1.5 hours.
  22. I am buying 4 core sets. This simply counts as an investment in my local game scene. All my friends who are on the fence can no longer argue it if I simply hand them a core game. I have instantly made a game group without worry of finding any opponents.
  23. Being an avid B5 gamer of the past, the Mongoose rules were poor compared to the Agents of Gaming Babylon 5 Wars. But you needed about 4-6 hours to play a game with that system. Record keeping... I have solved the Trek scale problems presented by Wizkids. Pretty much have the entire line-up of Next gen ships done in 1/7000. But I also found the Attack Wing system to be poor, and has way too many overpowered abilities that break the game. Also has the trouble of every ship that comes out is better then the last in some way. Our group loves Trek, but we didn't like Wizkids take on it. We kept the flight path system for our home grown game, but we took the Armada approach on many of the game mechanics. Really excited to introduce a similar command system for our Trek club games. Until then, bring on the Star Wars!
  24. How about Interdiction ships can shift the enemy deployment edges. Or use a template placed in the enemy deployment area before any ships are placed that denies them the use of that area for deployment purposes. How about, the interdictor denies enemy deployment within distance 1-3 of its position. Allowing it to effect ambush deployment. I know the cannon has the ship creating a broad effect on the entire area, but on a small table, we can easily represent the effect on a more reasonable scale.
  25. Ya from what I can tell the painted Mon Cal is weathered. Most of the pictures are of the unpainted prototypes. I will be painting my fighters for sure. I suppose for Imperials one could always paint their Victor class as corporate sector authority vessels just to shake it up.
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