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  1. I am repainting my Nebulon top to bottom. On a side note I did have a Victory with a bad wash job.
  2. We just did the Learn to play for those who were there. Granted we had 10 core games sold first day. So we already have a good player base.
  3. We used the same conclusion. We ignored Howlrunner and ate the weaker ties.
  4. Ya, it makes my Victory-I very happy.
  5. Thanks guys. I knew I was missing an obvious word in there somewhere. I did forget that command dials are 'spent' to achieve their intended result. This is why I don't argue with my wife anymore.
  6. Following the logic that each attack against each squadron is a separate attack within a single attack action? That said, where does it say the concentrate fire command (Dial) only applies to a single attack and not all the attacks made that turn? Does it not apply to both attack actions made by the ship that turn? I ask because I have been looking through the rules reference, and I can't find anything limiting the order to one attack. Only the token is limited by what I can see.
  7. Does the Concentrate Fire command work by adding a dice to your anti-squadron amount as well?
  8. The margin of error is an acceptable part of the rule system, considering the designers felt free not to provide a tool to account for the problem. Games have quirks, people get fiddly.
  9. Critical damage is a damage point, it just has associated rules to go with it. So every instance critical damage is dealt, regardless of its effect, it is still a damage point.
  10. Tarkin handing out tokens was of great help in having those on hand when needed lol.
  11. We just picked them up and moved them, then put them back close as possible. We did not find this to be detrimental in any game thus far. Tourney players may lose their hair over it, but maybe it is just the way it is. I do suggest a shorter range ruler for slower ships though.
  12. Both at the same time is how they would be resolved. Did this today with my Tie Fighters and expanded hangers. Moved 5 ties at once.
  13. That's how we read it also. Trade the face up damage card for the damage to the defending hull zone and the adjacent ones.
  14. Yes. It is in the rules reference.
  15. The fighters have a 360' fire arc. If you can draw a line of fire to either yellow dot on either hull zone, from the closest part of your base, without crossing the fire arc line on the ships base you can target either one you want.
  16. I made the same conclusion. Better wait for the wave 1 expansions. Different cards, and the ability to buy the amount you want. Otherwise you will just buy more anyway.
  17. After 20 years of space gaming our group already determined this is the game we have been waiting for. The rules are clean and simple, yet the game is complex. With many more ships to come, this game will be on my hit list.
  18. We have tackled a few 300 pt games. The various fighters will make a difference for sure. Currently I find the Imperials need as many fighters as they can bring, along with the ability to command them in numbers. Expanded hangers and Victory Is are a great start.
  19. We were talking about deploying debris tokens where capital ships were destroyed during the game. Anyone else had the idea?
  20. I think the rebel strategy will inevitably be dictated by their fleet construction. Future waves will see the rebels in a position to challenge the Imperial Navy head on, while the Imperials can play a much more flexible force of lighter nimbler ships. I think balance will be the key, as in many other games.
  21. Yes. Silly. Vader will personally be discussing your future roll in the Imperial Navy.
  22. My Victory I used its Repair command on the dial, squadron command token, concentrate fire token, and navigate token in the same turn. Tarkin was angry.
  23. Sounds good. Makes me love my Victory I that much more. Now if only those pesky Rebel frigates would wander into my short range guns.
  24. Played 4 games, had a blast through them all. Watched a Victory I Star Destroyer finally burn in our 2nd full 300 pt game. Being forced to move forward unable to slow down due to the lack of navigation command, the VSD overlapped 5 squadrons of X-wings, and 4 Tie groups :S. My opponent moved my fighters to the rear of the ship, and his X-wings to the front. This let 5 X-wing squadrons led by Skywalker put my VSD to rest in a single torpedo salvo because they were no longer engaged. I loved it. Of course Tarkin went down with his ship.
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