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  1. One thing I did note already is that none of these lists have Flotillas
  2. Well considering I can just lose a shield to turn my nose at my target that may otherwise have blown past me for the game, it is quite awesome. He makes my ISDs turn harder then CR90s with a nav command. A few of my recent Corellian Conflict games have seen this unexpected high speed sharp turn change the field at a critical moment.
  3. I have not played outside my group, and not seen this card used yet. Now I know why lol.
  4. That just solidified me never using that card. MS-1 that is.
  5. Good point. Forgot about that. I havn't even used them yet.
  6. True, but being just one example, every Ion Cannon critical effect can be resolved at long range. Even the cheaper MS-1 Ion Cannon could shine on a critcal turn. Exhausting an enemy Admiral in an early part of the turn comes to mind. Which can't be done cause they still work lol. Oh well.
  7. Opening some new options to be able to use Ion Cannon critical effects at long range, what sort of options does the Disposable Capacitor open up? My first thought was the Victory II seeing Gunnery Team, Disposable Capacitors, Overload Pulse as a can opener for supporting Light Cruisers to take advantage of the lowered defense. Obviously there are many applications for this new upgrade. I am sure the one shot combos could get quite dangerous. Being a game where one turn of fire can make the difference, is the heavy cost of such a combo going to be justified?
  8. REBELS - General Dodonna - His ability works with every fleet and he is a cheap admiral. This makes him a solid choice in any fleet. General Rieekan - Although defending champ and powerful, I do feel he plays better to certain list forms. However his ability works on all ships, so he is a great General(ist). Admiral Ackbar - Another Admiral that can see play in many lists. Only a few ships don't play to his ability so he sees a good level of use. Leia Organa - Although expensive, its sorta like having Captain Antillies on every ship. What is bad about your chosen command being that much more powerful. Time will tell. Commander Sato - Generally an Admiral that wants to use fast squadrons (A-wings) to maximise his potential. The ability to swap red dice with harder hitting black at range sees some good use. Mon Mothma - The queen of the faster ships, she is a great tool for getting the most out of your evades when you intend to get into a fight and then get out. General Madine - Not a bad choice for having some additional options when trying to navigate. Currently I find this is not really an issue I need correcting with most Rebel ships. General Cracken - Best used with Assault Frigates and TRC Corvettes, he is of limited use. Other ships like the Nebulon-B can benefit, but they are having to advance very quickly with narrow arcs. Garm Bel Iblis - Currently he is my least used Admiral. I generally find his first turn ability is fairly wasted. That may just be my early turn banking tokens playstyle though. EMPIRE - Moff Jerjerrod - Like many, this Admiral has seen my cheese wedges getting off some insane last minute course corrections to put enemies in a spot they don't want to be. Admiral Sloane - Based on my own generic squadron heavy playstyle, I will find it very hard not to use this Admiral in many cases. Admiral Ozzel - My most used Admiral due to cost and the ability to adjust up and down my move scale in a hurry. Jerjerrod has sorta moved him out of this spot now. Admiral Motti - A hard ability to ignore. Usable in any list. Darth Vader - Has saved my bacon on several otherwise terrible rolls. A great choice for the commander who is going to be ultra aggressive. Admiral Screed - the king of the black dice. Great, but I find I am not using too many cards that require a critical roll on my ships these days. Grand Moff Tarkin - I like him in every way. He is just too **** expensive to justify. I must try to use him more though. Admiral Konstantine - Whats a medium ship? Seriously though, maybe once the Light Carrier comes out I will try him again. General Tagge - So far I havn't managed to use his ability once. Boarding parties and the like may see him rise in use however. Keep an eye on him.
  9. Well my argument to the pro-additional anti-squad dice/capability of Quad Battery Turrets is that this set includes it's own answer to the Stronghold title. Adding an additional anti-squad dice or maybe even ignoring the obstruction penalty. They seem to mention Stronghold in the main title as well as providing a pictured example of it obstructing single dice enemy Anti-squad armament.
  10. Corellian Conflict for sure. Rebel fighters #2 for fun. New Hammerhead Corvettes incoming!
  11. A Gozanti with enhanced comms/EW gear showed up in Rebels this season.
  12. I thought the Pelta Command Cruiser fit this role?
  13. I agree with that. May be a way to introduce additional aces for squadrons post wave 1.
  14. To be fair, playing just north of the World Champion's home ground by about an hour, his group of guys are all great. And they play one hell of a lot of Armada. You may find that practice and experience played a bigger part then you think
  15. Why not just say a Flotilla can't be a flagship?
  16. Even more concerning to me is why does the best counter to a Rebel list have to be another Rebel list?! lol
  17. Why so much investment in Fighter pushers with only 2 squadrons?
  18. Cut all the upgrades on the light cruiser and swap for Dual turbolaser turrets. (16 pts). ECM doe snot generally benefit the Light Cruiser all that much. You would be better using this on the Victory instead so it can use its brace. Expanded Hanger Bay (5 pts) on the Victory seems wasted since you have so few squadrons that actually need help moving on their own. Looking at your raider chances are good you will get at least one crit when attacking squadrons so cut Ordnance Experts (4 pts). These changes buy you 25 pts which gets you a Gozanti Cruiser Flotilla with Comms Relay helping out your Vic and providing the extra squad push/ship activation.
  19. There is nothing wrong with teaching the core set for learning. That was the idea of it after all. Very important to let them choose which faction they would like to play. Explain the advantages of 1st vs 2nd player as it relates to activations, then give them the option to pick that as well. Less important that this is random in future games vs trying to make sure you cover simple core concepts command/shoot/move/squadrons.
  20. Well I would say giving the player that cheated an automatic loss regardless of game outcome would be a good start. Then give him the option to come clean infront of all and bow out, or be banned from all future events. I don't see the purpose of rewarding the other player for the cheater's stupid decision either. To me, this game regardless of competition is meant to be a fun thing. However, just like anything that gets too serious, there is always a few who let it go beyond fun.
  21. I agree, the next wave will set new things in motion once again.
  22. I will use quite a bit of it in my next Rebel build just to see what I can do with it.
  23. Random location generator. We see Asteroids here and there
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