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  1. Just reading through lists and this one looks very similar to my post Wave 7 idea. Trying something similar with the double Interdictor.
  2. Gordon Freemann many Rebel players have felt that sting of defeat in their early careers. I chose now to comment because sacrifice is the name of the game. Once you figure out where your pieces do the most damage before being destroyed in return is a big part of the game. Also, looking at your fleet it is not very typical of a current Rebel force. Having seen dozens of ISDs go down burning in my games, may I suggest the Assault Frigate MkII if you don't already have one. No matter how many options they have added since, this is still a key ship in the Rebel fleet.
  3. We are watching the TIE Defender development in the background of the Rebels story, and Krennic's project being the reason it was never fully realised. I think this is some great TIE\In story telling.
  4. I am liking the TIE/In with Thrawns desires and Krennic's resource demands.
  5. I think I can say this finally lets me get some ISD-I conversion kits.
  6. Even as its new ships, squadrons, and upgrades blast their way onto the battlefield, Armada Wave VII provides two new commanders—one Rebel and one Imperial—who are both more than capable of leading their forces to victory. Just one each
  7. I actually ike the idea of putting some of the more rare fighters in with ships. Predicted this some time ago as a way to not use up all the squadrons available for them to release in singular expansions. Also allows a more reasonable pace to measure their in game effects by balancing them only against the already existing squadrons vs trying to compete with a whole expansion.
  8. I am thinking it will be some sort of boarding ability. But this is just what I want lol.
  9. I would be down for this. Only because it is an army of killer teddies.
  10. ARC-170, K-wing, Gunboat and Punisher will probably see the light as true heavy fighters. All of them share a similar roll. Both rebel fighters feature turrets, which may be the first rebel fighters with Heavy to have Counter. My prediction is that the K-wing will be similar to the Decimator in role, but feature a lower anti-squad value with a Counter 2 instead. They will probably be slightly quicker (SLAM) then the Decimator and lack Rogue. The ARC will feature a less reliable Red/Black anti-ship with potential red/blue anti-fighter and Counter (rear gunner), this may also equate to Escort keeping it in the X-wing Squadron lane. Lets assume for a second that these fighters would include some new rules that make them unique. Its a trend that not all like but you can see it coming lol. The Gunboat will feature SLAM as well like the K-wing seeing as it is on the X-wing card, so expect that to make its appearance in Armada as a rule between the two fighters. Jam, being an assumed possible upgrade card may be used but that is up in the air. This fighter should feature similar hits/speed to an X-wing Hull: 5, Speed: 3, but feature a heavier armament for anti-ship, with a smaller 3 blue or even blue red anti-squad combo. The Punisher, is just a really big TIE Bomber but expect a similar role to the B-wing. Slow, heavy anti-ship armament, decent hull and lacking Heavy (due to having boost in X-wing). I have a feeling we may be suprised with some additional abilities that have not occured to us. We just gotta wait lol.
  11. Looks like fun to me, I am game.
  12. I suggest either fighter pack or Rogues and Villains if you have not added those yet.
  13. That is a good point Dras. Low squadron activation ability plays better into the Phantoms hands.
  14. I found that the CF command is most potent on smaller ships, as has been said before. A 25-33% increase in firepower is their best friend followed by navigate as the other commands do not work as well with them based on stats.
  15. I would have never played X-wing or Armada if it wasn't Star Wars in all honesty. Now that I have played them I would play it for sure even if it wasnt.
  16. Thanks for letting me help! Sorry I have not been around as of late to contribute @FoaS. Work sucks...
  17. One way to reflect advantage is to skew the order in which battle locations are selected by allowing the winning side to spend a campaign victory point to take the initiative at the start of a campaign turn. You can also use this location generator that was a rather interesting way to divide the map vs picking spots.
  18. Recently I have been using 4 Phantoms with Rapid Launch Bays on an ISD. I generally keep them docked for the early turns while my cheap TIEs do the dirty work. Once everything is soft I deploy the Phantoms into the thick of it to pick off weak targets then move away from enemy fighters that are looking for Payback in an early next turn activation. Yavaris being the big one...
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