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  1. No worries at all @BucketheadBits, sometimes we have to get away from the computer lol. I figure if the leader already has his Pauldron on the model that cuts down on one of them required. Something else to consider would be alternate arms for the Squad Leader to help each one look different.
  2. 100% understandable needing the extra effort. Just seems like it would be of great benefit to the look of the kit. Really just trying to provide useful feedback as you move forward.
  3. Thanks Sergio1977. In general they look great. Not sure if I am sold on the Pauldrons though 🤨 Seems like they need to have that hard edge bend added to them and the piece that goes under the helmet across the chest needs to be narrower and longer. The limitations of print thickness and such are understandable, but it almost seems like they would benefit from being made to fit each individual sculpt, especially since they are always the same pose when assembled. No hit against BucketheadBits by the way, your doing great stuff. Just more of an observation to increase the capability of the kit.
  4. I did commission painting for just over 10 years. I stopped when people started complaining that "This guy over here does it for this much, and you are too expensive." If I can't make at least minimum wage for the hours I put in, then it is no longer efficient to provide the service vs make money some other way. So the cost of painted minis on-line may seem expensive to some or worth it to others. Either way it is the time involved you are paying for. I could no longer demand value for my time as competition became far more aggressive in price drops that I was unwilling to do. The way of all business in the end. If something is not worth the price someone is asking in your opinion then its not silly or insane, its just not worth that much to you. The more painters that get into Legion to do commission, the more you will see prices come down and some painters just walk away.
  5. Do you have any pics of your Sandy Searchers kit on the Stormtrooper figures? Also, what about Rebel Commando Riders for the Speeder Bikes?
  6. Currently I am running 4 Gunboats in a list, and I have been very happy with both how awesome it looks, and how well they can get around the table with Advanced SLAM. My opponents seem to always fall into pattern thinking they are slower then they are. Currently waiting for alternate cannon options, but free beam weapons are a bonus at this point. Alpha-class Star Wing - Rho Squadron Pilot - 52 Rho Squadron Pilot - (35) Saturation Salvo (6) Fire-Control System (2) Concussion Missiles (6) Advanced SLAM (3) Os-1 Arsenal Loadout (0) Alpha-class Star Wing - Rho Squadron Pilot - 52 Rho Squadron Pilot - (35) Saturation Salvo (6) Fire-Control System (2) Concussion Missiles (6) Advanced SLAM (3) Os-1 Arsenal Loadout (0) Alpha-class Star Wing - •Lieutenant Karsabi - 47 •Lieutenant Karsabi - Brash Noble (37) Marksmanship (1) Adv. Proton Torpedoes (6) Advanced SLAM (3) Xg-1 Assault Configuration (0) Jamming Beam (0) Alpha-class Star Wing - •Major Vynder - 49 •Major Vynder - Pragmatic Survivor (39) Marksmanship (1) Adv. Proton Torpedoes (6) Advanced SLAM (3) Xg-1 Assault Configuration (0) Jamming Beam (0) Total: 200/200 View in the X-Wing Squad Builder
  7. I did read the entire series involving the Vong. There were many really good parts. There were also many really obvious attempts to make things so dire and hopeless, that it became almost depressing to read. The aim was to essentially reset the universe and allow for a new story arc to evolve outside of the Empire vs New Republic. Trouble is it still flows better then whatever the **** is happening in Episode 8 lol
  8. Fuzzywookie, as much as I would like to take credit for the demise of 14 other players, I am not that negative. As a matter of fact I have been and continue to be a great fan of this game, and I enjoy myself. Trouble is I can't keep other people in that mindset. Nor for that matter is it my responsibility to tell adults what they should be doing 🤐 Mind you I still try lol. I can say there is not a player in this group younger then 30. I live in a GW dominated market to begin with. Once 8th edition 40K hit, things started to go south. It sucked people away from other games like a dry sponge dropped in a puddle. Some of the comments I got when I talked to my guys over the week about it I noted for this discussion: "It's hard to play the same day every week." "Got boring. Needs more factions." "I don't want to play blue on blue games. If I show up and there is no Rebel player to play against, I leave." "I don't like playing in tournaments. The guys that do were building cheese lists I didn't like playing against." "Too invested into 40k/AoS now. Don't have time for Armada anymore." Agreed that no one reason is the cause. It is just a long collection of things. I think my take away was that people drifted away from it because there was nothing exciting going on. In my long years in the hobby 25+, this is a trend I see with games that don't progress in a predictable fashion. FFG could go a long way in laying out a plan for regular release schedules, at least people then can look forward to whats ahead, while tuning what they have. A year of nothing has taken it's toll. We used to sit down and spend entire game sessions just talking about how the next wave was going to really mess with things. Hopefully my SSD purchase helps bring a really cool scenario style game to perk interest again.
  9. I am answering everyone in this as everyone can contribute. We had a ton of people into Armada and X-wing. With strong turnout since Armada release and with X-wing until 2.0. My point was more that it became harder to get new players into it waiting for reprints of core products at certain times, and GW turned up their game something fierce. More attractive options and the new nostalgia of GW recent releases literally yanked the rug out from under us. I didn't say those gamers weren't gaming. They are just not gaming FFG, as I see them in other circles frequently.
  10. True, but we are 1hr North of Toronto in Central Ontario. Very few if any want to go to the city. There is also no rival LGS within 45 minutes any direction that stocks the product. Besides, it is not a lack of LGS support vs a lack of support from the community that used to frequent the LGS. Its simple math for the LGS to move away from a product that isn't selling. Anyway I didn't say FFG could do anything or should. I am simply stating that for a group that games 2-3 times a week it has fallen to 0 times a week.
  11. Another one of these posts. Here is how it is in my local meta. We have the biggest game store in the region. They stock all FFG complete ranges. They had a large following for most of their games. Current state of FFG lines here in my region: - X-wing 2.0 has only sold two copies of the new starter set. All other product in stock at similar if not exact levels of initial orders. Enough didn't sell that my retailer is not ordering anymore for this line. There is not a local tournament heavy market for this game, and casual players still only play X-wing 1.0 or have drifted to other things. Most of my regulars sold their 1.0 off cheap on-line and that is that. Even the upcoming Clone Wars has sparked no interest at all. X-wing 1.0 sold out every wave since day 1! I know now the 2.0 investment I made was a big mistake. - Imperial Assault started hot and burned out by 1st quarter of 2018. Legion was looking so much cooler! - Haven't seen one game of Star Wars legion played here since its release other then on the demo table at the LGS. This game was birthed just in time to see GWs massive reincarnation as a game company again. Stillborn on launch here. - I ran the local Armada group. We went from 15 registered regulars to me. Everyone was pissed and frustrated at constant lack of product due to reprints and or none at all and said "I am out." It took the majority of 2018 to hit this point, but all have gone to GW with their better product support. Can I rebuild it? Maybe, but it took a long time to get it going in the first place and I feel at this moment that I don't really want to. No recent sales and no new players have also seen the decision to stop carrying the line and this sort of made up my mind as well. - Runewars didn't sell a single copy of anything from day one. Nobody knew what it was or cared. Oops. - A Game of Thrones card game has more regulars then any of the above games... Anyway, of course these kind of posts don't help. But neither does lack of support. I myself playing all of the above games have been one of the two investors in X-wing 2.0 locally to no avail. Every dime I have spent with GW in 2018 has seen me able to walk into our local game room at near any night and find players for their range of games. More people play Adeptus Titanicus locally then the remaining FFG locals combined. Pretty sad when Adeptus Titanicus has a start cost of $350+. This tells me right on the spot that starting cost is not a factor in FFG product popularity. So what caused this once local giant to fall? With a license as big as Star Wars it still can't draw in the numbers here. Not a single organised event is scheduled by my LGS for any FFG line this year. "Well they can just schedule it and promote it." Good idea but 2018 couldn't fill an event so why waste more time in 2019. Honestly, this last year for FFG from my own perspective has been a large belly flop onto asphalt that flattened their local participation and enthusiasm. Armada may not be dead. But it is here.
  12. I feel the more probable answer is the Clone Wars content has skewed their original plans. You may not see a 2.0, but you will see a Clone Wars edition of a starter kit that may supersede some previous material.
  13. IMO you will see Armada 2.0 post Super Star Destroyer expansion. No small cards, same treatment as X-wing.
  14. One year of not rolling a single dice for this game.
  15. The writing was on the wall for Rune Wars right from the start. It didn't sell well out of the gate.Here not a single copy of anything sold, where as X-wing and Armada are usually sold out.
  16. I think for most people this happens regardless of how careful you tend to be. My last game I was shaking so bad I pretty much bumped other ships (Both sides) every time I tried to move. Ended up letting my opponent do my moves. **** coffee lol
  17. Imperial Army troops (Solo) Imperial Fleet Troopers (RotJ) Desert Troopers (A New Hope) Tropical Troopers (Rogue One) AT-PT (Rebels) Imperial Tank (Rogue One) Probe Droids Inquisitors (Rebels) Echo Base Troopers (Empire Strikes Back) Tauntaun Riders (Empire) Saw's Partisans (Rogue One) Ghost Crew (Rebels) Ewoks (RotJ) Many various agents/leaders for both factions. etc...
  18. I will be playing all factions. However my current focus is Rebels.
  19. I hate vague coming soon. Is there a final date on this?
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