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  1. The 3D print world is a rather large grey area currently in regards to this sort of thing. Laws that allow/restrict the process are behind the pace of the technology that it is trying to control. This will be a struggle for many years to come.

  2. The thing to remember when doing camo on miniatures is to use colours that are slightly brighter then what you think they should be. It will help the time and effort put into it pop, while not being to dark to mush together like real camo ;)

  3. 7 hours ago, BucketheadBits said:

    Trying to get stuff painted so I can actually play some more games lol.  Here's the Nosy Neighbor ready to go (probably run him as a specialist or objective):

    I was going to run him as a comms officer stand in.

  4. IMO use whatever models as long as the conversion shows the proper kit, and the paint job blends with the squad they belong to.

    In regards to unit leaders/multiple similar squads. I simply add a matching colored dot to the back of each base of a squad for my own quick reference and in case my opponent asks. Squad leaders bases are clearly marked back and front as I do use some converted and or custom models as squad leaders. Rebels especially.

    The goal is to have fun, enjoy your own experience, while not confusing your opponent. Outside of a tournament, people should have no issues as long as everything you present is clear.

    In tournament play it is best to use only subtle conversions and or only stock models as the goal is quick play and no time spent explaining your conversions/customs are actually this... Local club events are probably not an issue in this regard as you will usually see a pool of players that you normally play and they know whats what.

    Long story short, use regular models for events. Use whatever in casual play (hence casual) as the goal is to have fun.

  5. I think the chances of seeing Clone Wars content for every Star Wars game in the FFG lineup is a given now.

    In regards to characters you are limited to fielding no more than one of each character by name. However, since every character can be customized with upgrades and various command card selections there is nothing to stop you from building your Luke to suit the RotJ Style. If it is the model himself you speak of, hit up the painting forums for inspiration on alternate paint schemes and conversions to make your luke RotJ style. 

  6. 18 minutes ago, ScummyRebel said:

    Sometimes it’s not caused by playing so many games. It can be the self-created pressure to get everything painted and prepped for a game. It can be many factors. In some cases, a lack of free time can be the stressor for burnout because you feel you can’t keep up.

    Agreed. I think as people aim to be competitive they stress more to complete models and build lists and so on. When I start stressing about a game because I need to finish something, I take a step back and just say oh well, not gonna happen. The moment my hobby becomes a chore, it is break time. There may also be a constant drive to be max competitive that runs your games/builds. Wasn't the goal when you started to have some fun?

  7. I ended up with 3 Snowtrooper sets to start things off. Painting them more generalist though so they look the part on normal tables. I wanted to have aggressive infantry, and the free shoot action after a move suits that bill for me. Pretty sure Pathfinders are going to fall into that category for me as well. 2 Units in forward positions should be fun. Though I think the trick will be is not leaving them hung out to dry long ahead of my force. Maybe T-47s will now be in a good position to race to their support early game. 

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