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  1. The 3D print world is a rather large grey area currently in regards to this sort of thing. Laws that allow/restrict the process are behind the pace of the technology that it is trying to control. This will be a struggle for many years to come.
  2. The walker is awesome. I am on board for one. Thanks for the review!
  3. Watch the Star Wars Battlefront II videos and such. They explain Palpatine's role in this. So does the Aftermath novel trilogy.
  4. Sounds good, I will give him another go shortly.
  5. Hey, those are looking good. Love the fleet troopers. Did you end up making the suggested mods to the extreme kit trooper?
  6. It is always an uphill climb. I gotta get back out regular and start playing at the LGS again.
  7. Full stock here. V1 ships are almost all sold out. They blew them all out at cost which actually got new players in.
  8. Extreme Trooper pose kit. Some little things to adjust next trooper but otherwise with some planing ahead it works really well.
  9. Play both like any over dedicated player should.
  10. The thing to remember when doing camo on miniatures is to use colours that are slightly brighter then what you think they should be. It will help the time and effort put into it pop, while not being to dark to mush together like real camo
  11. Although the speculation is ripe, I think half of the reason this game has no news is the wait for Clone Wars content to start officially rolling out. If it has 2.0 on the front of it at that point who knows.
  12. There will be a new Clone Wars starter box with a big old Armada 2.0 title on it, don't you all worry.
  13. Anyway, 100% serious. If you can snag me one. PM me.
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