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  1. PhoenixInferno

    Updated Clan Roles...and more?

    WILD SPECULATION - the remaining roles are going to be used for a Draft or Multiplayer format.
  2. PhoenixInferno

    Imperial Cycle Spoilers

    Nothing exists/matters until it does. The speculation will only lead you to sorrow. Let go of your attachments!
  3. PhoenixInferno


    Now that you've seen more of the game, Elena, which clan do you think you'll swear fealty to?
  4. PhoenixInferno

    Crab Clan FB Page

    You fail to properly venerate your ancestors https://www.facebook.com/groups/102461106551358/
  5. PhoenixInferno


    DRAGON CLAN / CHARACTERS+STORY As white is the color associated with death in Rokugani culture, why is Mirumoto Raitsugu wearing white in his art? Is he about to commit seppuku?
  6. PhoenixInferno

    Oracle of the Void

    It appears to be back up now
  7. PhoenixInferno


    http://www.kazenoshiro.com/2012/08/08/sins-of-the-father/ - Start here, try to find the rest of the story. I know Robert Denton stored a link to all the pieces somewhere. EDIT: You can correlate the titles using the author's website - unfortunately, they link to the now-defunct AEG L5R sites, but you should be able to find them in Kaze No Shiro using this. http://www.spookyelectriconline.com/writing/
  8. PhoenixInferno

    The Rising Wave (Dragon Fiction)

    If by making the Sun a Page 3 girl, I think you're referring to Hida Yakamo.
  9. PhoenixInferno

    Oracle of the Void

    It was maintained by a volunteer.
  10. During the Race, if the Scorpion won, they would dissolve the runner-up, which led to the Dragon rallying cry "Thronin' or Ronin!"
  11. During the First War against Fu Leng, Fu Leng arrived to issue a challenge to Hantei. Hantei allowed Togashi to answer for him. When Fu Leng makes the challenge and asks "What will you choose as your weapon?" Togashi replies "The people of Rokugan"
  12. PhoenixInferno

    Deluxe box personalities

    I hope you're wrong and they don't restrict deckbuilding for story. I also hope instead of big boxes like AGoT gets, we get boxes like ANR's Terminal Directive...
  13. PhoenixInferno


    Can you describe the kind of ways players interact with the story? Will there be ways beyond tournament wins or will there be something similar to (but more interactive than) The Battle of the Trident promotion that was run recently for A Game of Thrones? If tournament performance is how players interact with the story, will the players be locked in to their choices by the clan they choose to represent, or will they be allowed to make choices that are independent of the deck they came to play with that day? Can you discuss what your Organized Play team has in store for L5R players? Will the prize structure for official FFG events be developed in a way to encourage or discourage clan loyalty? As per your other LCG products, we will eventually see "big boxes" - will they be clan focused like in A Game of Thrones, or will they be story focused like in The Lord of the Rings?
  14. PhoenixInferno

    Gen Con 2017 Clan Dinners

    The Wednesday meetup/beerfest thing.
  15. PhoenixInferno

    Gen Con 2017 Clan Dinners

    They're not a clan, they don't count Though if I wind up including what I want people to call "Summer Court", then I'll add the Discord thing too.