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  1. Roland gets free clues for killing stuff and has access to Seeker cards like Magnifying Glass, Hyperawareness, and Working a Hunch, which can help him push forward even if the encounter deck decides to deal out nothing but Treachery cards. Daisy has issues as well, stemming from her inability to deal with enemies. However, she also has access to Hyperawareness for evading and Mind Over Matter for important combat checks (Ghoul Priest.)Agnes is a total beast who can do it all. Investigate? Flashlight, Arcane Studies, and tons of Intellect icons to commit. Kill stuff? Shrivelling, Blinding Light, Forbidden Knowledge, hell, even just let enemies with horror attack you and assign the damage to an asset. Search? Scrying. Draw? Heirloom. I haven't played Wendy since 2 cores isn't enough cards to build 5 decks, but I imagine she's pretty versatile. Skids doesn't really have access to anything to fill in the gaps in his repertoire. No +Intellect assets and a dearth of Intellect and Willpower icons to commit, no +clues cards other than Evidence! which is dependent on enemies spawning, etc. Your complain about Skids inability to Investigate without drawing a Flashlight is the exact same as you saying Daisy can fight if she draws Mind Over Matter. In both cases, you're depending on one card out of 33, but you only consider that a drawback for Skids? Roland and Agnes are great solo, because they have strengths in a lot of areas, and access to multiple cards to fill in the gaps. Skids and Daisy both have larger gaps in their abilities to solo, and access to fewer cards to ameliorate that. I don't see why you're hating on Skids so much for that, but seem to be OK with Daisy. Perhaps you've just had bad luck with him, as I have with Wendy? I'm sure she's great solo for some people, but I hate her. That's not to say she's a bad Investigator. Just that I'm unlucky with her, or don't know how to pilot her deck. I did acknowledge that Daisy has significant weaknesses. However, I feel she's in a somewhat better place than Skids for a couple reasons: 1. Clues win games. If you play well and get a little luck on your side, you can blitz through the first 2 acts of The Gathering without ever seeing an enemy, then hole up in the Parlor with Barrier until you're ready to take on the Ghoul Priest. 2. More versatility. Seeker/Mystic is probably the most diverse set of effects you can get in two classes. Card draw, search, resource generation, clue finding... All universally useful. Fighting and vasion are only good if there's something to fight/evade. For a Treachery-heavy scenario like The Gathering, Skids is frequently SOL with a bunch of useless cards in hand that don't even boost Intellect. Just burning all his actions to draw cards and holding onto the few +Intellect icons he pulls. And if you get hit with Obscuring Mist in the Cellar? Fat chance you ever flip the Parlor. Do you mean Barricade? That doesn't stop the Ghoul Priest as he is an elite enemy. "Non-Elite enemies cannot move into attached location."
  2. Do you only use overpowered decks or what? Outlands, Dwarves, etc.
  3. They were getting folds and scratches even with sleeves?
  4. Is that League of Legends LCG rumor still have any weight to it?
  5. raven614 said: Is the girlfriend incuded with the cards? She doesn't play card games though, so wouldn't that lower the cost overall?
  6. Think it will ever go on sale again anytime soon? I'm looking for a couple more sets.
  7. Are you playing the older packs with the newer card pool or what? I'm certainly not having an easy time by any means.
  8. 1. Engagued with an enemy that has 4 hit points and 3 damage tokens at the start of the combat phase. I declare Gondorian Spearman as the defender and activate his response, dealing 1 damage token to the attacking enemy. That enemy is instantly dead correct? They don't get to resolve any shadow card effects or deal any damage? 2. Eyes of the Forest get's revealed from the encounter deck and it says to discard all event cards from your hand. I'm allowed to use Eowyn to just discard one of those event cards for a +1 bonus to willpower right? Eowyn, Action: Discard 1 card from your hand to give Eowyn +1 Willpower until the end of the phase. 3. So anything that is green on the timing chart is when we're allowed to play event cards and actions?
  9. I don't see Fantasy Flight hiring a brand new associate developer, if they had any plans to slow down development on this game. The new expansion is just coming out and a whole another cycle, plus another saga pack for The Hobbits. I wanted to make sure the game was healthy and had a future before I started investing in it. I've posted on here and numerous other forums and all the information was laid out. This game is doing fine and will be around for quite some time. I really believe with the new Hobbit movies that this game will probably be able to pick up a new surge of players. Now if only I could go about explaining how to play this game with the wife…
  10. Just ordered two core sets and the whole Mirkwood cycle. I'm going to play through all that content and buy the next deluxe pack and it's cycle pack. How many people have three core sets just to have a complete set of every card? I'm thinking about it, but that's quite a bit of money for only a few cards. I'm glad with the latest news of the hiring of another designer. That means we should be in for a long future.
  11. What if I optionally engaged it? Does that still come into effect?
  12. Does Defense matter when a card says deal damage? Hummerhorns - Forced: After Hummerhorns engages you, deal 5 damage to a single hero you control. Does my hero's defense block any of that damage?
  13. I'm glad to hear it, as I expect to start playing shortly. I'm assuming they have no shortage of content to develop cards from with how big the LoTR universe is.
  14. How is this game doing from Fantasy Flights perspective? Do they plan to have this around for a long time? I know they're cutting back on CoC, or at least making it not into monthly expansions and now they have Netrunner has a new upstart. I know this game is coop, so I don't know if it not being competitive hurts it's sales and thus it's future. Every time I jump into the forums here, people are always complaining about lack of news of upcoming products. Just wondering how bright the future is for this game? I was hoping the New Hobbit movies would bring out a whole slew of support for the game. *Edit*- Since posting Fantasy Flight games has hired a new designer picked straight from the player community. This game is showing enough that it'll be around for a very long time.
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