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  1. MilesD37 said: Hilliard player here… not sure if the dude that started this meant Columbus, Ohio… but between me and Matt, we are taking it over in the name of ohio! whoop! hahaha i've got a group of 4-6 guys that play many different games (mostly old wotc sw mini's, talisman, risk, edge of the empire, and this) i'd love to set aside a day to have a big hang out and play a few revolving games of this… I did mean Columbus, OH. I've talked to the owner of The Soldiery and they are willing to host games as well. sounds like we've got a solid play group in the area already! keep spreading the word and start organizing some games. check out http://afewmaneuvers.yuku.com/ for more info and i'll try to announce games in this thread as well as over there.
  2. I'm a Long time gamer and rules-avisor of the Star Wars Minis game and i'm looking for a group for the new system. I'll be talking with the local stores about tournaments, prize support, etc. and plan on getting a solid group going in the area, but that takes players… so let me know if your interested in some organized play! I'll be posting more details about the actual events after i talk to the stores and get some player interest.
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