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  1. So. In the quest Deadmen's Dike, the card Norbury Tombs has the Travel cost of: "Return the topmost enemy in the encounter discard pile to the staging area." If it's the beginning of the game and there are no enemies in the discard pile, does this mean I cannot fulfill the requirements to travel there and thus cannot travel there? Or does nothing happen when I travel there? I'm sure this is not specific to just this card and that this question has been answered before, but I can't seem to find it anywhere. Many thanks.
  2. Maybe I missed it, but what card has the cover art for the article? It looks like Theoden.
  3. 1 - I don't think it would be worthless. Resourceful costs four dollars and only gives you one more resource each round, and this card could be a cheaper, unique alternative if you were using Leadership. Gandalf's Staff also costs two dollars and gives you only one resource. It has more versatility, but that's because it's Gandalf's Staff. 2 - If it is only one damage healed each time now, then yeah, I'd agree that 1 resource would be appropriate. Basically just Lore Glorfindel at that point. But I would probably just prefer to keep him the way he is and put a limit on the number of times he can do it, like limit twice per round or something. 3 - Definitely not worthless. Only a few of the existing heroes have built in readying effects, most of them already limited to once per round or limited to a certain phase in the game where you'll really only get one use out of the effect (Idraen comes to mind), and he's the only hero tied to threat for his readying. I think it would be a simple way to limit his potential for overpowered-ness. But then again, I quite enjoy watching Boromir slaughter everything just the way he is .
  4. Still taking suggestions? I'd love to see a deck that uses Sam Gamgee and Nor am I a Stranger to enable him to use Herugrim, since he gets a bonus to Willpower and Attack. I guess it would work similar to just putting Elf-Friend on him and then using Fair and Perilous, but I just love the idea of Sam using Theoden's Sword to tear up the battlefield.
  5. I would quite literally jump for joy if we got a Orophin/Rumil hero. I think Hirgon would be a great choice for a hero, just described enough to get a sense of his character, but still very open to ideas. Since we have a cycle after this on, it'll probably be up in the Dale region and that trait will finally get developed. That would also be a great time for us to get the long-awaited Thranduil hero and hopefully a Thorin III Stonehelm hero.
  6. I hope you're going to do another one of these! It appears I'm too late for this one, but next one I'll definitely jump in.
  7. Oh yeah! That would work quite nicely.
  8. Oh wait, never mind. Just realized that Late Adventurer requires you to exhaust the hero. Oh well. Thanks for the clarification!
  9. Ah I see, I just read the FAQ entry that talks about simultaneous committing of characters to the quest. Thanks. So to truly complete the combo, I'd need to play a Late Adventurer, right?
  10. Scenario: Cirdan the Shipwright has Light of Valinor and Narya attached. I commit characters to the quest, including Cirdan (who does not exhaust), Spirit Legolas, and two allies. Since in the rulebook it says I can take actions at any time during this event, could I exhaust Cirdan to ready the two allies I committed to the quest, THEN trigger Legolas's response and ready Cirdan, or would it be too late?
  11. It's not like I wouldn't immediately gobble up a second edition if it came to that, but I think that it would be very difficult to do, unless the scenario idea was changed entirely. They've already had to delve deep into the lore AND build their own characters and stories for the "first edition" to work. I don't think they'd like to give themselves the job of starting from the beginning and exploring all of middle-earth piece by piece AGAIN.
  12. Missed Round 1, but you better believe I'm voting from now on! Just some comments about Round 1: Na'asiyah winning over Dori: Dori is solid. I'm sad he got so crushed, and by a suspicious newcomer at that! Thorin Oakenshield vs Oin: Geez, 98 to 2. I'm not sure why, but Oin is definitely one of my favorite Dwarf heroes of all time, way over Thorin, who has too much threat. I always enjoyed Oin's versatility... Starts blue, turns red with the army, able to do basically any job. He's great. Don't feel down, Oin. Your fans are still out there. Glorfindel (Sp) vs Rossiel: I know Rossiel doesn't compare when it comes to outright stats, but man I love her in Silvan decks. Just so cool. Have a classic Silvan deck, mix in some of her victory display cards, and you have a great defender in a trait that generally is very weak. Plus, getting rid of those enemies permanently is SO great. I would have voted for you Rossiel! Grima vs Argalad: Strangely this was the closest match-up. I can honestly say I think I've used Grima once, and I didn't like the threat trade-off; but this makes me want to test him out some more. Lanwyn vs Erkenbrand: I definitely would have picked Lanwyn. She's great in nearly any deck, especially if you've got some readying effects. Getting rid of surge is SOOOO wonderful, and she can attack nicely too. Caldara vs Bilbo Baggins: Wow, did not expect Caldara to win by such a margin. I mean, she's gotten better, but I still would prefer the extra card draw. Aragorn (Le) vs Amarthiul: I totally didn't see this coming. Guess I just assumed people still were in love with Leadergorn. Good for you Amarthiul!
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