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  1. Just randomly came up with this while tinkering with squads. Academy Pilot x4 Alpha Sqd Pilot x2 Scimitar Sqd Pilot It has the same Hull and Attack dice as the 8 TIE, but a few extra actions. I'm curious what you guys see as pros/cons compared to the 8 swarm.
  2. Qapla187

    Wave 1!!!

    http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_news.asp?eidn=5190 So everything in the core will be out, which will most likely kill the need for a 2nd core set. There's a bit of info to be deciphered from the card fans and we can make out most of the unique fighter squads. It's a good day indeed. Oh and there's also a dice pack.
  3. Qapla187

    Original Trilogy ILM Models

    Looks like Han got some parts from a Panzer IV, although I can't think of what use a road wheel suspension would do in space.
  4. Qapla187


    Have we seen anything officially stating the core set ships will have their own expansions? It makes sense and I'm sure they will but I can't recall reading it.
  5. Qapla187

    Money going to IA

    Well that explains your hobo status. Given the ample time to prepare I doubt Armada will cut into X-wing for me. At least not for a while. Here in a year or two is anyone's guess. As long as their not dropping releases for both games at the same time it shouldn't be too bad.
  6. I'm relocating to State College at the end of the month and was curious if there's anyone around the area that plays.
  7. Me and the GF are board game players as well. I'm also a big X-wing nut (not like my sig makes it obvious) and looking to get a community going for that as well. Where do you usually play?
  8. Qapla187

    New B-Wing generic pilot: confirmed?

    Well if you're not playing competitively there's no reason you couldn't say that the higher generics have an EPT slot. They don't seem to increase ship costs from what I've noticed.
  9. Qapla187

    Tycho after wave 5 (a build that suits his style?)

    So would that mean Jake Farrell doesn't have to take Focus first is you plan on using his ability and Push? I've been running "Psycho" Tycho with Experimental Interface and EH quite a bit lately. Combined with Proton Rockets he's been making Outriders cry wonderful tears.
  10. A-wings didn't get enough love! Give them a rear firing arc upgrade. Please?
  11. Qapla187

    increasing standard play points for tournaments

    I certainly hope so. I personally find 100 points too limiting, it really kills some great ideas. It's also the reason I've never flown a HWK.
  12. Qapla187

    B-wing/E2 w/ Nien Nunb?

    What about Han crew with FCS? Free TLs to help hunt the Big ships we'll be seeing a lot of. It helps free up actions for Barrel Rolling or Boosting with EU to maintain Range 1. If they have an EPT slot you can add Predator to really get the most out of your dice. Sadly it's kinda a waste if used on Farlander thanks to his own Focus generating ability. :/
  13. Qapla187

    Jake Farrell Action Chaining + Other A-Wing Builds

    Do you play on Vassal? Cuz if you do...
  14. How about Scum Boba and Kath vs Imperial Boba and Kath?
  15. Qapla187

    TC Open Lists

    Maybe bringing 4 As was a bad idea...
  16. Qapla187

    B-Wings are best...

  17. Generally the term "that guy" is a negative. You don't wanna be that guy. The one who smells or cheats or is an idiot ect.
  18. Usually you don't wanna be "that guy" but you give name a better meaning. It's good fun, sadly it doesn't like to update over cellular networks. So I ventured back to Diablo.
  19. Qapla187

    Decimator base size

    Would you like to use Han's ability or Gunner? I got to play with my friend's Deci the other week. Flew it off the bloody table. It made me nervous on two pegs. Wobbly like a drunken Falcon it was. I'm definitely thinking it'll be a single peg ship and never three.
  20. Qapla187

    Good One on One Matches?

    What gave you picked up so far? The more we know the better we can help.
  21. Qapla187

    Broadsiding Action! But not with epic ships?

    Don't think so. I may be wrong on this, but I'm fairly certain that if a Huge ship ever gains a focus token it goes away (like stress tokens do). It does. Which lessens the cost of a Fleet Officer to just an action. Don't see any problems with that.
  22. Qapla187

    4 tie advanced. Cuz stupid

    I've got three so I'm almost there... I could drop the second Tempest for a pair of Academy Pilots. May try this for S&G sometime.
  23. Qapla187

    Full Scale X-Wing Game!(pics to prove it)

    Actually there's a guy down in Tennessee I believe who started building one a year or two ago. That's one hell of a scratch build.
  24. Qapla187

    Finish my list

    Tala x2 and a Bandit? Or 3 Bandits, swap DD for EH and drop a Refit for a Proton. Five dice of fun!
  25. Qapla187

    List Building Mental Block

    How about Lando w/ Push, Han crew, Nien Nunb and Falcon title with 4 Bandits at 99 points? It's one I go to when hit with list block.