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  1. http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_news.asp?eidn=5190 So everything in the core will be out, which will most likely kill the need for a 2nd core set. There's a bit of info to be deciphered from the card fans and we can make out most of the unique fighter squads. It's a good day indeed. Oh and there's also a dice pack.
  2. Looks like Han got some parts from a Panzer IV, although I can't think of what use a road wheel suspension would do in space.
  3. Have we seen anything officially stating the core set ships will have their own expansions? It makes sense and I'm sure they will but I can't recall reading it.
  4. Well that explains your hobo status. Given the ample time to prepare I doubt Armada will cut into X-wing for me. At least not for a while. Here in a year or two is anyone's guess. As long as their not dropping releases for both games at the same time it shouldn't be too bad.
  5. Me and the GF are board game players as well. I'm also a big X-wing nut (not like my sig makes it obvious) and looking to get a community going for that as well. Where do you usually play?
  6. I'm relocating to State College at the end of the month and was curious if there's anyone around the area that plays.
  7. Well if you're not playing competitively there's no reason you couldn't say that the higher generics have an EPT slot. They don't seem to increase ship costs from what I've noticed.
  8. So would that mean Jake Farrell doesn't have to take Focus first is you plan on using his ability and Push? I've been running "Psycho" Tycho with Experimental Interface and EH quite a bit lately. Combined with Proton Rockets he's been making Outriders cry wonderful tears.
  9. A-wings didn't get enough love! Give them a rear firing arc upgrade. Please?
  10. I certainly hope so. I personally find 100 points too limiting, it really kills some great ideas. It's also the reason I've never flown a HWK.
  11. What about Han crew with FCS? Free TLs to help hunt the Big ships we'll be seeing a lot of. It helps free up actions for Barrel Rolling or Boosting with EU to maintain Range 1. If they have an EPT slot you can add Predator to really get the most out of your dice. Sadly it's kinda a waste if used on Farlander thanks to his own Focus generating ability. :/
  12. How about Scum Boba and Kath vs Imperial Boba and Kath?
  13. Maybe bringing 4 As was a bad idea...
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