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  1. That's the question... Though, I wouldn't mind y'all's insight on a question I posted in another forum as well... specifically, what does "being under your care during a natural rest" entail? Could the person using the apothecary talent also be resting during that time? We generally rule that during a rest period you can't do anything else except rest. No guard duty. No spell research. No skill use.... but should that apply here? Appreciate your thoughts on both these questions
  2. GamerTnT

    Attack magic

    Keep in mind that no frills means 1 die only for short range... increasing range increases the difficulty (thus essentially mimicking the ranged difficulty of any ranged attack)
  3. No, but that is pretty awesome. The one I'm thinking of looked like the material from the book, just re-arranged (vice reformatted)
  4. I know someone had created a set of sheets with just the magic rules gathered together. I thought it was on the master resource list, or am I just imagining it? It had a basic description, plus a list what effects to add Anybody know what I'm talking about?
  5. OK, am I missing something? I can find the table for spending threats and despairs on magic checks, but not one for using advantages and triumphs. What are people doing for these? Extend range? Extend duration? Increase effects?
  6. Very true. I think I've broken the habit for most of them, but occasionally it returns. It's easier if I have lots and spend them freely, it gets them spending
  7. True, but if you have conservative players, they tend to horde story points, and never use them. Yes, I've had this occur in Star Wars with destiny points. So, if I as the GM start with lots, I spend them like water on minor things, and the players realize that they will come back. More introspection required.
  8. Wow. That takes a lot of agency away from the GM.... Well, Genesys is a generic system and it encourages your own development... we may go back to rolling force dice...
  9. Rules as written state Does this mean if you have five players there would be five player story points and one GM story point? Or should it be one GM story point per player as well?
  10. GamerTnT

    Spell Duration

    I thought I had read this somewhere. A standard augment spell lasts till the start of your next turn. How do you extend this duration? add 1 purple? pay extra strain? smae applies for utility and barrier spells.... thanks!
  11. Are these the Formidable Talents? I though they upgraded every 50xp ... thus three levels seems limiting...
  12. Yeah, apologies for the spamming ... we were about to start a session and I was hoping to get an answer before it was needed. As it turned out, our instincts were correct. It should be augment. We did allow to increase the "range" of the vision for extra purple dice as well
  13. The title says it all. If I'm in the dark, I could use Utility to summon light and banish the darkness around me. Say out to short range, and increase the difficulty for each range band. But, if I want dark vision.... I would argue that is Augment (adding a blue die is Augment, removing a black die seems similar) But, would it be the same difficulty for one, two, or three die darkness? Or would you increase the difficulty? And would you increase the difficulty for the range as well? Thoughts?
  14. One of the things I really love about this system is how they've embraced the narrative dice to create differences between creatures, weapons, etc. They're not just stats (health, soak, damage), but they have unique ways to spend threats/advantages that make them unique. Very cool.
  15. And two more weeks for the PDF....?
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