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  1. I agree that this is great. Especially because it's the book license rather than movie and FFG does positively fantastic Tolkien art (for the LCG). Hoping the gameplay is as strong as the art and miniatures!
  2. The problem with TLT is NOT that it is overpowered, but that it negates the maneuvering part of the game (aka the fun part of the game).
  3. I actually agree. The interior scenes in the movies portray a 180 (or less) arc that Han and Luke are able to traverse. They clearly steer their gun seat to an end point. It does seem odd that the bulkhead they climb up and down to get to the gunner seats is directly behind in subsequent shots. I don't think continuity was a high priority in the Star Wars films (and I'm cool with that - there are plenty of examples of more agreegis inconsistencies, like Princess Leah's accent changes or ships breaking the laws of physics to behave like airplanes while in space).The space scenes in the films feel like a classic WW2 film. The Falcon is much like a B-17 with waist gunners. In game terms, reversing the PWTs range bonus when shooting (range 1 = extra defense die to enemy and range 3 = extra attack die) could be a thematic way to make PWT ships more fun to fly or face on the battlefield. This would make maneuvering more important (for both players) and would emulate the difficulty that our fearless heroes had in hitting tie fighters as they streaked by up close at high speed
  4. this seems to be true however "punch" should be the bees knees based on how predictive the first kill can be in a matches outcome.
  5. Why not produce a card pack blister for each wave? Just like the LCG model.
  6. Usually there is a card you want in each pack. If you eBay strategically or trade with friends you could just collect one faction and even skip some of the ships you don't care to play or don't really like in general. Proxying upgrade cards would save you a boat load of investment, however, for official tourneys you need the actual cards
  7. Burst was the supposed allure of the wave one torpedoes, but the amount of fire power wasn't worth the points because of the spend a target lock requirement. It will be very good for the game to have viable burst damage options which require some strategy to deploy effectively but reward the user with higher potential damage output. Shouldn't skilled manuvering overcome 360 shooting lists? I think ordinance can be the counter many have been looking for. Perhaps TLT will be spammed less and lists will tend to be more "combined arms" and a bit less spammy.
  8. I sort pilots by faction (empire, Rebellion, scum) and then by ship type. I even go so far as to order them by pilot skill in ascending order. This helps when list building but its more about being slightly OCD For upgrade cards, I order them by type, using the icon in the bottom left corner (elite pilot talent, munition etc). Sometimes I then put them in ascending point value order, but it takes some patience to do the sub categorical sorting and is totally not necessary. Again, a bit OCD.
  9. "When a ship executes a maneuver," needs to be stricken from the rules for sake of clarity. I believe that clause was written at a time when executing a maneuver was the ONLY way to cause an obstacle overlap. Tractor beam (not a maneuver) represents a new way to cause obstacle overlap, and so the card rules ammend the rulebook. This is supported by the article. TB on an obstacle means roll for damage, no shot, and possibly second rill for damage if overlap of template on subsequent move.
  10. I'd be ok with a global PWT change. The game is more fun when the maneuvering (something you can control) matters more than the dice (something you have limited control over). It's fun to have to guess and second guess your opponents moves, which doesn't really happen with 360 degree, range 1-3 weapons. The question becomes how to model the Falcon's turrets in a different way. It could be thematic to make ships at closer range harder to hit (because they are streaking past too fast for the turret operator to stay on target). Or maybe the range bonus could be inverted for PWTs (range 1 = 1 more green for target, range 3 = 1 more red for PWT). Just an example, probably not a good solution, but I would welcome the right change to PWTs.
  11. The bit in the rule book about obstacles has remained unedited since the beginning. It requires lawyering to not see the intent of tractor beam as written. Previously, maneuvers were the only legal cause of obstacle overlap. Now there is a new condition which can cause overlap: tractor beam. The rulebook doesn't need a rewrite just for this. The card covers it while closing exploits by specifying that this doesn't count as a maneuver or BR/boost action.
  12. You know of the Rebellion against the Empire?!?
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