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  1. This Wed has opened up for me. I plan on heading down. Just played the DS run last night. Rebels won. was a fun game. My map is a little small I need to print the new version. Are you going to do Worlds?
  2. Had a great session with my friend the other night. We did an asteroid field varient were we placed asteroids around. Then at end phase all asteroids moved in the same direction "2" we would roll the attack dice and for every focus that popped up we would place one asteroid. My friend would move it back and forth on the table edge. While I would close my eyes and say "STOP" the Asteroid would come in right there. We damaged one ship and lost at least 2 due to friggin Asteroids ! lol fun
  3. awesome. I've got some great response from my friends on these pics alone. Which has steered them to want to play on Wed. Unless I'm missing something. I'll be honest I didn't read every word of the new rule set. So I missed a few things ie: lose 1 on the drift but makes sense. The other would be the ships on the targeting spot. I did skim that. I will read it more carefully But ya he got his ships side by side using drift and both ships were able to stop just about next to each other to take the shot. one of the shots should have it. Also forgot to mention we started the countdown clock after the first full round. Kudos Dave great job on this mission. I encourage anyone else out there to play it it's easy , fun and a fun 2hrs this will speed up with more skilled pilots
  4. Round 4! Great round. New rules set was great. New Map set up was great. On my personal map I imposed your trench template onto the DS background. It came out good but slightly shorter 42” long. My other trench was probably 6”ish wide this one is closer to 7. The new countdown timer is great. Timing wise it workout out good. It forced the Rebels to take down a power node and set back the clock by 1. Drift wasn’t just a nice feature you needed to use it in the trench. The Rebels won with no time to spare. He actually got 2 ships onto the targeting spot at one time. Darth had one shot to take him out and did not. Luke destroyed the DS. Classic Something to think about. As imp I knew what ships had proton torps In our space dog fighting we can fire though a ship. I feel you need to adjust a rule for line of site in the trench. IF ship A is targeting Ship B but Ship C is in Line of site Then no target on ship B “You let me worry about ------- you keep your eyes open for those fighters” I’ll attach my map, but that foam board one is very cool.
  5. Good games.. always learning. Dave has an updated Trench run and the map layout has been updated a little bit. I think my Trench was a little bit narrow too. I'm hoping to print out a new map today. I may poke my head into FFG.
  6. Oh thats strange because the Falcon was up there at one point.. and it looks really cool. GGs last night..
  7. I figured it out. I don't have an online photo account. I'll need to set one up. We played tonight. 4 of us. It went well, Rebels 125 / Imp 100 . Rebels destoryed 2 power nodes but didn't help them much. I feel they started to far from the Straight shot to the trench. Interesting new set up you have. I like what I see.
  8. Here is the start of our Mission.. Provided this pic works correctly. I don't know why it seems to be so complicated to upload a photo. lousy interface.
  9. I may actually be there before then. send a text for a better update six-one-two 3 zero 6 - 4631
  10. I play with my bros on Wed nights in Saint Louis Park. I live 4 mi from FFG, last wed we were done at 8:30ish .. I went to FFG and got a game in. If you do go Let me know. I'll swing by after.
  11. 9/23 round / 2 players / Rebels 150 pts / Imp 100 pts / Power node 3hull We allowed the Rebels 1 full move/turn before Imp got a turn. Allowing the advantage of an attack of the Death Star, We set our start for the Imp within 3attack length of the far edge. We ran the power node at 3 Hull the rebel took only 1 down. I did not provide any benefit for him. I think 3 is a little low but I feel 6 is kind of high. “Our issue with walls in the Trench” Move till you hit the wall / roll as normal for obstructed damage / forward movement of the ship stops and is aligned with the forward direction (bounce off the wall). We found this to be effective. My opinion of what we learned today. Start: Rebels get to move first 1st on the 1st turn. Next turn is done as normal. Power node maybe 4 Hull. We didn’t have time to finish; however, he was lined up about 6 in from being able to target the port. Very fun everyone that saw it loved it. We had a great time. I have a start photo. The guy at FFG took photos as we were going. I also have Video but need to edit it.
  12. I will be at FFG today for a bit if anyone wants to join. I also have the Deathstar Mission. I'm putting together the cardboard turbo lasers.
  13. We played your mission last night.. was fun. Are you still doing 6 for Def on Power nodes ? seemed a bit high. We did a 100 pt split 2v2 each side had 1 rookie player. I was rebal with the Xwing squad and my teammate had the Ywing squad but when tring to enter the trench he turned to early and hit the corner at the dashed line. They wouldn't let him enter. nor would I and that was the Ywing with Protons. That didn't end up very well. We talked about giving the Rebels another 50 pts and allowing an additional squad to join in after a few turns. Your thoughts? Have you won with Rebels yet?
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