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  1. There are plenty of ways to increase Gnosis but as mentioned you should always keep it a secret from the players. A part of the joy of being a GM is to see how they struggle with those with severely hight gnosis than them. Ultimately it is up to the GM how the characters ascend to the higher ranks of Gnosis (If you are playing a high level game). My current campaign is in it starting phase (around level 3) but i plan to offer them pacts with aeons, gods and such. This of course will have their negative consequences but is a good opportunity for role-playing.
  2. The first thing that comes to mind is to follow the remaining senses. As already mentioned the character could "feel" the aura of others. As for the other senses: Smell could simply be an interpretation of the specific odor of the target. If someone possess a black aura that represents hatred the character could smell of withering grass or rotting carcasses. As smell is so close to taste these two can be combined for added effect. As far as sound goes one can hear the symphony of waves, the subtle sound of grass or a roaring fire depending on the characters aura.
  3. Sheeles themselves have predetermined stats which cannot be changed unless when its master levels up (In case of familiar). Each level the Sheele may add +1 to any attribute of the masters choice and choose a power which is described in Arcana Exxet. As far as i interpet the rules, the base level of the sheele is up to the GM but it should follow the basic rules of familiars.
  4. As stated in the rulebook on page 87 one may use Acrobatics when you have the right for a counter-attack or when it is your turn. You simply make an acrobatics check against the targets attack or acrobatics, if you succeed with 100 you place yourself at the enemies flank, while 150 nets you a rear attack. These conditions will give the defender -30/-80 defense respectively.
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