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  1. Sorry guys. didnt even notice the difference. Thanks! This is a great forum!
  2. So I just got the Tie Advanced expansion in the mail. I was looking at the cards, such as cluster missiles. It appears that X-wings can also use them as their secondary weapon? Same goes for all the cards with the Tie Advanced? There is nothing that indicates they cannot be. And if thats the case then it sucks it only comes with one of each card.
  3. I order from them because their shipping in only $.99!!! I love it!
  4. lsuedd2

    Gaming mats

    Here is the space mat I have been working on.
  5. Say you get a hit and a crit, and you have two shields. Both shields will be taken away, but does the crit card take effect? Or is it played just like a normal hit face down?
  6. in the planning phase, do we have to choose our movement all at once and place them face down? cant he player who moves last change his move after he sees the others?
  7. lsuedd2

    Gaming mats

    Post pictures of your gaming mats/table here! I am currently planning to make one and would like to see designs!
  8. Thank you for the response! Smart for FFG to do it that way.
  9. Do the expansions for the X-wing and Tie fighters come with the same cards that they come with in the starer box? If so I may just buy a 2nd box.
  10. One more question. On turn one I use an action to acquire a target lock. On turn two can I use another action for something, say focus? I believe I can just confirming that.
  11. I have no idea!! It really seems the X-wing is too over powered, but then again im new to the game.
  12. The damaged sensor array card states "you cannot perform the actions listed in your action bar." The Tie Fighter "Night Beast's" card states "after executing a green maneuver you may perform a free focus action." If you have the damaged sensor array card can you still perform the free focus for doing a green maneuver since it is free? I do not think you can because the card says you cant do any action. But just seeing if I am right or not.
  13. Say I lock target on turn one and then keep it locked. The next turn the same x-wing does a red maneuver. Can it use the lock after the red maneuver? Or do you have to wait to do a green one?
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