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    Game Night Kit

    With wave two listed as Dec 23rd. they miss most of the Christmas / holiday sales . This appears to be something to keep the game in the front of people's minds . until wave two . While not overly excited with the premiums . I hope it will bring people to the store and build a solid play base . Got a new y wing for my birthday ( Orange one) and I need people to fly a pair of y's against .
  2. They are easy enough to repaint if you want the plastic is decent . and so far all mine have no flaws . Good job by ffg
  3. While I have made no drastic changes I followed a link here and painted wedge's fighter . then mad a generic x wing . Changed the yellow to green on my Y wing .
  4. the box has what sets of sleeves FFG has fr the cards . I have all mine in sleeves because they cet handles so much
  5. Some one told me there were counters the went out the manuver cards for one of the big ships . Could it be the mines dropped by slave !?
  6. The Y wing is a bomber attack craft , the Ion cannon is a very good tool for it and most time I have included it . If Y's are without xwing cover no ion cannon is almost a sure destroyed Y wing .
  7. The rule stats if one card allows ( 1's ans 2's green) and another forbids ( turns become red) then forbidden applies . If you cannot not agree on that ; the the astro mech cancels the red on 1 and two turns ( back to white) but red still applies on higher speed turns . This second rulw will play havoc on stress and actions I prefer the first rule as closest to the rules.
  8. A recent thread about pilot packs got me thinking. What pilot upgrades would you want? My first thought was Action : trigger happy , spend and action and make a second attack with secondary weapon . Astromech : action Cancel opponents action token Pilot skill Y wing : Allowed to fire all protons at once ( 8 dice) Porkins : When a frendly ship within one gets damaged , it goes to Porkins instead .( he can handle it) . Any Ideas ? I have not thought of points
  9. 1 core set y-wing expansion x wing expansion adavnced tie expansion 2 tie expansions
  10. Some blank pilots so you can nme your own . Just a group of generic pilots and maybe some new quirks . ie action card "trigger happy" can fire primary and secondary weapons this turn ( focus applies to only one attack) y wing pilot can fire all his torpedoes as one attack . more variety to pilots would be cool
  11. Was a huge Blue Max player ( by GDW) back in the day . They had a pilot improvement system when you reached a certian level of points ( surviving , kils etc) you got an improvement . I am toying with the Idea of geting a point for each damage you do , 5 for a kill, when you hit so many your poiny skill improves or you can " buy an ability l" . You need scenerios as slugfests get alot of pilots killed . Any one have any thoughts ?
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