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  1. True but the focus is still an action that is assigned so word mind link so that the assigned part makes it clear that the focus token is equivalent to a free action. Keep the stress part as is. I appreciate it could be messy in terms of wording but from my (limited) experience mind link mitigates stress. Ships like the TIE phantom can be hamstrung by stress if it can't recloak after firing (with ACD). Fire at a rebel captive and you're stuffed straight away but mindlink is not affected other than movement.
  2. I have been unable to play X-Wing for a few months and only just faced the Parataani list in a casual tournament at the weekend (two on the trot). It's a tough list. I think the main thing that surprised me was that each ship can be granted a focus even if stressed, so one ship being unstressed is still powerful. If a nerf is on the cards then just include mind link actions in the action rule: A ship cannot perform/receive actions, even free actions, while stressed. If the ship is stressed then it can't be given/receive the action. Perhaps (for a laugh) Feedback array causes stress to be passed through mindlink too.
  3. As a Brit living in NZ, I feel that the rest of the world is obviously very scared of the X-Wing players in the southern hemisphere and Asia :-)
  4. I have just got hold of this game after watching and reading reviews, going through tales from the cards and reading some areas of the forums. First have to say I am enjoying this game. I currently only have 1 core set and have only been trying the suggested decks from the rulebook; I don't think I've had such a good time getting beaten. It's probably a reflection of my (in)ability but if Passage through Mirkwood is easy, then I'm doomed to perpetual failure! I've not managed to get through quest 1b yet (7 progress is my best). I have tactics to try and then I'll have a play around with deck building. 3 of the first cycle adventure packs on the way! Great game :-)
  5. Does Maarek's ability work with major explosion from the Force Awakens Damage deck? As Maarek you pick major explosion so that the defender rolls the damage dice, gets a hit and then suffers another crit, does Maarek pick up 3 new crit cards and choose 1 of those? Also if Maarek happens to hit a ship with major hull breach with a normal hit does the ability still get used? (I'm thinking yes but would like to check) Thanks
  6. Thanks for the feedback, gives me some ideas.
  7. This list came to me once the U-boats started to show themselves, any feedback would be great. One change I'm considering is to bring the the inquisitor for Valen. I played one game with it & lost but it was very tight, two jumpmasters down to 1hp each so perhaps there is some potential. TIE Punisher: Black Eight Squadron Pilot (23) Extra Munitions (2) Proton Torpedoes (4) Proximity Mines (3) Fire Control System (2) Guidance Chips (0) TIE Avanced Prototype: · Valen Rudor (22) Veteran Instincts (1) Adv. Homing Missiles (3) Autothrusters (2) TIE/v1 (1) TIE Interceptor: · Soontir Fel (27) Push The Limit (3) Autothrusters (2) Royal Guard TIE (0) Stealth Device (3) -- TOTAL ------- 98/100p. --
  8. I'd like to add my thanks to the OP for this thread rather than just a 'like'. It saddens me that personal attacks happened as a result of 'Roanokegate'. The ID rule is not good as I believe it would be a first step to elitism. I harbour no ill feelings towards the eight who took the ID, I don't know them. They have conducted themselves within the rules as written and fair enough but like others I don't have to like that decision. I don't like using "play better and win all your games" as a defence for ID, unfortunately that isn't possible for everyone for many reasons. I think the worse possible outcome is if nothing is learned from this - FFG need to address the rule (personally I think just get rid of ID, but I'm sure there are other alternatives) and quickly, even if they just put up an acknowledgement that they're looking onto it. All the best.
  9. I have not read 18 pages of posts but have seen feeds on facebook and other forums discussing this topic to know the gist of it. I completely understand the ability to do this is within the rules and can again understand why the top 8 did it. But.. (There usually is a but) may as well take the top 8 players on vassal or by most SC wins (whatever metric you want to use) and close up the rest of the competitive season. Let the elite close up the shop, keep the plebs out - don't allow for development of the top 8. Stop any chance of anyone new upsetting the apple cart. We could argue that everyone needs to play better and win all games, but the nature of the beast is not many people will win all games. If I need to win my last match to make top 8 but only if 8th loses their last match why should I be denied that opportunity? I'm sure that example has been used already. As I said, I know it is in the rules though it is amazing how people suddenly stick to a rule rigidly when they want to yet we're encouraged to fly casual and let someone stick their evade on the table well outside of the ship's activation window. If you're going to abide by and defend the ID rule so strongly then do it for all rules. I seem to remember when the game first came out there was a rule for placing asteroids and then players chose which side of the table they wanted to set up on... anyone stick to that one? If ID is staying then FFG need to state their definition of what collusion is.
  10. haha. not done the acquiring yet but i plan to very soon i like u list posted here Brian. im thinking multiples of TLT r the way to go but havent tested my version yet. meeting up with Craig tomorrow for some games. hes got an interesting scum list ill surprise u with one time... with my own tweeks to it of course... uses a starviper Leaking spoilers for my plans for galactic domination on a public forum eh mate? :-)
  11. Worlds is obviously popular and perhaps a bigger venue may be needed and calling volunteers to help run the event and the tournaments is going to be the way forward (as discussed on the Nova Squadron Radio podcast). The only element of ranking I'd be happy to see is a clear up of the reserved seats... FFG must have an idea of where their national championship kits go and how many they send; each national kit basically comes with 1 reserved seat in the form of a voucher/code for the national champion, if that voucher is not used by a certain date (17th Aug this year) then open up that space to everyone. The current system is not far off that anyway.
  12. At the moment you turn up to a timed round tournament and you know what you have to do. As a result players build to fit that scenario either by taking a fat list or something to counter it. Then at the table players implement tactics to fit what they have in front of them. We have a fairly simple game, why change it based on parameters of who MIGHT win if we had 'one more turn.'
  13. I visit these forums daily, I read lots but very rarely comment. I've listened to the Nova Squadron Radio podcast and the ongoing discussion of partial points and I have to say I'm not convinced (though I do understand the motivation behind some players advocating a change). We play a game that simulates dogfights in a war. The winner is the side that wipes out the opponent's fleet or has destroyed most points when time is up. Leave it at that. I play as many tournaments as I can, I've won matches with one hull left and lost matches with my opponent having one hull left, maybe that has helped and/or hindered my progress to the final cut through MoV c'est la vie it's the nature of the game. If someone turtles and I can't take them out completely but whittle them down to one HP, then they break cover and destroy one of my ships then so be it, I need to find a way to counter that tactic.
  14. I know the components images are always hard to discern but is there a card with Palpatine on it?
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