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  1. Anyone been thinking about and/or working on something like this? Combining SW Armada, X-Wing, and Imperial Assault.
  2. Xnath

    Squad input needed: Vader + stuff

    I was kind of looking at something like this: Howlrunner is a buffer allowing some rerolls and the swarm tactics for alpha pilot. Turr and Vader do their thing.
  3. OMG these are great, thank you for doing this! Biggest issue I've had with Dust Warfare is rules consolidation. This helps a ton.
  4. Xnath

    Wedge more powerful after Wave 2?

    Tie Interceptor with shealth on it is pretty good. I played the tie interceptor level 9 pilot with stealth and that was fun. I cant wait to own those ships.
  5. Xnath

    Reverse Engineered Squad Point Formula

    Wow. Wierd to do all that for a game that involves pretending to shoot your plastic toy ships with my plastic toy ships. I would rather just play the game with some beer and friends than spend any time whatsoever dissecting it to death.
  6. Xnath

    What Ship Would You Least Like To See?

    Cloud city ship. They were just all around dumb ship that belongs in the prequels. But I think in order to keep the game fresh, FFG will eventually add prequel ships.
  7. Xnath

    Request for Deluxe Movement Templates

    The litko templates look way to bulky. Good in theory, but not practical at all. Would be a pain to use in every game I've ever played.
  8. Xnath

    Tournament Squad Registration

    Your first option works best. You should know which ships have which upgrades at a glance in case any issue comes up.
  9. After a few games, you definatly learn how to plan your moves better from low to high skill level. As well as guessing where you think your opponent ships are going to be.. Hopefully.
  10. Xnath

    How Many Models do you own

    2 core sets. 1 xwing expansion 1 tie expansion 2 tie advanced expansion 1 ywing expansion
  11. Xnath

    Transporting Models

    For the battlefoam, I want to be able customize the ship layout, then I would buy it.
  12. Wedge should get R2D2 anyway. He is the man! Wedge fought in both Death Star battles while Luke was inside whining to his daddy during the 2nd battle. This thread is fun.
  13. Xnath

    Gaming mats

    I went to a local craft store and bought a 3x3 black felt mat and some white fabric paint. just have to figure out how to get some stars on the mat without making a mess. total cost of materials was $5.
  14. Xnath

    I want to play as Porkins.

    Whenever a generic x-wing dies in our games, it's always Porkins.
  15. Xnath

    Worth investing in this?

    Keep in mind the only way to get ALL unique pilot cards (like Wedge for X-Wing and a TIE character) is get the single X-Wing and TIE expansions. Some people may not know the single ship expansions come with different character pilots than the core set.