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  1. For those interested, the web address is: https://swz-dmb.blogspot.com/
  2. You might want to try the second hand bookstores. i have a chain near me called half priced books that tends to have RPG books. Don't know where you are, but there likely is a similar store near you.
  3. The character sheets look fine, but the dice roller API can have a bad lag. My group has started using SkyJedi as a backup.
  4. My version is 1.44.0. Try updating from inside the app. There is an update button on the main screen.
  5. My version has the pilots from the card packs for a while. He even puts in stuff before it is released (these are in blue text). Never had any security issues with it and I have been using it since the V1 days. Latest update had things spoiled on FFG Live.
  6. I like the one here: https://swz-dmb.blogspot.com/
  7. I used these for power nodes: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2859235 Turrets (small and large):, just scale down to 33-40%: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3040851 Exhaust port: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2156499
  8. For some reason the generator puts duplicates of the driod species features on the character sheets:
  9. Yeah, I know what you mean. We had a campaign mission with an ISB infiltrator that I swear was Jackie Chan or something, he rolled like 3 or 4 dodges in that mission by itself (same figure). Kind of crazy and funny, it is one of those things we talk and laugh about still.
  10. I have found the Marauder title reroll on the Firesprays crash the game.
  11. They seem to have pulled it from that article. Also, where is the Malastarian Outpost map? That one was announced first.
  12. I am mainly looking at the length of the run not in game time, but in real time. The game I ran, we played 3 hours and we were still a turn away from the first shot on the exhaust port. The players were all experienced xwing players too and since i want to run this at a convention where there may not be experienced players, and only 4 hrs, I was a little worried. Maybe it was because the Ywings went in first and they are slower than xwings.
  13. I am using this one from your post: https://drive.google.com/open?id=10w3L0ANbK3caj9VYJBxcxxgctP5OceAj Although I took at look at 2j-W's version and like a few things there that I might modify yours with (looser limits on quantities of ships in the trench)
  14. I ran this scenario today. I have a few questions/observations. 1. How are critical hits dealt with on power nodes? 2. The run down the trench seems long. Has anyone done something to alleviate that? I am thinking of increasing the range of the launch zone to range 3. 3. How long of a range do the trench turrets have?
  15. Fifth Brother in the Tie Advanced v1 kind of likes it too. He can get another crit out of it. At least I think he can due to the timing of his ability.
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