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  1. I have a Brobnar creature with 5 power. I play Blood of Titans on it. Do the Brobnar creature now have 10 power and HP ? I have a Brobnar creature with 5 power. It has 3 damage. I play Blood of Titans on it. Does it now have 10 power and 7 hp left?
  2. Thanks for the answer. Where in the rules can I find the info that actioncards do not require the creature to survive but the creatures fightability do?
  3. I have a troll which I attack with. I play Warsong and Loot the bodies. The troll and the enemy creature kill each other. How much Amber do I get?
  4. Like Chaos in Warhammer ? It's fun playing those guys! Debuffing and messing with your enemy all the time
  5. When I said "what's so cool about L5R" I meant: "What is so good about L5R (that it has a fanatical following)?" It seems faction loyalty in L5R is greater than in Warhammer. Makes me think that 95% of you guys would go crazy if something like Warhammer 40K Conquests alignment wheel was introduced in the L5R LCG You choose a warlord in a faction and can inlude non-loyal cards from ONE adjacent faction.
  6. I thought I was clear You can get any warpacks and deluxexpansions you want for the 7 standard races. The balance is great between them. Tyranids and Necrons though, would definetly benefit from a couple warpacks to get more variety.
  7. That was a good one AGoT with asians was also a good but vauge description
  8. Hi, Conquest player here. I know why every other LCG appeal to people: StarWars is StarWars. A Game of Thrones is a medieval setting about some noble houses fighting about the iron throne. It got books and most importantly the series now which show how cool it is. Arkham Horror is about the supernatural and some people seem to like it (I don't see the charm in it but I'm mostly jaded since all the arkham horror boardgames are cooperative). W40K Conquest is the Warhammer 40K universe where there is only war. Gamemechanically, Conquest is awesome since it's quite deep and all factions have different playstyles. Space Marines are resilient and have powerful combattricks that deal more damage or prevent it. Imperial Guard are truly weak but numerous and always got more units than you though. Their warlords strenghten their weak units and got abilities that kinda sacrifices one of their weak units AND one of the enemies. Eldar are specialized, as strong as Space Marines(!) and focus on exhausting (tapping) their enemies and bringing their units back from the dead temporarily. Dark Eldar can't take damage but they deal it out aplenty! Their playstyle is to win the battle before it begins by discarding your cards, removing your units or killing them outright! If they have to fight, ranged units are there. Orks are strong and get better when they have taken a bit of damage. Their gameplan is to get damaged and hit back even harder. Chaos Space Marines have difficult to use units with difficult to use abilities and powerful daemons that can be made cheaper with your cultists Tau focus on attachments that make their units stronger and they got a lot of'em! All their units are special in some way (ranged, stronger command, get back resources etc). Legend of the Five Rings is a universe I have never heard about until here on Fantasy Flight a few months ago. So it's about some samurai clans that clash....is there magic, undead, Dark Elves and the like? Was the mechanics of the L5R CCG as good as Conquest (the best I've ever seen!) I guess it boils down to that all other LCGs have exciting universes while I've never heard of L5R and some samurai clans fighting sounds like: "ok...."
  9. In tournaments, I've been told that the differences between warlords is like 15% in win-loss so you can mix and match as you want without worrying about balance.
  10. I completely disagree, but no matter. I've got my answer and it's settled. How do we know it's from a gamedesigner? I'm a bit new here.
  11. Because this wouldn't be correct either. The direct logical implication of your proposal is that normally the team gains the payout both for his team zone and the center, which is clearly not possible: if two teams are at the same highlight, only one gets the center zone payout (so, your "instead" sentence is not working). Additionally, "all" means "all", not two out of three. If two payouts were intended, the sentence would have been worded: "When only one team has players at a matchup, that team’s manager collects the payout for the center zone in addition to the payout for his team zone" Instead, they used "all", and I believe they used the word "all" to intend "all". So, I'm with Dam on this one. It's not MY 'instead' sentence, it is the rulebooks. I only added the underlined part. I still stand by that they should have discarded the "instead of only collecting the payout for his teamzone" to make it more clear.
  12. I learned how to play Humans just a month ago but haven't gotten them yet (we select teams randomly as well). My brother gotted Humans against my Orcs and he have NEVER been so COMPLETELY defeated as that one game. End score was 81 to his 21. Needless to say, he thinks the Humans are absolute crap. Then again, he doesn't know how they work (he didn't have the correct teamupgrades) and still doesn't get some things (like how Freebooters work and various skills) so if I don't tell him that one of his character has dodge, then he doesn't tell me to reroll I also played my very first game as humans in a 4player game and lost. Didn't know anything else than how the game worked back then.
  13. According to this analys, they seem WORSE than ever before! I completely disagree and think they are (in the original game) shared best race together with the Wood Elves. My brother who I have taught the game, won his second game and BOTH times with Dwarves!! Can't BELIEVE I lost with Orks!! >_<
  14. I Believe that using realworld rules doesn't work in games. Using realworld logic can help but in your case I cannot agree. Getting all payouts on the card makes a player invest more tackles to get rid of an opponent from that match in order to get a greater payout. With your rules, a player will settle for winning and can therefore afford to spread out more. So I will use the system the rulebook describes.
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