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  1. Come join us at the Compleat Strategist on February 16:
  2. Full details can be found here: http://www.boardgamegeek.com/thread/907299/new-york-what-lies-ahead-tournament-january-19-plu/
  3. Tournament announcement: http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_foros_discusion.asp?efid=326&efcid=4&efidt=752016 I hope to see you there :-)
  4. We are excited to announce the FIRST New York Netrunner tournament! This tournament will be hosted and sponsored by The Compleat Strategist. When: Saturday, December 15th. Registration at 10am-10:30am. Where: The Compleat Strategist, 11 East 33rd Street (between Madison and Fifth Avenue). Entry fee: The entry fee is $5 and will be used to cover the prizes. The tournament’s Meetup page can be found here: Please RSVP via Meetup, PM me, email (el.ad.david.amir@gmail.com) or call me (347-994-9332) or The Compleat Strategist. You are not required to RSVP in order to play; it would just make our lives easier as far as organization is concerned. Prizes FIRST place: 1) A custom set of four BIG APPLE ACTION TOKENS. These limited edition tokens are made by byronczimmer and will ONLY be awarded to winners of New York tournaments. 2) A voucher for “What Lies Ahead”, the first Netrunner Data Pack. SECOND place: A voucher for “What Lies Ahead”. (Vouchers redeemable at The Compleat Strategist when Data Pack is released. Additional prizes might be available at the discretion of The Compleat Strategist and depending on the number of participants. Format This will be a THREE CORE SET tournament. This means that you can use up to three copies of each card. You cannot use cards from “What Lies Ahead”. We will follow Fantasy Flight Games’ Official Tournament Rules. The tournament will be between three and four rounds of Swiss, depending on the number of participants. Each round will be 65 minutes. The Swiss rounds will be followed by a Top 2 Finals. I am looking forward for the tournament and know that New York will reach a magnificent number of attendees!!
  5. Dogen2112- do you live in WH? If so, contact me at el.ad.david.amir@gmail.com, we might be neighbors :-) I would love to meet and play.
  6. I am trying to gauge interest for a tournament in New York. If you might be interested, I would appreciate you answering the following poll. (Please do not answer if you have no intention/interest in a New York tournament, or if you already answered on BGG.com) In which of the following dates will you be willing to attend a tournament in Manhattan? 12/01/2012, 12/08/2012, 12/15/2012. What is an appropriate entry fee, in your opinion? $5, $10, $15. Will you be willing to commute to the following areas of the City in order to participate? Midtown, Washington Heights, Brooklyn.
  7. Looking for players at the New York, NY area!! We're meeting every Tuesday and Friday, 7pm, at the Cranberry Cafe. There is a meetup set up (look for "A Game of Thrones New York" on meetup.com). Also, feel free to email me at el.ad.david.amir@gmail.com
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