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  1. In my games new obligation comes up pretty frequently if the party takes actions that will earn it. "Oh you blew up most of the TIE fighters but one got away? Now I guess you are WANTED" I'm very liberal with opportunities to resolve obligation as well but I like the ebb and flow and the "Two steps forward one step back" feeling this generates.
  2. The devs said they capped attributes at 6 partially for dice pool size mitigation. I'd follow the same rules for minions, no more than 6 per group.
  3. Generally I suggest letting the PCs make as many of the rolls as possible. Have the PCs roll their stealth against the guards. I'd probably set the difficulty as if the guards were assisting each other (either best of the two attributes/skills or +1boost (if the stats are the same) Edit: and I second the idea of having the PC with the stealth score roll for the party. To keep people involved I'd have all the other players roll too, if they succeed the Stealth PC gets a bonus, if they fail she gets a setback.
  4. A living campaign is basically a shared campaign with a codified set of rules. The general idea is that you can play the same character with many different groups. Because the rules and advancement is codified, you don't have to re-roll a character every time you play with a new group of people. Wikipedia has a very good article about the Living Campaign Concept. Star Wars d20 had the Living Force campaign which I believe was fairly popular.
  5. I know I haven't heard anything about any kind of official Living Campaign. Does anyone know if this is in the works? If it isn't in the works, are there fans out there ambitious enough to pull off an unofficial living campaign? Assuming there were a living campaign (official or otherwise) what would want from it? What aspects of other living games were important to you? What can we do better with EOTE? Assuming you are interested in the concept, would you be willing/able to write a module?
  6. I didn't catch that reference Mandrake, you remember where you saw it?
  7. Yeah this has been confirmed several times at this point. Cover and armor don't stack. The talents from FSE (6th sense and superior reflexes) do stack because they state +1 to defense. Cover's wording on 213 is incorrect, the wording on the earlier page (207 iirc) is correct. I have big problems with this too until I came to understand that combat rounds are a minute long. Sometime in that minute the bad guys are likely to get a decent shot at you unless all you are doing is hiding behind cover to block any possible line of sight. I told my players: If you are just grabbing some cover, it helps a bit, but since you are shooting back or doing some other action that isn't hiding, the bad guys will get a shot at you. If you are dropping prone in a bunker and avoiding any possible line of sight to the bad guys, thats not cover, thats you avoiding combat. I wouldn't even allow the bad guys to take a shot at you unless they found a way to negate your "cover"
  8. I don't believe there is anything specific. Having the right tools for a skill check generally gives 1 boost. I suspect most GMs would allow a well stocked workshop to count as the right tools.
  9. Interesting, so I had read this differently. Are we saying that going all the way down the left side of the sense tree lets a character upgrade 2 incoming attack's difficulty by two and 2 outgoing attacks per round by 2? I had initially read both the duration and strength as applying only to the defensive use. Edit: Yep I read it that way to when I, you know, use my eyes to read with.
  10. U.S. courts generally find people Not Guilty rather than Innocent, but I agree that Han didn't murder Greedo, but acted in self defense, from an ethical standpoint even if not a legal one.Greedo had a blaster pointed at Han from like a yard away and had at least implicitly threatened to kill him. For Han to shoot Greedo under those circumstances seems completely defensible. Now, Special Edition Han is a different story. Special Edition Greedo took a shot at Han from like a yard away and missed, so he clearly wasn't a real threat to Han, but Han killed him anyway. Special Edition Han is one cold dude. How is missing from a yard make one NOT a threat anymore? Greedo takes a shot, misses, it's not like he's going to be like, "oh wow, I missed so I'm just going to leave now, bye". He is still a threat even more so now that Han knows Greedo is willing to shoot and if he really wants Han dead, will be shooting again taking better aim. So Han still kills in self defense in the Special Edition now that Greedo has become a bigger threat shooting at Han. I'm pretty sure that was a joke. Han Shot First.
  11. I think the law would be more concerned that the barkeep then goes on to render Greedo down to his pungent pheromones to mix into the perfect drink for Jabba... Oh EU how crazy you are. In any case, like most everyone has said, yes obligation is reasonable. In my game I basically ask the players, what do you think will happen if you do that? It's been my experience that many people get a little carried away at first when they start playing a morally grey game. Collateral damage tf innocent bystanders is the type of thing that gets law enforcement involved, in force, in a hurry.
  12. The biggest issue I am having with the Boxed adventure and the Long Arm of the Hutt are that they are fairly Railroady. It's all very justifiable and well written but I'd suggest spending some time to open up a bit if you can. But other than that, they work pretty well.
  13. I think Mr. Morningfire has a valid point here not every Jedi is redirecting a bunch of bolts back at their targets, but I do like the simplicity of Endrik's solution as well. I think it should probably be pointed out that I don't think Endrik's (or my for that matter) intent was to let just anyone who was force sensitive and happened to have a light saber reflect a bolt back at an attacker. I know my thought was this would require lightsaber skill to actually use. The RAW, of course, doesn't include this skill. If a GM is allowing it I assume they are requiring the player to go to some lengths to obtain it. They are probably getting trained by a Jedi, who else could teach them? So lets assume that no-one is saying every FSE can automatically reflect blaster bolts simply with the sense power. That being said, I think it is reasonable to have some talent required to reflect (not deflect) blaster bolts. I wouldn't think it would need to be super expensive if you used the despair mechanic as presented. Say 5-10 points.
  14. See, I'd be inclined to do this, but you literally said that "Such weapons are unwieldy" in your description of why it should have Cumbersome instead ;P. I do see that the weapon would be heavy, but I factored that in by just giving it a high Encumberence instead. That negates the whole "Agility is important with this weapon" factor, and there's no reason that I can think of for someone with 1 Agility to be able to use this weapon without severe injury happening sometime. So, I'm much more inclined to keep this new quality, since it isn't complicated or hard to deal with. I could see the Accurate thing maybe, but I'm hesitant to give it any more buffs, since the fact that you only have to spend credits on attachments once to get them on both sides is plenty of boost for it, I think. You could easily get the Accurate quality on it, though, since the Balanced Hilt attachment does just that. I could see a special, expertly built version coming with it built in automatically, but with reduced Hard Points. Okay, so, after much (quite fun, honestly) debate, here's the final product! Double-Bladed Vibrosword Skill: Melee (Requires two hands) Damage: +2 Crit: 2 Range: Engaged Encum: 7 HP: 3 Price: 1750 Credits Rarity: 6 Special: Pierce 2, Vicious 1, Defensive 1, Double, Unwieldy 3 Double: This weapon always uses the rules for Dual Wielding when fighting with it. Unwieldy: Must have an Agility equal to rating, or increase the difficulty equal to the difference to all checks made with the weapon. This is certainly more in line with the weapons in the book, Now I'm actually wondering if it isn't a little under powered. As far as I can see the primary benefit is the ability to mod it only once. This is, in my mind, somewhat countered by the fact it is large and obvious. What about upping defensive to 2?
  15. 3. Reduce Unwieldy to 3, remove Linked, and have it work with regular dual wielding stuff. This would potentially add Despair while having a difficulty that is still keyed at 3 instead of 2. It also still has that "you still kinda need two stats" thing. I'd add accurate (when dual wielding) because I think you have made a good case for it being somewhat easier to hit with a staff type weapon. Before people start in on the it shouldn't be better than just two vibro-swords, keep in mind: this weapon is really obvious and probably not allowed into many civilized places. It also always takes up both hands.
  16. @ Lupex Lol. I also sent rules question in and got same result. I had overlooked the page 202 cover, hopefully at some point they do an errata document to make the two agree. As I now understand it, both cover and armor set your defense to a given value (and don't stack). The FSE talents add to your defense and so would stack. I think this A) makes sense from a meta perspective, and B) fits within the Star Wars world (if not the real world) armor has always been fairly weak in SW RPG and certainly the movies don't depict it as awesome.
  17. Quick question. I had a player roll 11 advantage last night. He wanted to know if he could spend all 11 on boosting the next pc action. One advantage will normAlly allow one boost for the next action. Can you spend multiple advantage this way? Is there a limit? I think a limit is a good idea since once you have 11 boost dice you really have a hard time failing
  18. While I totally agree the devs said armor and cover don't stack they said different sources of defense don't stack unless they state they do. OK that's fine, I am however confused. Here is why: Armor: "The armors defense adds SB equal to the rating to the attackers pool. (168) Sixth Sense and Superior Reflexes: The Character gains +1 Ranged/Melee Defenses, (142,144) Cover: "cover...increases the character's ranged defense by one (213) =================================== I get that armor is basically setting your defense. But the other two specifically talk about INCREASING your defense. Increasing from what? If these sources don't ever stack what is being increased? Maybe this is another case of rules based on material we don't have yet. But I'd make the argument that both cover and the FSE talents specifically state they stack by virtue of saying +1 and not 1. I don't really see why cover wouldn't stack with armor. I also don't see why the FSE talents wouldn't stack with armor. I agree that too many dice can get a little wonky, but honestly ranged combat is fairly easy if you are good at it... I think these sources of defense should stack.
  19. Yeah Endrik is right my idea is the sense power. So change my vote to use the sense power with despairs meaning bolt reflected back
  20. I'd say really deflecting bolts back at people is a bit outside the anticipated power level of EOTE. However I'd suggest the following: Since the game seems to largely shun opposed combat checks (for speed and ease it seems) I'd suggest a tiered talent similar to those suggested above, except just upgrade ranged attacks against the jedi by one per rank. Despairs generated on these checks would be used to reflect the bolt back at the shooter. I'd say you'd need to invent a new tree for these to fit in, and I'd probably throw this talent on there 3 times.
  21. I think the term non-career here implies a career has already been chosen. If the intent was to let you pick any skill, it would say 1 rank in any skill. Points for creativity, but I'm pretty sure you pick this after you pick your career and spec.
  22. You'd be scary in Melee that's for sure. A lot will depend on your game and your GM. There are a lot of places you probably couldn't walk around with a vibro axe.
  23. Walk me through your logic of why linked makes more sense. I could be missing something, but IMO it wouldn't be any easier to hit twice with this weapon than with two separate weapons. I'd still suggest you ditch unwieldy and linked and just follow the dual weapon rules. Though I'll admit having to have a high brawn and agility to really use this is a step in the right direction.
  24. Yeah gotta agree just use dual wielding rules. If you really feel the weapon would be more accurate throw a boost. But in general a weapon should t just be better than the other options unless there is some drawback
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