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  1. I would say the bulk of the clone troopers would have died of natural causes. If your story demanded it, I could also see a crack team that has been given all sorts of medical/cybernetic treatment to fight off the advanced aging.
  2. - is this game hard to learn ? - Not really, its very story centered so IMO its pretty easy to pick up. Honestly I think the hardest part for the people I have played with is shaking off all the preconceptions from other games. - is it worth it ? - Yes, this system is, again IMO, the best roleplaying system for games with cinematic action and storytelling. - can my character go from this game to Force expansion coming this year ? - Yes, see my answer below. - can my character be a Jedi / Sith in this game ? ( or at least be a force user and lightsaber user ) - Kindof. If you are wanting to make a character that has been trained from a young age to be a Jedi/Sith, who really doesn't have any other career or training, then no Edge of the Empire isn't (as written) the game for that. Edge is great for telling the first part of the story for a force user, Luke for instance was probably a Fringer to start with. Force and Destiny careers would suit you far better for a pure Jedi / Sith. Edit for the second question: The Dice are included with the start set for both Age and Edge. The starter set also has tokens, and a very nice map, as well as a starter adventure. Id suggest picking up one or both starters to build your dice, plus get all the goodies. Either way, this is a great game. Also if you are more interested in a Rebel Game - there is Age of Rebellion. Personally, I think picking up all three core books gives you the widest range of options, and most characters we see (in the original trilogy at least) are a mixture of 2 or 3 of the books.
  3. It is always amazing what clever players will do. 1) I'd say the group burned their bridges with Teemo pretty badly in their escape. I'd point out that Teemo is unlikely to forgive them simply for turning in B'ura Ban and that the whole point of their escape was to stop doing Teemo's dirty work. If your group is looking for a less heroic edge campaign, you could roll with it. Perhaps Teemo is impressed with their guts and awards the Krayt fang to them, and their first mission might be to crush Nym and the other miners on Ryloth. Its a way darker game than my group would go for, but if that's your groups style, it could work. 2) Yes, and that kind of smart play should be rewarded. I'd suggest letting the PCs have some boost dice going into the combat, or perhaps letting them ambush the bounty hunters. I have found that while its great to reward smart play, skipping encounters ends up being less fun than running the encounters but awarding the PCs for their clever actions.
  4. Another option to explore would be online games. I know a lot of people play through Google Hangouts or Roll20. Can find additional players that way.
  5. Spoke with my FLGS, they got their retailer kit in which has some beta copies. From the sound of it there was (is) a limited number of these kits that arrived before the bulk of the beta books. So its a good sign.
  6. Spoke with my FLGS, they got their retailer kit in which has some beta copies. From the sound of it there was (is) a limited number of these kits that arrived before the bulk of the beta books. They said more copies would be coming but they weren't sure when.
  7. I assume you cannot take a spec that you already have? My EOTE pilot doesn't get to double dip into Ace - Pilot?
  8. Just off the top of my head, Bountyhunter and his bounty. Something came up that stopped the hunter from immediately turning in his mark. Now they have to work together to survive. *Edit - that actually sounds really fun, I'll have to work that in something somewhere.
  9. IIRC some companies have had some issues with confused customers when they have different versions of the same materials. Do I want D&D or AD&D or the Basic Set? One benefit of the rules reprint, you'll get all the errata automatically. Instead of having to remember that say the definition of cover on page 213 is wrong, you can just use the rules out of the most recent book. It's a small plus, but it is a plus.
  10. The mod is balanced for 4, I'd say if you are running with 6 pcs, increase everything by a third. I ran a party of 5 through pretty much as written and it was all pretty reasonable.
  11. Lol, man I wish I'd had this a couple weeks ago. It feels a little more musical than I expected, I got the impression it was less instrumental, more screeching pigs.
  12. I think part of what made the Beginner Box adventure easier to read through was how linear it was. There was a very clear progression from scene to scene without any real options for the players to take. It was a bit of a railroad. Now before anyone goes off on that, it was a great ride, and sometimes a railroad is awesome. At my table there was this sense of the bad guys being right on the PCs tails. Yeah they knew there was basically one route for them to run, but it didn't matter because it was fun. The GM screen adventure is pretty different, without spoilering I think it is safe to say while it had a clear vibe (creepy) it was way more open ended. Instead of reading like a short story, it is more a toolbox to craft something for your players. Anyway, thats just my two credits. I for one would like to see a mix of both types of adventure, sandbox and railroad.
  13. I've been running a game on Roll20 using Hangout for the dice. It works great. I'd suggest anyone looking to put together a game check that out, its all free. I'd also go for the rotating GM role which has been super popular with my group.
  14. I thought the same thing, its actually been retcon'd to have a normal day night cycle.
  15. That's my gut reaction too from other games I have played, I couldn't find a source on that in EOTE though.
  16. p213, Cover should state "allows the character to gain ranged defense 1" rather than "increases ranged defense by 1"
  17. Obviously, I am not THE Sam TM but here is hows Defensive (lets say from vibrosword) would stack with armor. Illustration: I have the following: Armored Clothing (1 defense) Cover (1 defense) FSE talents (+1 ranged +1 melee) vibrosword (+1melee) My Ranged is (1+1 = 2) Cover and armored clothing don't stack (so you get one or the other) plus the one point from the talent. My Melee is (1+1+1 = 3) Cover wouldn't apply (melee) so armor is only choice +1 from talent, +1 from vibrosword. That part I am 100% on, if I am wrong you can all make me roll a Gungan if I ever play at your table. Now what happens if I am using two vibroswords, since both give me defensive would my melee (in the above example) increase to 4? My answer is yes, I haven't seen any rules (that I recall anyway) stating I wouldn't get both bonuses to my defense. I'll review the guide and see if I find anything to the contrary.
  18. Hello all, I wanted to wait until I got permission from Sam to post our exchange. I did, so here it is. I hope this clarifies RAW and RAI concerning Armor + Cover. Warren asks, "I am wearing armored clothing, standing behind cover, and I have both defense talents from Force Sensitive Exile, what is my effective defense?" Ah ha I think (not realizing that the Sam that answered my question is, THE SAM) this fellow surely hasn't thought of pg 213. So I say, "Yeah that helps a lot. However cover on page 213 reads increases the characters ranged defense by one, which to my mind is very similar to +1 ranged defense." Sam Says
  19. I think he meant jumping behind improved cover is better than just armored cloth. For the record I generally think cover plus armor should stack
  20. Yeah that podcast specifically says armor and cover don't stack. In the last thread about this myself and another poster both confirmed the official rules answer we got from Sam through the ask a rule question section. When I get home happy to link to that thread
  21. Sam has specifically clarified that 213 is wrong, cover and armor don't stack RAW or RAI. I think this can be an easy houserule. I originally thought the same thing about 213
  22. Cover doesn't stack. 213 is incorrect the earlier reference 207 iirc is the correct one. Scroll back a page or two
  23. Honestly the roughly one minute combat rounds keep throwing me for a loop and I am back and forth on the blaster deflection issue. If we are stating that combat rounds are about a minute long, and the assumption is people are shooting far more bolts at the Jedi than the actual number of dice that are rolled. Then waiting for a despair to come up could just feel wrong.
  24. Yes this is the way I do it. The obligation I "give" them comes from their own choices and is usually the logical answer to, "What did you think would happen when the Hutt realized you double crossed him?" I also structure the narrative choices so the party is choosing between low risk/reward and high risk/reward and when they get into the kind of situation that could grant them substantial obligation, they are aware of the dangers. But at the end of the day, if you steal from a Hutt, and the Hutt knows it, you gain wanted/bounty regardless of if you wanted it or not.
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