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  1. it's still listed as "in development." i expect we'll be lucky to have it by the end of the year.
  2. LordxMgen said: i dont think it needs to be said but your also forgetting how much NBN would LOVE this card!! definitely. can't wait to get ahold of him.
  3. this doesn't hold a candle to all of Magic's idiosyncrasies. it's really pretty straightforward compared to a lot of card games. the biggest hurdle for me was remembering all the terminology.
  4. or is it possible we'll see things from the PT, Old Republic, NJO, etc? sorry if this has been covered before but i searched around and couldn't find any info. what i've seen of the way the game is played seems pretty centered on the OT.
  5. the artwork is beautiful. i may end up buying sets just for this even if i don't end up liking the gameplay mechanics.
  6. Tokhuah said: I only sleeve cards that are in decks. For this game, FFG silverlines because they are clear and I like the way the Netrunner backs look. Loose cards go in vertical oriented boxes and are sorted by faction/type/alphabetic order with labeled dividers so finding the card I want is never an issue. Decks will go in red and blue Rook deckview capsules: X2 each of blue/red is enough for main decks. Black deckview capsules are good enough for any other fun/b-decks. I like the plexi-window because it provides a visual of the Identity card. The tokens and other game amenities will be stored within the ziplocks that came with the game inside regular capsules; credit tokens in one, the rest in another. The capsules are carried in one of these: Rook cases are steel, so when fully weighted with cards they are ideal for braining potential muggers. Since the case is big enough to hold 16 Rook capsules I will most likely carry extra cards I am looking at possibly swap into decks (like sideboards) or maybe even the complete collection until it gets large enough to warrant the big box. EDIT: I agree 100% with prune about cardgamedb. This will be the third LCG I have picked up that will benefit from the site's tech. that Rook carrying case is pretty slick.
  7. i like this idea but i'd prefer if the core set already came as a complete playset. seems like we won't have either though. c'est la vie.
  8. i don't see much point in multiple ID cards. even if you wanted to have them for more than one deck that's like the easiest thing to switch over.
  9. Avalon, maybe. haven't heard of a few of these. definitely going to check them out.
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