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  1. To the OP, what games are these that you speak of that have so much better support/game play/etc? I'd really like to know because I've played a number and there are not a lot of good ones with support like FFG.
  2. Where in N. Utah are you? I live in West Jordan and play at Demolition Games and I have one friend that plays and we'd like to get more going.
  3. So if I'm running the Expanded Launchers Raiders what fleet Admiral would you suggest. Also, is there a place where I can get just the Expanded Launchers card so I don't have to buy for more Gladiators just for one card.
  4. Spam firesprays. That list is not the list of someone who has a limited hobby budget, so why not go for the most direct way to purchase victory? I've actually been super tempted by this, Boba Fett, Rhymer, and five Firesprays sounds like pretty good fun. By the way, I'm not trying to buy a win I just like Spam.....y lists.
  5. So after looking it all over and adding up the points this is what I have: Raider I. x4 Ordnance Experts x4 Expanded Launchers x4 Admiral Screed 240 Raider II x2 Overload Pulse x2 112 Total: 352 I have 48 points left over, any suggestions?
  6. I've run this (minus Darth Vader) and it's brutal. It's easy with Command 1 to Concentrate Fire at an ideal moment and suddenly your innocuous little Raider punches above its weight class. I like this idea a lot I may try to run three or four of these and then two or three Raider I's with overload pulse under Screed instead of Vader to get that crit blue die. Thanks for the insight everyone, I appreciate the help a lot.
  7. I'm kind of newer to the game but managed to win a Raider and I like it a lot. I was wondering if there was a good way to build a seven or eight ship Raider list at 400 points. A guy in my area has been using a five ship CR-90 list with Mon Mothma and Enhanced Armament on all his ships at 300 points and I wanted to ramp it up a bit but with Raiders. Any ideas?
  8. If I were to start a Facebook group devoted to X-Wing would anybody be interested? We could use it to meet up for games schedule events and create events.
  9. My son and I showed up and played a single game, we were on the end table teaching another guy and his kid how to play. We were going to play in the event but it was going to go too many rounds and I had only three hours sleep plus I ran a Warmachine tourney there earlier that day. If anyone wants to play Saturdays my son and I are up for some games.
  10. I haven't really played all that much and neither has my son and we're both coming.
  11. I'll be there on the 22nd at Game Haven. I don't get to play often but I enjoy it, I'm usually at GH on Mondays or Tuesdays at noon for Warmachine my usual game.
  12. Someone is running an X-Wing demo day on the 19th of this month at Game Haven in West Jordan, I'll be bringing my cards if anyone else wants to come and play.
  13. Draper isn't far we drive through it when we visit my wife's fam in Springville, just south of Provo. Game Haven is super easy to get to and it's a really great store.
  14. I'll try and make it on the 19th, I've been itching to play.
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