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  1. Kriegschatten said: The Fireball does 2/6 against an Armor 7 walker. The Konigsluther has 10 health. So, the Fireball would have to hit the Konigsluther with both dice to kill it. And there's only like a 1 in 10 chance of that happening. Kriegsschatten, you are completely right. I guess in my last game I should had looked at Fireballs card again card. My mistake Kriegschatten said: Also, it sounds like you're always positioning the Konigsluther directly opposite the Fireball. Why not try placing it on a different part of the battlefield so the Fireball has to go farther to get to you? You are right again. However in my last game, positions for four sqare walkers where very limited. While I was testing the Prinzluther as well choices where very few. Thank you.
  2. Lska said: We play them mostly for fun. Also we don't have a lot of multiply units so they hit the deck often and are just fun. What you guys forget is their survivability. They can withstand punishment and fight eye to eye with any unit. Also if fireball is killing your hvy walkers you are doing sth wrong in my opinion. It schouldn't get close. But i agree about the tank busters. On the other hand the Axis have their hvy lasers as major anti hvy walker weapon.. We have Fireball on one side of the field, Königslothar on the other side. Field ist 9 spaces wide, most of the time. Both enter and just walk in, no shots fired. Fireball scoutmoves two spaces, and moves two spaces. Now we have 3 spaces between the walkers… If Fireball Bazookajoes initiative, he moves one space and fires his Flamer at the Königslothar before it even fired a single shot in the game (!) and kills it in two of three cases with one shot. Any unit blocking that Fireball move has to have moved 5 spaces in the first turn (making it a 50 point sacrifice, since it has to be Gren. X + Zombies or Stefan with Sturmpioniere). So help me out, what am I doing wrong? Or better, what can I do right?
  3. Hey guys, as probably many of you,like incredibly big tanks and especially big walkers. And with Maus, Ratte and Monster, there was one faction during WWII that was actually wanting to build war machines like that. So when I first saw the axis super heavy walker pack, I had to get them! Today I am very disapointed by both of them. It took me long to field one, because when doing the math, I saw that a Königslothar's specialty, lacking any special rule, are just his Stats. The Königslothar is outgunned by two simple Lothars (against armor 7 KL has 7 dice - two Lothars have 10 dice) Above that, two Lothars supply one additional actvation per round. Besides two tanks can guard a far greater part of the field than one tank. Looking at the armor, armor 7 seems better than armor 4 and 10 hits better than 8 (4+4). But on one hand, the allied troops (all of my opponents play allies) have two terrifiing tank killers who single shot you, no matter how many hitpoints you got left (fireball and steel rain) and more and more units seem to damage all tanks equally, no matter the armor (tank busters, steel rain missiles, allied mortar team). I like the allied heavy walkers better (especially the fireball), beeing walking fortesses packed with secondary machine guns, the flamer is more than impressive and Rosie and Sergeant victory are great support. But I don´t think it is necessary to compare axis and allies since all factions need to have their strenghts and weaknesses. But compared to other axis troops, I wanted to find a situation where it makes sense to field a super heavy (besides the fun it generates to play the giant models). My last hope was, that the Sturmkönig would become the superrior AA-Tank, once aircraft was introduced. But even two Heinrichs outgun it (for 35 points less). What are your experiences? When do you see sense in fielding those two? Thanks a lot in advance
  4. Poyet said: @loop & poyetSo in which situation do you prefer hammers before reapers (and tank busters) considering only two of these squads can be supported by the precious heroes? Moe-them-down said: There is no situation I can imagine (please correct me) where a reaper squat with rhino is not superrior to hammers with rhino. 1.IN DEF As target for Zombies, Gorillas etc 2.vs Armor target
  5. On allied side the hammers. Though not a bad squad, all other jump infantry packs more punch for mostly the same cost. There is no situation I can imagine (please correct me) where a reaper squat with rhino is not superrior to hammers with rhino.
  6. My favourite odd pairing is Stefan with sniper grenadiers. 26 points for a flamer that hits on blanks, is agile and has assault. Great for fights in buildings. Even the follow up mellee attack can be intersting here. Another pairing that served me very well once were observers with Manfred. This makes a 21 point, 7 hitpoint squat with exellent cover, who is able to rain down artillery strikes. If in cover, this is one of the toughest squads in the game.
  7. Thanks for Your ideas Panzer soldier. Panzer soldier said: I do have one question. You have a 1200 point pool to pull from as far as units. As players lose units and others don't. You potentially have a rather large gap in the amount of forces player could field. Maybe the weaker players may wont to allie to remain competitive. Something to think about anyway. This part is actually intended. Victorys and losses are supposed to have an impact. Afterall, imho this makes the difference between a series of games, and a camaign. While the campaign moves on, your choices are narrowed down. Campaigns we played before in Necromunda, Mortheim, Bloodbowl for exapmle, left some players completely crippled, after they had a really bad game and a couple of heroes / star players died. I think to narrow down the choices is a far better instrument on having an impact on a table top capaign, to keep the games interesting for all sides. And it even brings a strategical element to the campaign as you have to plan in advance which troops you want to bring to your battles, which ones will be necessary to win the final battle and have to survive earlier ones, an which troops can be sacrificed…
  8. It is the year 1947, and World War II continues to rage and spread to new battlefields. In the streets of Zverograd, the SSU mount a desperate defense against Allied and Axis forces. From the tops of the city’s few remaining buildings, soldiers fill the air with bullets and pave the streets with blood. Combat walkers march through the alleyways and dominate city squares. Amidst the chaos of crossfire, army commanders on all sides seek new ways to seize control of key tactical locations. Axis Armored Transport Axis generals respond to the ubiquitousness of enemy fire by deploying their new Axis Armored Transport. This hulking transport unit is a new sight on battlefields around the world, and its ability to shelter valuable infantry as it carries them safely past light rifle fire has granted new tactical advantages to the Axis military. Axis engineers have developed two primary configurations for the Armored Transport, each of which features Advanced Reactive Fire, Carry Capacity: 6, and six hit points to keep troops out of harm’s way. The first configuration, the Prinzluther marks the game’s debut of the Command Vehicle skill. Any unit with the Command Squad skill or NCO Command Squad skill that takes shelter within its plated hull can still communicate with the outside world via the Prinzluther’s modern communications arrays, antennas, and radars. Furthermore, such a squad gains additional benefit from this extensive collection of communications technology. Not only can a squad issue directives from safely within the vehicle’s interior, it may, once per round, reroll any failed die results when checking to see if it can successfully use one of its special abilities. Prinzluther The success of the Prinzluther inspired the transport’s second configuration, the Sturmprinz. The Sturmprinz is becoming ever more popular among Axis officers fighting in rough terrain. Its mobility and large transport capacity has made it one of the most popularly requested vehicles among Axis battle groups worldwide. More heavily armed than the Command variant, the Sturmprinz can transport six soldiers on the inside with its Carry Capacity, and can still carry six more Tank Riders on the outside. While only those soldiers riding on the inside receive full protection, those on the outside can use their weapons and help safeguard the Sturmprinz itself. Sturmprinz KV-3 Heavy Walker Meanwhile, the SSU gains traction on the battlefield with another powerful walker capable of flushing out their foes and then holding the ground they secure. Built up from the chassis of a captured Axis “Luther,” reinforced, and equipped with the SSU’s most effective armaments, the KV-3 Heavy Walker can be configured into either the Babushka, a lethal anti-infantry machine, and the Matrioshka, which provides SSU armored divisions with a solid antitank unit. Proud heir to a long line of heavy tanks, the KV-3 M “Babushka” was designed to break up infantry assaults with its brand new rapid-fire guns. This powerful walker can level an incredible amount of firepower against troops and lightly armored targets, though it lacks reliable antitank weapons. Nonetheless, the Babushka has enough health to weather a few shots, which is all it needs to make short work of enemy infantry. KV-3 M “Babushka” Considered by many in the SSU to be the best caliber antitank weapon ever designed, the 152mm gun, once adapated and married to the first captured “Luther” by SSU engineers, gave birth to the famed KV-152 series. Afterwards, Soviet engineers went further, adapting it to the newly developed KV-3 chassis. Thus, the model “K” was born, and it quickly proved itself to be a deadly machine. Now, the KV-3 K “Matrioshka” is now requested by nearly all SSU armored divisions. This solid antitank unit is designed to go head-to-head against enemy armor, and it does its job well. KV-3 K “Matrioshka” Together, the Babushka and Matrioshka create a force that few enemies are capable of withstanding. In tandem, these two walkers rip apart troops and vehicles alike, making the KV-3 a winning addition to SSU forces engaged in the world’s deadliest war zones. Pre-Painted Premium Miniatures March Straight to Battle As soon as these Dust Tactics units are available at retailers near you, we’ll also have professionally pre-painted versions available on our webstore through our Dust Tactics Premium line. Each Premium Edition miniature is painstakingly detailed according to the art scheme developed by Vincent Fontaine, master painter and Dust Studio’s Art Director. These Premium Edition miniatures are as close as you can get to the world of Dust Tactics without having to seek shelter from incoming mortars and laser fire! Whether you wish to customize your own vehicles or field any army of battle-ready, pre-painted Premium Edition units, these upcoming expansions add muscle to your army. Look for the Axis Armored Transport and KV-3 Heavy Walker to arrive in the fourth quarter of 2012. Nice models, known from Gencon. I really like the russian walkers, might be equally massive as the Wotan AR but hopefully with better stats. The transport vehicles have to show, if their point cost will justify their use for "normal" Infantry protecion. The command vehicle seems really interesting. I lieke the models of the superheavy walkers, though the stats on the axis vehicles don´t convince me yet. This might change with those additions.
  9. Hey Dust fans out there everywhere on the planet! I played Warhammer Fb + Warhammer 40k for more than 15 years, but when I got a hold of Dust Tactics, a while ago, there was no holding me. DT games are fast, thrilling, full of great action and tactics. So I decided to start a campaign, with 4 participating commanders. At first, I started to develop several special rules and Injury charts, as well as experience points an hero development. Then I remembered, that I had done this campaign concept quite often for several other games and RPGs, which all died in the process of rule development. The campaign idea was the following: 4 Commanders of opposing forces are headed towards an Island with an old SSU submarine base, searching for clues for the secret SSU projects. Each commander gets access to a “boatload” of the utmost elite forces of his nation, packed into a seaborne troop carrier. Two ships will arrive early and their men will man the old defences, while the latter arriving troops will have to fight their way onto the shores. Afterwards, the battle continues on several occasions on the island, where the commanders are going to face their different counterparts in the struggle for the island and the secrets it holds. Here is how it´s going down: Every player is going to play six games with 250 points each. At the beginning of the camaign, he has 1200 points to spend on qauads, heros and vehicles. Every choice can be taken multiple times. Before every battle, a commander can build a 250 point army from the units on his ship. Units destroyed in a battle are considered dead and will be deleted from your 1200 points list. If there are troops left over in your last battle, which can not be used (i.e.5 times Lara Walter) in an army list together, the can be coverted to other units of the same type (hero to hero). If there are no heros left, closest unit (Lara walter to armor 3 infantry) and so on. 300 campaign vicory points (CPs) are awarded for the victorious player. All victory points gained by killing enemy troops are awarded as campaign victory points. Most CPs at the end of the campaign wins. Missions: The missions come paired, meaning there is a match and a rematch. The result of the match battle designates the rematch battle. First Mission(s): In the first Scenario, one random party has arrived in advance, so there is a huge assault on the Islands shores. Scenario: Standing on the beach (Operation Cyclone) If attacker wins: -the advancing troops breach the defense perimeter and try to pull through to blow up the defenders ammo depot, while the defenders pull troops from other parts of the beach to stop this attempt, no matter the cost! Scenario: Close the window (Operation Cyclone) If defender wins: -the assault was brought to a halt, and the attacking forces severely crippled, giving the defenders the chance for a counter attack! The defenders use a submarine to dive straight into the landing boat hangar of the troop carrier. Can the take control, or severely damage the ship to burn the bridge behind the forces on the beach? Scenario: They are Here! (Operation Cyclone) (not quite sure, it´s the first missi with the sub) We just had our first battles and I´ll keep you posted with army list and maybe battle reports. 40Klaus, a good friend of mine may have a couple of batreps on his site, though they will be in german. I´ll try to convice him to bring in a couple in english.batreps along. I´d like you guys to give me your opinion on: 1.) We are still looking for the next missions, tell me about your ideas! 2.) What do you like/dislike about this campaign idea? 3.) Which are improvements, you would like to see?
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