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  1. Dirty Water confusion/question: On page 10 under Dirty Water it states: There are 2 types of water: clean water and dirty water. Either can be spent as water. After a survivor spends a dirty water, they must either spend 1 medicine or roll a die. On a roll of 1-3, the survivor suffers 1 (sickness) damage. If a survivor discards dirty water, they do not roll the die. My question is: Isn't spending dirty water, the same as discarding dirty water? If so, then when would you ever roll the die? Is this a typo and the last sentence should read "If a survivor discards medicine, they do not roll the die"?
  2. Please ignore my previous post - my security settings were incorrect. Once I enabled TLS 1.2, I was able to subscribe.
  3. I can no longer subscribe to the RSS feeds in Outlook. Is there a problem with the RSS feeds or just the way Outlook wants the RSS feeds?
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