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  1. Yep. As long as you have range in your rear arc, you bomb away at up to 4 units.
  2. Yes that is correct. If you take a hero as your command section it still counts towards the hero limit.
  3. Tonight we played our 3rd game and we are loving the game so far. The following questions situations came up tonight and we could not find the answers. 1) When firing a Fire for Effect Special order are you required to have LOS to the 2 target units, or just the initial unit, or you don't need LOS? 2) When you use you command section's special order for example Fire for Effect or Blitzkrieg, does the command section that issued the order get a reaction token? 3) If you are reacting to an attack against a weapon that has an optional ability do you declare you are reacting before or after the person shooting declares he is using the weapon's special ability? for example I want to shoot a squad of BBQ boys that are out in the open with my Heavy Flak Grenadier. Do I have to declare that I am using the Burst special ability before he declares his Hit the Ground or do I just state that I am shooting him and he has to decide whether he is going to Hit the Ground before I choose to use the Burst? Thanks for the help. I am really enjoying this game so far.
  4. 1) Can I make multiple attempts to heal a dead model? For example, in the command phase I try heal my Flak Grenadier, then in the unit phase can I try to heal the same guy if I failed in the command phase. 2) Can I try to heal over multiple turns? In the example above, in the next turn could I try a third time to heal him? 3) When i get the radio team it has 2 radiomen. Does this mean I can make 2 commands outside the 12 inches or is it 1 command per team? 4) Do heroes that are purchased as platoon hq get the Command Squad ability? The ability that gives them one extra command in the Command Phase. Thanks for the help.
  5. Furuta

    Joe vs Sigrid

    Thanks. I will wait for her to come out again.
  6. I was trying to find the miniatures on the dust website but could not find it. Are they already sold out? I really needed Sigrid.
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