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  1. From what i see, only the Raffle of March 2009 actually happend. I couldn't find any other post including the word "Raffle" in the news section so this is that. Im very disappointed they still keep luring without actually doint what they promised. Also, there doesnt seem to be any exclusive content, or at least i couldnt find it or somebody talking about it.

  2. Thanks all for providing suggestions on this, it will definetly help me. Although, i am not conviced that you can actually set up a ratio of infamy and xp and then stick to it. There's no formula for xp-gain in the book and i believe this reflects the dynamic that is needed for giving xp.

  3. HappyDaze said:

    Short version: Sometimes capitalism can bite you in the ass.

    Word! ;)

    In my opinion, Brick&Mortar stores have absolutely no chance to beat the online-price and their customers know that. So in exchange for providing explanations, advice, being a local gamer community service, doing tournaments, etc. the stores charge the officially listed price (or even a bit more) and people are willing to throw a few bucks more to keep their favorite store alive. However, ridiculous overpricing wont be accepted.

  4. With great power comes great responsibility and since the Heretics most probably dont want their planet to turn into a barren waste they will have to tighten their grip on it asap. Other warbands might get attracted, cults, necrons, traders. Maybe the ritual left an interesting signature alarming warp-sensitive astropaths, dark eldars, even more necrons, …

    A different approach might be to let them think of something themselves. How do they turn the planet into a base they could actually use? Use it for what? How can they attract potential allies like traders, get the forges back online, there are so many possibilities… i'd definelty run the next adventure on that planet.

  5. Here are some very general advices for being a GM, i hope they are not too trivial for you. They are all just from my personal experience there is no guarantee your group might work like ours :)

    Create atmosphere by getting personal
    For me, a successful roleplaying session is not measured in xp. If you can pull your heretics into the world of the Screaming Vortex you've achieved the first and most important step as a GM. Everything else is secondary. An easy way i use to create that atmosphere is having solo npc-to-pc-player conversations. If a player has to directly speak as his character he is forced to imagine the situation and think about what his character would do. It doesnt even have to be a critical situation, just make him answer fast and individually. (as opposed to "freeze time and space and have a nice talk with the other players before actually reacting")

    While i enjoy Deathwatch and the whole Squad-Mode thing, Black Crusade is encouraging the approach to act as a character. Individual contracts, different ways to pleasure different chaos gods, i see a lot of potential for personal challenges here that might even interfere with the challenges of the other players.

    Be prepared
    Know the rules, know your adventure, have all tables ready. This is easier said then done as preparing a single evening can take a few of your own evenings. Let's say you're playing the Broken Chains opposing party, some of them have like two pages full of skills and psychic powers that you better know before combat starts.

    If the rules can't help - you're the GM. Don't just overrule everything with "You just can't do that, it's not covered in the book.". Reward creativity, give them a hint that the chances of their acrobatic super-hero-both-guns-blazing-ambush-move while using a booster pack in a small spaceship are slim, but it could be really fun to see them trying.

    Always a challenge
    Give your heretics a challenge. If it's too easy it is boring, so always give them a challenge worth of a heretic. Killing 100 gretchins or unarmed civilians - not a challenge for a chaos space marine. Solving a riddle every child could solve - not a challenge. Tricking an Imperial General to actually fight for you instead of against .. hmm :)

    Drama moments
    I try to place a highlight in every evening. There are key situations in every adventure and when it comes to one of those i try to create a denser atmosphere. In a movie this would be the moment where the dramatic music starts. While you can actually play music i prefer to talk them into drama by describing the scenery more detailed. If it's a combat, let them picture their opponents in their heads.

    I hope i could give you some ideas.


  6. It seems no boat has arrived in Europe, yet…

    My local retailers (in Berlin, Germany) are not able to get "Tome of Fate" for me, they're trying for weeks now. Same problem with amazon.co.uk /.de or other online-stores, so how come this is officially "released" for a month already but i can't get the book without ordering it overseas?

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