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  1. Thank you to everyone for the feedback. After reading everything and making my purchases, this is my inventory: 5 x TIE (Core, FA Core, Expansion) 1 x Phantom 3 x Interceptors (Aces, Expansion) 1 x Slave I 3 x X-Wing (Core, FA Core, Expansion) 2 x Y-Wing 1 x K-Wing 1 x Z-95 1 x Millennium Falcon 1 x StarViper (for Autothrusters) I'm looking forward to some great casual play and introducing friends to the game
  2. Both. Home with friends (who are new to the game) and will be playing casual at my FLGS.
  3. Had to make some adjustments to that list. Had some that were not needed and others that were. Thank you I do not plan on running S&V just yet, and have a budget, so I will hold off on the Aggressors Are there any cards in the Aggressor that are "must haves" ?
  4. But which one is more FUN to play? I will mostly be playing casual games in my living room and FLGS
  5. So Shuttle or Slave I over the Decimator? Boba Fett vs Han Solo is always a classic match-up
  6. So my shopping list is as follows: Decimator K-Wing Starviper Most Wanted Am I missing anything? Should I get a Z-95 expansion so I have Rebel pilot cards for the Zs in Most Wanted? Oi. Merry Christmas to me
  7. Wow, thanks for all the feedback I will pick up a Starviper today (same price as eBaying 2 copies of Autothrusters). Should I also pick up a second set for my T70s? What should my next R/R purchase be?
  8. Thanks Should I get copies for each of my Interceptors?
  9. Hello. I am returning to X-Wing since my first foray into it during Wave 2. I am looking for the pilots and upgrades that are considered auto-includes or must-haves. I have googled a few lists and looked at the Index of useful links, but all the info is overwhelming. Here is a list of products I have: Original Core set Force Awakens Core Set X-Wing Starfighter Expansion 2x Y-Wing Starfighter Expansions Millennium Falcon TIE Fighter Expansion Imperial Aces TIE Interceptor Expansion I want to run Empire/Order mostly, but want to build a decent Rebel/Resistance force so that I can teach the game to friends. I have been looking at the Decimator or Lambda Shuttle for my next E/O purchase while I wait for the upcoming Imperial Assault Carrier. I also have a soft spot for Z-95s, but I don't want to build a swarm for R/R. What critical cards/pieces am I missing? I will probably buy be using the secondary market for cards if I don't need the ship they are packaged with. TIA
  10. byronczimmer said: It is like asking if 6 players can play off of one chess set. I thought it was more along the lines of asking if you could build a 40 card magic deck out of six boosters (ie sealed play). It's cool- I'm just gonna proxy up the Neuts.
  11. Picked these up at my FLGS: http://sales.starcitygames.com/carddisplay.php?product=392195 by Legion, appropriately enough.
  12. I was trying to go with something similar to a Magic sealed event, where the decks have a minimum size of 40 rather than the regular "legal" minimum size of 60. I know the decks won't be "tournament legal", which is why the Agenda goal could be lowered to 5 ish.
  13. juggler434 said: Plus releasing a core expansion at this point would annoy the people who already bought multiple core sets, who are the people most likely to buy the data packs when they come out. I don't see FFG releasing a core expansion. This is a great point.
  14. By my count, it would take 79 cards to get 3-ofs of everything but the Identity cards. I would probably pay $20 for that (based on 60 cards for $15 in the Chapter Packs). But that means I am not spending $40 on another Core Set (or $80 on two more to get 3-ofs of 12 of the cards). If you were FFG, would you rather make $20 or $40-$80?
  15. Would a Core Set Sealed event be viable? Crack a Core Set, randomly distribute the Runner and corp decks amongst 6 players (set the extra Corp deck aside). Randomly distribute the Neutrals? Players swap decks for the second game in their match. Just trying to find a way to: a) Justify the cost of another Core Set b) Get people playing Are the starter decks unplayable without the Neutral Cards? Should the Agenda Point goal be lowered for this type of event? edit: After looking at the Neutrals, I could give each of the 3 corp players 1 Priority Req & 1 Private Security force. Maybe give each of the runners 1 Crypsis and 1 Armitage Codebusting?
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