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  1. I am not worried about everyone has an opinion, some just express it better than others. We did do the die roll and I lost. We agreed to let the crit override the astromech until we can find some clarification.
  2. Got a quick question and I would like to get some opinions. In my last game I was using a Y-Wing with equipped with a R2 Astromech. My opponent managed to crit me (thanks to a few lucky rolls). The crit i recieved stated that any Turn (90 degree) is considered a Red maneuver. The R2 states that any 1 or 2 maneuver is a green. I said the Astromech combats the crit, while he says the crit overrides the astromech, On page 20 of the rule book there was a blurb about rule breaking " Breaking the Rules: Some abilities on cards conflict with the general rules. In case of a conflict, card text overrides the general rules. If one card ability forbids an effect, while another ability allows it, the effect is forbidden." I do not think this applies to the Crit and Astromech. My reasoning is the astromech is not disabled therefore it can use its ability to override the crit. What do you guys think?
  3. I have 2 core sets. My ship total is: X-Wing: 5 Y-Wing: 2 Tie Fighter: 6 Tie Advanced: 2
  4. The second demo night went great. I had 8 people show up to play (7 new and 1 from last week). Two of the players were store employees. They kept the game room open after the store closed so they could play. Over all I got a lot of positive feedback about X-Wing, and the store got 4 orders out of it. It was a good mix of of Starters and boosters. The main thing I heard was how easy the game was to learn, and adding your sound effects was cool. For the demo I created 4 teams for players to select (teams below). Point wise the teams were fairly even. The name of the game was team work. I am proud to say the players really dove into it by coordinating thier movements and attacks. After explaining the rules I let the players assign the upgrades to their teams and then the battle began. Midnight Team Gray Team "Mauler Mithel" "Dutch" Vander Maarek Stele Rookie Pilot Determination Ion Cannon Turret Concussion Missiles R5-D8 Marksmanship Points 52 Points 52 Top Guns Young Guns Darth Vader Gold Squadron Pilot "Backstabber" Red Squadron Pilot Cluster Missiles Proton Torpedoes Squad Leader Proton Torpedoes Points 51 R2 Astromech R5-K6 Points 52 The first match went to the Rebels. “Dutch” firing his Ion cannon and giving target locks was an amazing advantage to the Rebel fleet. Every round the players made sure there was at least 1 ship within range of “Dutch”. Vader was the only Imperial to score a kill by taking out the Rookie Pilot on round 5. The Red Squadron pilot racked up 3 kills in clean up largely due to R5-K6 and several good die rolls. Final Score Rebels 4 – Empire 2. The second match was all Imperial. Vader set the tone in round 3 with a massive 6 (4 hit and 2 crits) hits firing Cluster Missles at the Gold Squadron pilot, who was then finished off by Mauler Mithel. Backstabber lived up to his name by out maneuvering the Red Squadron pilot and wearing him down until Maarek finished him off in round 6. By the end of round 9 only the Rookie Pilot was left flying with no shields and 1 damage, with luck he managed to take out Backstabber before being blasted by Vader in round 10. Final Score Rebels 1 – Empire 4. As a treat one of the players brought in his old Hasbro Blockade runner. It fit the ship scale beautifully. He is going to loan it to me so I can create a scenario that involves the Blockade Runner and run it one weekend for everyone to play. It should be good times. I attached a few pics below. of the demos from last week and this week.
  5. #1 Backstabber is my favorite. His ability coupled with Barrel Roll equals toasted Rebels. #2 Vader is awesome because he is Vader. #3 I like Winged Gundark because of his name. I will take Black Squad over Obsidian every time. The Elite Pilot skill can make a huge difference. Determination alone is worth the extra points.
  6. If you are in the Jacksonville area I will be running demos of X-Wing at Borderlands starting @ 6:30pm on 09/19. Also on 10/03 we will doing Dog-Fight Night. Bring your 75 point squad and prepare for battle. 1-on-1 and 3 Squad Battle Royal, no allies just carnage.
  7. In Jacksonville FL. Generally I play at Borderlands or Hammerhall.
  8. I have 1 starter and 1 X-wing I got from celebrations. My preorder consists of 2 Advanced, 2 Y-wings, 1 X-wing, and 3 Ties. I am thinking about getting a second starter the extra templates will be good to have.
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