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  1. I get it. If you're using a weapon that does Critical Injuries (character scale damage), then it (Vicious) doesn't apply when hitting vehicles. Meaning you can't apply vicious from, say, a Vibro-ax, when hitting a speeder or starfighter. So, the description of the Quality is generic, then look at the specific weapon for what kind of damage it does (hits or injuries). Why do this, because the Quality could be used by either kinds of weapons.
  2. Alderaan was destroyed before the battle of Yavin. The battle was at the end of the movie, Alderaan was near the middle.
  3. Cute, but since EotE is set around the time of the Battle of Yavin, then the second Deathstar hasn't happened
  4. Table 6-2 in the EotE book I have says you can take the result more than once for recovering strain with Advantage.
  5. Except that this isn't X-wing, the tactical board game. This is a narrative RPG, so facing and what weapons can be brought to bear is more about actions taken and skill roles than miniatures on a board with measuring sticks. Turrets just make it easier to have at least one weapon that might be used, heheh.
  6. Well, between X-wing, Armada, Legion, etc... they are certainly meeting their contractual obligations about new products per year and making a nice chunk of change off it.
  7. There isn't much automation in Star Wars. Droids and "hacking" would make that very dangerous. That's part of why ships have such large crews.
  8. The EA-6B is a 4-seater aircraft based on the A-6 airframe (normally a 2-seater with pilot and navigator/bombadier). The first seat is the pilot, and the other 3 are the ECM officers managing the various ECM and ECCM systems aboard the aircraft. So, there's an example of a greater than 2-seater frame.
  9. I don't think increasing brawn via cyber increases things like the cyber limit. I know they are how you can get to Brawn 7. But natural brawn and therefore cyber limit would be from a cap of 6.
  10. Lords of Nal Hutta pg. 95, they can have up to Brawn + 3 instead of just Brawn.
  11. Mechanically they are all the same. The only differences are in the theme of each core, and the mechanic that the characters are held to. Morality for F&D (Jedi need to do the right thing or fall to the darkside), Duty for AoR (Benefits and penalties for helping the Rebellion), Obligation for EotE (what debts, stressors, responsibilities, etc... do the fringers suffer from). Characters can be mixed together from each, like Leia would be from AoR with Duty as her mechanic. Han Solo and Luke would be EotE characters with Obligation (Debt and legal issues for Han, family needs for Luke).
  12. It's even worse on TV shows... Like the 4-parter crossover Crisis on Earth-X, with the bad guys with automatic weapons letting people walk up to them, or them walk up to the "heroes" and get beaten down in melee, even though they could have just gunned them down from 30 feet away and moved on. Or the continued trope of masses of bad guys that take their turn with the hero rather than just swarming him and overwhelming the "hero" with shear numbers (think Avengers: Age of Ultron).
  13. You have to remember two things. 1) FFG is a "small" operation when it comes to production volumes of anything they make. I'd be surprised if a typical print run for them closed in on 10,000 copies at a time. More likely it is less than that. 2) They don't sell all their stuff themselves from their online site. A significant amount of it goes out into the distribution network, which is why you can find their products sold at your FLGS or even Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc... To give you an idea of volume difference: "To ensure a spot on The Wall Street Journal’s Bestseller list, you need to sell about 3000 books in the first week and to hit gold and the New York Times Bestseller list, you’ll need 9,000 copies sold in the first week." http://www.bookpromotionhub.com/6103/how-many-books-do-you-need-to-sell-to-become-a-bestseller/ RPGs and boardgames are niche markets in comparison to anything like other book publishing, so their volumes are smaller. I live in a city of nearly 5,000,000 people and we have just 2 reliable stores to find gaming products. Else you're getting stuff online as stores like B&N only dedicate about a 4 foot section to it and mostly just stock Pathfinder/D&D with a smattering of others, like Catalyst's Shadowrun and some FFG stuff.
  14. The image has colors, so it isn't in greyscale. Converting it from colored to greyscale would make everything look like an old black and white TV. That red would fade to a shade of grey.
  15. Unless I'm missing something, Agi 4, Ranged - Light 4 should be YYYY, not YYGG as a starting point.
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