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  1. Remember when everybody was saying "I love LCGs. You know what would make them even better, though? If the cards had an expiration date!" Me either.
  2. This whole thing gave me a good laugh, but if you're seriously debating this, then...you should step away from the keyboard and take a walk. There are people who just go around looking for things to be offended about, and then they hop online to harangue others about how offended they are. Are they trolls? I don't know, but what I do know is that arguing with them is a total waste of time.
  3. From my experience, all you really need are the game night kits, and even those might be optional. All I really had to do was post on the web (places like this forum, BoardGameGeek, Reddit, CardGameDB, Facebook) and say "You can play Netrunner here", and people just showed up. As for events, tournaments are really good. Another thing that was pretty popular in our league was achievements. (From simple stuff like "Play as Haas-Bioroid" and "Win against Jinteki" to more complex ones like "Spend 10-11 credits in a single run" or "Expose an unadvanced agenda".). Each achievement had a point value, and you could trade in your points for promo cards later. This gives players an incentive to be more creative with their decks and makes playing more fun.
  4. Ohh-kay! So, if Grimwalker's correct, the return of NetrunnerDB must mean... the death of Netrunner! Quick, everybody! We have to beg Alsciende to close the site again! Or else WotC won't renew the contract, and Netrunner will get canceled!
  5. Again, it's more plausible that FFG acted alone. There's just no reason for WotC to care. They're not even selling the game. They're just getting tribute from Fantasy Flight.
  6. Yes, I am stating that. Now, before you say "Nothing is impossible", let me say... I can't imagine a plausible scenario where there was a good reason. If you have evidence that it was a good reason, I'd be happy to see it.
  7. Yeah, except I didn't copy-paste like you did. Since you're obviously a lawyer, please explain to me what the nature of this "intellectual property" is.
  8. There's one glaring problem with this argument: there's absolutely zero evidence to support it. You've never seen the contract that FFG has with Wizards. You don't have any communique from Wizards asking FFG to shut down NetrunnerDB. This is a scenario which you've made up out of whole cloth and apparently have accepted as fact...and yet I'm the one who's not based in reality. Just accept that Fantasy Flight lashed out at their own fan community for reasons that were horribly misguided and stupid. They weren't forced to do it. They chose to do it. It was a dumb decision. Perhaps they realize that now, perhaps they don't. There's no reason to make up silly stories in order to feel better about what they did, though.
  9. Please explain what WotC had copyrighted here. Fantasy Flight owns the card art and text. Moreover, there are tons of Magic sites like NetrunnerDB, and WotC has never sent out cease-and-desist letters to them. Why would they be concerned over Netrunner and not their flagship game? There's no evidence that anybody at WotC cares about Netrunner at all. I'm sorry, but this is some of the most groundless speculation I've seen come out of this whole thing.
  10. Point 1: I think it is reasonable to assume that you could have a site like NetrunnerDB. As many people have already pointed out, there are tons of sites like NDB for Magic, and there haven't been any cease-and-desist requests from Wizards of the Coast. Magic is a much, much bigger game than Netrunner, and Wizards is a much, much bigger company than FFG; therefore, it's reasonable to assume that a similar Netrunner site would be tolerated. It's not like NDB is the only site with these images. Point 2: If Wizards doesn't care about unofficial Magic deck-builders, I have no idea why they would care about unofficial Netrunner deck-builders. But what grounds would they have to object, anyway? FFG owns the card art and text. R. Talsorian owns the trademark for "Netrunner". What does Wizards own? In fact, I'm not even sure that the license from Wizards is even legally necessary. It seems like FFG obtained it to avoid the possibility of any legal shenanigans in the future. Once you take out art, text, and trademarks, all you have left is "game mechanics", but those can't be copyrighted or trademarked. You could try to patent them, I guess, like Wizards did with Magic, but that has never been tested in court. So, it's not clear what Wizards owns here, or even if they own anything at all...much less whether or not they care some third-party website is "infringing" on that ownership.
  11. Say what now? The core sets I bought were complete... If you have a complaint with FFG, you should let them know, though. You can contact them at user support, here. That way, you can be sure that your complaint gets heard by the right people. I don't know who reads these forums on FFG staff. I am a bit worried about how this is going to impact the future of the game. Not from people quitting, but from new players. NDB provided a great way to get into the game and build decks, and it was fun to use. It kept me thinking up and adding new decks. Having great community sites like that is a good way to get new players into the game. No offense to the person / people running CardGameDB, but it is not fun to use. I know they want me to send my suggestions to them, but what I want would require a major rewrite.
  12. Yeah, I have to admit this surprised me. Fantasy Flight has the best customer service I've ever seen. They really like their customers to be happy. So, while their online efforts have been less than inspiring, I would never have thought they'd step in it this badly. While this is, of course, commonplace for companies like Games Workshop, I've never heard of FFG siccing lawyers on people before.
  13. Who is the audience for something like this? If you're a new player, the core set is fine. If you're a veteran player, you probably already have the cards. If you're talking about bundling the core set with Assault on Ulthuan and including three copies of all cards...you're talking about a very large, very expensive box. The only people likely to buy something like that are players with A) disposable income, and B) are certain that they want to get into the game on a competitive level. Not a very large market.
  14. Skavenblight is a pack, not a cycle. It's in the Corruption Cycle, but I don't know how many Skaven-themed cards there are in there. The thing that sucks about the Corruption Cycle is that the packs are in the old format, where some of the cards only have one copy per pack. While FFG has canceled any further expansions, they haven't said anything about revisions, so maybe there will be a reprint with three copies of every card, eventually. I'm cautiously optimistic.
  15. Apparently the V:TES LCG wasn't just a rumor, hoax, or whatever! But don't get your hopes up. According to a Fantasy Flight rep, as well as their CEO (!), in this BoardGameGeek thread, FFG did look into a Vampire / Jyhad remake, but it fell through for some reason. I'm sure some other company will pick up the idea and run with it, though.
  16. That would be a very large, very expensive box, so it would only be appealing to people who are already playing the game competitively. However, competitive players probably already have most of those cards and wouldn't be interested in buying them again.
  17. "Card draw is though effects, there is no default draw each turn. This is sorta mute though" The word is "moot".
  18. Invasion is just a fast game, and Cataclysm is even faster. I looked at the speed as a feature, not a bug, though. If I wanted to play something longer, I'd go for Netrunner or Call of Cthulhu. Before playing Cataclysm, I was afraid that, with four players, it would be too long. I was gratified that it was so quick and fun.
  19. Don't they do errata in reprints? I know they aren't producing any new content, but they're still maintaining the old content, right?
  20. Updated to reflect day change. (We've been moved back to Tuesdays.)
  21. Is there a player map for the LCGs (or other FFG games)? It would really help me find other players in my area. I seem to remember something like that when I first signed up to the site, but I can't find it now. This would be a big help for some of the lesser-known LCGs, like Call of Cthulhu and Warhammer: Invasion.
  22. The problem is that Wild West isn't very popular. I don't know how low it ranks, but I would guess it's well below fantasy and SF. That's why Deadlands (and, by extension, Doomtown) has all those fantasy elements. If you want to make something sell better, add fantasy. Compare the number of Shadowrun players to the number of Cyberpunk 2020 players.
  23. The original Star Wars game was supposed to be coop, but they got too much negative feedback. People want to be able to play Dark Side!
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