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  1. jgt7771 said: But Magus Harvey just chuckled and blasted the Hound back to angle dust. This? Hilarious! If I could find a state here in the U.S. of A. where I could legally marry your writing, I would. Such a pleasure to read your session reports. I'm tempted to use a little Christmas money to go and pick me up an expansion with Guardians, now. Kingsport expansion? FFG should give you some sort of remuneration, for making their games sound so much fun. (Of course, they are fun, but still…)
  2. Tbla said: When I draw totally at random I use a handy little list I created for randomizing. It consists of all the investigators, AOs, Heralds, Guardians and institutions with corresponding dice results. I use a d100 for the investigators, a d100 for the AOs, d10 for the heralds and a d6 for guardians and institutions. LOL! That is so awesomely nerdy! I want to go to there! I think I'm going to draw up a list when I get home (although I have no guardians or institutions to add, yet),
  3. Nidhögg said: Also one question about the Patrolled Neighborhoods: It says: "Whenever the terror level rises, remove all Patroll markers on the board. Once the people in a neighborhood are reminded of the greater supernatural threat that exists, they are no longer so quick to reject the investigators' assistance!" But can the patroll markers return to game in later events, or are they gone for good at the time the terrortrack advances? My understanding is that any time a card indicates you've got to put a Patrol token on the board you do so. Then when the Terror Track increases, all current markers are removed from the board. Then the next time a card indicates a new Patrol token is to be placed, do so. It's a vicious cycle. Kind of like boiled ochre; after enough time has passed, I try it again, nearly throw up and then swear off ever trying to eat it again. Until the next time!
  4. Julia said: Nun of your business said: Cleavage, apparently, is a bonus. ::laughter:: at least Mandy is good (both for her cleavage and for her being a great investigator) I have to admit that Mandy is actually one of my favorites I've played so far (when I actually remember to use her special ability). I just always feel like I need to check my own shirt for open buttons whenever I play her. Just a little of my silly midwestern American prudishness shining through, there. eiterorm said: Nun of your business said: I have this nagging and rather disgusted feeling that one of our party chooses his investigators by the attractiveness of their character portraits. Cleavage, apparently, is a bonus. I don't see any problem with that. =P The first time I played "Junta," I was the only one who hadn't played the game before. My friends suggested I'd learn the game just by playing it, instead of having all the rules explained before the game started. So the first round of the game, I had no idea of which cabinet position (character) I should ask for when the different roles were dealt to the different players. Instead, I just asked if I could play the guy with the biggest moustache. ^_____^ I can respect that choice. I was actually SUPER excited when I found out that Ashcan started out with a dog. I only found out through further reading that Duke was so useful in the sanity department. Initially I was just all "PUPPY!", and there was no further need for discussion.
  5. We're still new enough that there are a lot of investigators we haven't played yet. We seem to have a problem with randomizing (I think I've actually drawn two of the same investigators in a row "randomly") so for the last two games we've just taken investigators that seem interesting to play. I have this nagging and rather disgusted feeling that one of our party chooses his investigators by the attractiveness of their character portraits. Cleavage, apparently, is a bonus. I think we'll probably go back to the "draw three, pick one" style once we've had our run through the gamut. We're just barely industrious enough to cull the Ancient Ones we've fought already and randomize their drawing. If we had more than just the Dunwich expansion we might not even do this. We usually do this first, then decide which investigators will make the scene.
  6. I think it's a measure of proof of the pernicious and wicked nature of dice when Pete gets his hat handed to him by a Cultist, and Drake beats up Worm-ball Whateley in the second round. I've still never encountered the Dunwich Horror. Does it say something about my sanity that this makes me sad? Thanks for sharing your adventure, Professor!
  7. Tbla said: But it is still quite amusing (not realistic) to think of monster trophies as the monsters themselves. Imagine someone trying to sneak past a patrol while draging the carcasses of two starspawns and a dhole behind him. I'm imagining a "Weekend at Bernie's" situation. This horrifies me. Mostly because I can't believe I ever sw that awful movie.
  8. Julia said: With the only difference that we don't know whether the cat's alive or not as long as the box is closed, while we know for sure that trophies are dead and stay dead, box closed or not. Except when they don't. In our last game, there was either a Mythos or Encounter (pretty sure it was a Mythos?) card that had some specfic monster trophies jump up and try to kill us. Silly quantum monsters.
  9. I think one of the things that makes the Elder Gods and Eldritch Beings of the Cthulhu Mythos interesting is the idea that you can't really get behind their motives, for the most part. The whole "Cosmic Evil" (which really is almost more of a "Cosmic Amorality", the way I most often read things) is of a scope that serves to beggar the human ability to even imagine, much less comprehend. The worshippers of these guys generally come off as pretty loathesome if not just down-right pathetic, insane wretches. The few who are down with the big bad who still have all their marbles are still working towards a goal I don't know that many folks could really feel motivated to achieve. Unless you're into crazy-elaborate and unique modes of suicide? I think designing the game would be an interesting experiment in mechanics, and I have to admit I have a weird, morbid curiosity about (and an almost icky desire to write) the flavor text for all the cards, but I don't think, in the end, it'd be a game I'd want to play. I kinda really groove on trying to save the world. It's where I keep all my cookies!
  10. Tox said: Nun of your business said: Just out of curiosity, what do the feds do? (In Arkham Horror, of course. Everyone knows in real life the Feds run around covering up extra-terrestrial encounters and putting fluoride in ice cream sundaes.) Players can spend something (clues, I think) to put Fed tokens down on the board. More than one token can be on the same space. If a monster moves into that space, if its toughness is equal or less than the number of Fed tokens, you remove the monster and a number of Fed tokens equal to its toughness. If its toughness is higher than the number of Fed tokens, you feed the monster the Fed tokens Yeah, Feds kinda suck when on the board.., LOL! Thank you for explaining, Tox! Seeing the way that the Feds work, I'd definitely say that the house ruling is overpowered. I'll pass that along to my fellow investigators when next I see them. I think we'd all be happier to preserve game balance, even at the expense of something not being "quite right" thematically. I now have a little song running through my head, and the lyrics are something about feeding feds to Elder Things.
  11. Just out of curiosity, what do the feds do? (In Arkham Horror, of course. Everyone knows in real life the Feds run around covering up extra-terrestrial encounters and putting fluoride in ice cream sundaes.)
  12. Jonny WS said: For the love of god, please ensure that your holders can support cards that have been sleeved. If you check the FAQ provided on the kickstart page (link provided in Iranon's original post) you'll see that the Professor and his mad sculptor has it covered!
  13. Tbla said: I like it! That's a really good explanation. Still though, why do you keep the trophies when you change investigator? Do you? Oh! Um… Oh! So, maybe the reputation goes along to the new Investigator? As in: "Mandy Thompson? I know you, you were friends with ol' Ashcan, weren't you? He had talked about you the last time he came in here. Any friend of his is a friend of mine…" Maybe?
  14. jgt7771 said: “We’ve got to catch this guy! I will not have my streets paved the corpses of strangled puppies, dammit!” Great story! Next time, shuffle your Mythos deck for a half hour, so all those Gate Bursts don’t end up together. Very pleased that Rita had a chance to use her Special Ability, even though things have to SUCK to get to that point. I like that Amy felt the compulsion to keep the village clear: my hero! Thank you! I may have lifted a page or two from your reporting style. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery? And Amy's kind of my hero, too. She had poor Rita using up more dollars on that train to get those Wizard Hill monsters than we spent on dinner that night. Still, I kinda had this morbid urge to let just two more beasties hit the vortices just see Elephant-wormball Whateley show up. I was just so darned curious! jgt7771 said: Dunwich likes and dislikes? Hmmm… having played only one game with the Dunwich expansion I don't cojure I have a fantastic feel for it yet. I will say that I think the Madness and Injury cards are a fantastic addition (although Ames simply refused to touch them at first, even given Rita's ability. When she finally thought about all the good gear she had, though [a max 6 speed and a mororcyle?] she relented). I was excited to see Carcosa show up (I always hear Neil Gaiman saying it, as per his "A Study in Emerald". Yeeee!), as well as Another Time. I was hoping to see some OW Encounter cards specific to time travel, but if they existed, we didn't see them. A few of the Mythos cards that popped up that were Dunwich specific were also fun call-backs to the story. I think you and Tibs do have a point, though. Less for confusion's sake, and more for a "richer" Dunwich or Pharaoh experience, we should have just limited ourselves to one of them. (But we had them BOTH! And we were weak.) There were so many cards and mechanics we didn't really get to use. Nobody drew a task or a mission, none of us recieved a benefit card, we hardly saw any of the Pharaoh accoutrement. Nobnody even had a chance to join those crazy woods bandits. (Although, ha ha! I got arrested by a patrol!) So yeah, kinda the same complaint I had with the base game: I spend so much time having to kill monsters and close gates, I never get to go any place nice anymore! jgt7771 said: Advice: the first time you play with a Herald, play with the King in Yellow, if you can. He makes the best first impression of Heralds. Of all the Heralds available, he’s still the most interesting and fun without being an unreasonable brute. It takes a real masochist to appreciate the Dark Pharaoh Herald. (I can’t stand him, and refuse to play with him.) Thanks! I'll definitely keep that in mind. (Gavin has a tendency to like to make things hard for himself. I think it was almost better for him that the Big A won the first game. Now it's personal!) jgt7771 said: I could understand an angry mob of the Neighborhood Watch stomping down a Rat-Thing, but pitchforking a Dhole or the Flying Polyp? Not a chance in hell. Kudos to Gavin for his clever negotiating, but THIS…IS…ARKHAM!!! (I am amused that your revised House Rule makes the Patrols act very much like the Agents from the Feds Institution in Miskatonic Horror. Did Jacqueline the Psychic help you come up with that?) There may have been a hotline called. We're still kind of working our way through the rules and the game and the strategies and the terror. We've always been a very "house rule-y" group with our RPGs, but I don't know how well that will tranlaste into our AH experience, or even how necessary it is in the first place. People here have already helped me curb my RPG tendencies, or rather, for accuracy's sake, redirect them, and I'm pretty sure that's the side of the fence we'll end on; keeping the rules "as is" and just having a fun time inventing the why. And thanks so much for the hamburger! And the response!
  15. I always (for all the tens of days that I've been playing) kind of thought of the trophies as non-tangible as well, kind of like a reputation score in some RPGs. I couldn't really imagine bringing an eyeball or finger of a cultist into the chapel of South Church so that I could be blessed (and yes, I suppose you could bring in a cultist's cloak or some sort of broach, but honestly, that still seems a little "Serial Killer-y" to me). But I think jgt's idea of why you're left with less rep to spread around after a while; the short shelf life of people's gratitude, lends an even more elegant touch to the idea of the trophies as reputation. Still, I can imagine Trashcan Pete walking around with his Star Spawn friendship bracelet, too.
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