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  1. I know you guys give Dano a bit of a hard time for not desiring to field certain ships because they are to popular. I understand Dano's thoughts on this, I tend to be the same way. That being said, I know you all like to play to have fun. What Play style do you all enjoy more? Example, do you like to have a flexiable fleet. Are fighters and Squadrons more your thing, Some people like to move all over the board and then there are the turtles. (Yes I know some fleet lists require you wait for your opponent to come in) Any Highlights to which play style you tend to favor more, just to have fun and possibly win?
  2. Yeah, just to confirm that, I got a chance to call in on the Sunday and they'd switched them round at that stage: Interestingly, the FFG staff there confirmed that the cases weren't locked and the doors only held closed by selotape... He seemed to think the lack of cardboard bases meant there was no point reverting to crime, but I'm not sure I agree. Like Gottmituns205 mentioned the wash looks a bit heavy on the Liberty they had there. Not too worried as mine will get a repaint anyway, but hopefully they'll use a bit less when it comes to production. More impressed than I was with the Liberty having actually seen it. And the Interdictor. Wow. I can't wait to see someone with an airbrush have a go at the light effects on those domes. Look how big our new Flotilla's ships are, for some reason I was expecting something smaller.
  3. Hold the Door, Winter is coming. PS: Hodor Kickstarter is Alive and well.
  4. Working on more replacement parts for the game. Thought a little color might be nice for those shield dials. A set of 4 with two 1mm sprues connecting them all together.
  5. His is cheaper and thicker and a cool design.
  6. Unfortunately I cant 3D print in multiple colors. I can just do the dial but at that point wouldmt a 6D painted with Red and Blue faces do the same trick? I just built this to function with what we got out of the core game. It can be used however you like.
  7. So this is an attempt to help Organize the game better. By placing your Objective card, Squadron Activation Marker and Turn Indicator in one focused area with easy visibility on the game table. This organizer has a built in Turn Counter, a slot for your Squadron Activation Maker and a slot for your Objective Card in the back. The display face has been tiled by 25 Degree's to help make it more visible on the table. Keeping track of the turns is very straight forward. Once all Squadron's have activated, you can flip the Squadron Activation Marker to its other Color. Then Advance the Turn Dial by One and start planning you ship commands. Printed Moving Parts are possible in a single piece print as long as there is a .5 mm gap between parts. That dial should turn with out issue, may be a little tight at first if an artifact got in between this .5 mm gap.
  8. I can remove those Logo's with out issue which will cut the printing cost down.
  9. After a few games of playing I started to noticed something that really bothered me. My OCD couldn't take it any more so I finally designed it this morning. The face of it is tilted by 25 Degree's for better visability on the game table. Features a place for your Sqaudron Activation Marker. A built in Turn Dial and a slot in back to store your current Objective card. I would recommend painting the numbers on the turn dial. These have been raised to make painting them a little easier.
  10. Its available in Frosted Ultra Detail. By Default it is set for SWF for the price point. Again, Thanks for your input guys!
  11. Look at what is available with X wing that has not crossed over yet.
  12. Thanks. Hopefully everyone finds the quality alright.
  13. Since my Victory's are about one or two bends from breaking. I thought I would have a solution ready just in case.
  14. I'd like to see it in ultra detail and wouldn't mind paying for it. As far as the stand goes I'd set it up to fit on a large or medium ship base. The only problem, as a friend pointed out is when you try to leave your ship or squads sitting on the station to heal. Ultra Detail runs over $35 on shapeways vs $12 in SWF. There is more details I could add that would be picked up but they would be so tiny .3 of a MM differences. To really make those small details pop on something so small they need to exaggerated more. The only real guaranty with Ultra Detail is the finish quality which is noticeable. Currently this Space Station has a 3mm wide by 3mm deep hole in the bottom of it for a pegged base. Far as that goes, a Neodymium magnet can be glue there to make its removal from a base much easier. I can also have a printed base available with a hole for a clear peg as well but it cost more than the Station does and at 2mm thick it will most certainly be bendy.
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