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  1. I get it the sales were not there. My local retailer said the same thing. If ffg wants to put there brainpower into other projects i can understand that too. But to cancel a great games future big events (gen con , worlds) forever? I guess what im trying to say is i dont see how making one card a year -via the winner of worlds would tie up alot of resourses.
  2. That blows! They should still do a event at worlds evry year. I understand they said there not making new cards for this game anymore. But worlds!? Cmon! Winner creates one card ffg prints 30,000 of that one card and puts a play set into 10,000 issues of white dwarf mag. Once a year.
  3. I gatta ask they said after the 2013 season 3 OP kit there will be no more op kits for wh:i. Are they going to discontinue events at gencon and worlds?!?! Say it aint so!!?
  4. Thank you. Im kinda ocd about card games. I cant just have a pack here a deluxe exp. There. I have to have a play set of evrything. Knowing that i dont have to go out and buy box after box trying to put play sets together im sold! CoC:Lcg meet Sw:lcg NR:lcg and WH:I lcg. Welcome to my gaming collection.
  5. Im thinking about getting into CoC. This will be my 4th lcg. Netrunner, star wars, and warhammer. What drew me to these games is the lcg factor. All the cards are there for evryone, there is no card hunting. Im a guy who enjoys tournament play. Not really to go out and win evry match, i just like playing against diffrent people. So here is my question are the cards from the CoC ccg legal for tourny play in the CoC lcg tournaments.
  6. I second or 20th it the way it looks alt rules for zones but same gamplay WH40K im in!
  7. With the way netrunner and starwars run what would u all think if WHI tournys ran like they do? As in netrunner u have to bring a runner and a corp deck to the table , in starwars u bring a light and a dark side deck what if ...ffg u had to bring both a order and a destruction deck to the table to decide who is overall winner? ........and go!
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