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  1. Sorry if the content seems dated or lacking, I wrote this over 2 years ago. I had forgotten that I even wrote it until I got an email from asmodee today. Also sorry to disappoint, but X-wing will remain in my past for the foreseeable future. I do hope that everyone enjoys the reboot. Have fun everybody!
  2. For the Omaha regionals, I took this squad: Delta, x7, Stealth Ryad, x7, Stealth, Juke Yorr with Palpatine Sorry I'm not going to be game by game recaps, but I started 2-0 (game #2 was my favorite, against Sam from Denver. A game in which I completely forgot about Juke the entire game,) ran into 2 straight Nymirandas, and finished 3-3 on the day. I really wished that I had brought my Minneapolis Regional squad of double Ion TIE Ds, but oh well. The Ion TIE Ds can handle Nymiranda easily, much better than stealth x7s can. So in the 12 games I played between MN and Omaha, 8 of those 12 had Harpoon Missiles, and 6 of those 8 had multiple harpoons. So fully half of the games I played I faced multiple harpoon missiles. I'm sorry, but something needs to be done about them. I know there are lots of "fix it" threads out there, and I'm not going to propose anything, but they have obsoleted nearly every other missile out there because they are too unbalanced. So, when I get back to playing at the LGS again, I'm going to be bringing a big surprise for my opponent. I won't give in to the multiple harpoon spam lists, but I will beat them to the punch, so to speak. I am going to make triple batwings a thing.
  3. Stream for Omaha Regionals. Rogue Firefly Productions on youtube. Sorry i don't have a link.
  4. For those few of you still reading, some thoughts: I ran the hotcop version of Frat House against a Boba Asajj list on vassal. Asajj's stress really hampered my squad. He ended up killing Dorm, and he had both Deltas shieldless, and I had only gotten Boba to half and barely touched Asajj when we called it. Main lesson to take from that game though was that x7 Deltas really hate stress. With so many stress givers in the game now, I knew i needed to make a change. The only logical change to make was replacing Dormitz with Yorr. I could run Palpatine on Yorr like most meta competitive squads do, but Palp has never really been my style. Plus, I still believe in making control work. So last night I flew this squad on the table: Delta, x7, Stealth Ryad, x7, Stealth, Juke Yorr, Rebel Captive, Tactician, Tractor Beam, Ion Projector, Collision Detector My thought is I have the high agility Defenders dissuading you from shooting at them. So instead, you shoot at the agi1 Yorr, with Rebel Captive. Yorr can take the stress away from the Defenders. Juke and Ryad's ability make her worth bringing. And the Tractor (only using it at range 3) might help the Delta hit better. Plus you get the Tractor/Tactician combo with Ion Projector next round. The squad has some good control elements with high durability. I flew against a Ketsu/Asajj list. Yorr did his job and the squad worked really well because of it. He got half on Yorr but that was it.
  5. I've done a lot of soul and meta searching after the Minnesota Regional. Four out of the six squads I faced had Harpoons, and 3 of those 4 had multiple harpoons. The other 2 were 4 JM5K and 4 wookiees, which rely solely on beef to whittle you down. So I have thought a lot about how to combat harpoons, as well as the ever-present ghost-fenn combo. I have been squad building around 5-7 ship Imperial lists, but TIEs just don't hold up to the continual onslaught of 4-5 dice attacks round after round. So, instead, I built a squad that should be able to outlast my opponent. I hope. Yesterday on vassal I ran this list: Delta, x7, Stealth Delta, x7, Stealth Dormitz with electronic Baffle, Fleet Officer, Systems Officer, Hyperwave Comm Scanner (I call it Frat House, because it's Delta Delta Dorm) against a Poe, miranda, Ap5 list. I was able to get the round 1 engagement, removing a shield from Miranda and taking no damage in return. The subsequent rounds I was able to block Poe repeatedly, not giving him a shot, and focus on Miranda. I got her down to 2 hull, but was unable to kill her, and she flew away and regenned. She must have regenned at least 10 shields throughout the game. I did kill Ap5, but my opponent was finally able to crack one of my defenders. He was able to kill it with Miranda at 2 hull and 1 shield, and Poe back up to full. My other Delta was untouched, but I called it there, as he could just run away with Miranda and regen back up again. I utilized the crew fairly well, i think, getting free focus and TLs often. but I need Dorm to be a better hitter, so I changed it up a little to this: Delta, x7, Stealth Delta, x7, Stealth Dormitz with FCS, Hotcop, Hyperwave Comm Scanner I played against a Quickdraw, Ryad, Omega Leader list on vassal. Round 1 I went right after Quickdraw, soaking up all of my opponent's shots (despite rolling 1 evade in my first 10 dice) in return for removing all of QD's shields. next round I brought Dormitz into the fight and continued the pressure on QD. I think I finally killed QD in the next round, then turned my attention to OL. I managed to get OL down to 1 hull left, but was unable to kill him until much later. So I focused on Ryad. Some key blocking by Dormitz led to Ryad's downfall. OL finished off Dormitz, but was unable to touch either defender for the rest of the game. I finished OL off a few turns later. I really like the FCS on Dormitz, and the Hotcop should help deal with Poe, and anyone else with Optics. Hot cop should help the defenders hit as well. I like getting into combat round 1 against Harpoon Missiles, because most squads aren't set up for round 1 harpoon shots with TL only. Plus I have 4 agi, focus, and 2 evades waiting, so the odds are at least a little more in my favor vs focus+TL harpoons. And many harpoon squads aren't set up to do much more after they are fired. Most people aren't used to round 1 combat, so I think it will take some people by surprise. Plus it has the added effect of driving my opponents crazy trying to hit the defenders, so then they go after Dormitz, who has Hot Cop. I debated about Rebel Captive, but I think I like Hot Cop better, especially against Poe. I could be swayed, though. Especially since now everyone is going for Expertise to counter Fenn Ghost, and Captive will help shut down Fenn. I dunno. I like the squad, though, for its staying power if nothing else. Edit: Another vassal game, this time against 3 Resistance Bombers. I wasn't looking forward to this match-up, because bombs don't care about my green dice or evades. i also thought about how I have played Dormitz, and I'm usually aggressive with him and block with him, so with the 4 points I went with Tactician and APL over Hotcop. I actually didn't go full speed this time with the defenders, because running right into the bombs is a recipe for disaster. So I gave up some evade tokens, but I stayed away from the bombs, mostly. I was able to bring Dormitz right in the middle of his 3 bombers and blocked them up for many rounds. APL did 1 damage in 2 rolls. This was bloody, as he rolled hits on his plating, so he only really got to use the bombs sporadically, and I had ridiculous unmodified reds late game. i ended up winning, but just, as I 4k a defender off the board on the last turn of the game, in which he suicided a bomb to kill himself. brutal, brutal game, but I was able to pull out the win. I didn't use tactician at all because he stalled round 1, which threw off the ranges round 2. Hot cop might have been better here, although I'm still torn between that and captive.
  6. What about something like Crossfire Formation: Formation Flying TIE Fighter only. Title. 2 points When attacking, if there is at least one other friendly Imperial ship at Range 1-2 of the defender, you may add 1 focus result to your roll. Possibilities with this suggestion: 8 Academies, but only 2 get title 7 Academies, all with title with 2 pts leftover Howl and 6 Academies, 5 get title Youngster with Marksmanship and 6 Academies, 5 with title I think it helps without being too OP because it adds some punch if you still have a focus token (barrel rolls, k-turns, overlapping ships or obstacles, spending it on defense are some cases where you wouldn't.) I think it changes traditional swarms enough to them viable again. Plus you might see Chaser and Night Beast get played again.
  7. Did you find the MKII useful on the defenders? The reason I ask is because I really think double ion cannons is the way to go. And my personal feeling is you attack the ghost first in that matchup and try to ion it and whittle it down. That way if you choose to spend your focus, you're at least damaging him in return. Second matchup go after Poe first with both. Ion poe is an unhappy x-wing. You should still have both defenders left to be able to ion Dash and take him down. Again, without being there, these are my thoughts. Good job going 4-2 though!
  8. One of the squads I really want to run is the "extra-dice" TIEs: Mauler with Snap Shot Backstabber Scourge with Adapt (down to a 6 so he shoots last) Zeta Leader with Wired and Optics Sabacc with Determination, LWF, and AA. They don't have the Howl restriction, and they all have the capability of 3 or more dice in the given situations, but it's 5 ships without much hull. On topic, I would love to see either an Autothruster-like TIE title or an Adaptive Aelerons like mod for TIEs. Giving an ln swarm Aurothrusters might help out considerably.
  9. This. There are so many ways to beat swarms now that it does get disheartening to bring one to a tourney. Passive mods make blocking more of a deterrent now than a skill, since you're giving up range 1 attacks to do so. I keep wanting to bring a swarm, but then i think about all of the singular ships that can beat it, and I know it's not worth it. Examples of what i mean: Timewalk Asajj Lowie with 3PO and Expertise Miranda with Sabine bomblet Dengar with practically anything Scum Fenn
  10. hothie

    The Red Defender

    3 Onyx with x7 and Stealth is a really nasty squad to try and beat. They may not put out much damage, but you'll be hard pressed to kill all of them. Most games go to time. Just sayin.
  11. I know there are downsides to it, but it's tough for me to give up Ruthlessness on QD. If I can set up primary and secondary arcs, I'm potentially passing out 4 free damage in a round onto a ship or ships that I'm not even attacking. It can be very brutal.
  12. This list kind of terrifies me. https://geordanr.github.io/xwing/?f=Rebel Alliance&d=v4!s!41:27,-1,110,-1,-1:-1:-1:;254:27,120,126,243,-1,237,-1:53:25:U.239,u.-1;275:170,166,-1:-1:-1:U.-1&sn=Unnamed Squadron&obs= It's got Fenn Rau doing Fenn Rau things. The Nym harpoon, Ten triggering the harpoon condition immediately, plus the Sabine and bombs mechanic going on. All at PS10. Why is this not a thing?
  13. I do have AO on him as well, but he's actually not the "third guy," he's the "fifth guy." Thanks!
  14. I just want to make sure I'm understanding this interaction correctly: If I have Omega Leader equipped with "A Score to Settle", I assign the "A Debt to Pay" condition card to an enemy ship during the place forces step. If, later on during the game, Omega Leader is able to target lock that ship, would it then not be able to use the "A Debt to Pay" condition, since "A Debt to Pay" modifies a focus into a crit against Omega Leader, which OL's ability would nullify? Therefore that ship wouldn't be able to pay its debt.
  15. Personally, muh nostalgia looks something more like this: Mauler with Snap Shot Scourge with Snap Shot (or possibly Adapt him down to a 6, spending the points for Optics on Zeta, haven't decided which is better yet) Backstabber Zeta Leader with Wired Pure Sabacc with Determination, title, and LWF. I go after the Ghost first, whether Kanan or Lothal, and spend focus on offense every time. Sure it hurts defensively to do so, but it gets damage through enough to win the damage race on the Ghost, so that whatever is left over can handle Fenn and the disembarked shuttle. And the PS is higher than either Kanan or Lothal. Sure, my list is trickier vs ultra high PS lists, but I've found that most lists either engage in the PS race or they don't. My PS6-7 list means either I get to block or I get to shoot first. I'm fine either way.
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