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  1. ItsUncertainWho said: Brigaldio said: I'm really questioning the reasoning behind taking a sturmpionirere platoon, specifically the command squad and zombies. Zombies just seem inferior to me. Why take zombies when you can take gorillas with Markus? They have similar damage output, but gorillas will be tougher at infantry 3, and have the advantage of being able to benefit from the blitzkrieg order. So thay'll have a threat advantage as well. Sure, zombies are cheaper, but if you take too many units you fall victim to the initiative trap. Zombies can only be take in sturmpioniere platoons, but the command squad doesn't even want zombies. It wants large squads f non-zombies to use its failsafe order most effectively. And taking a whole squad of zombies is counter-productive because you miss out on support units. I'm really not seeing the use for zombies, or sturmpioniere platoons in general. Can someone give me a reason to lose out on Blitzkrieg? Zombies have two more bodies in a squad, they are Fast, and they have four more attacks than a squad of Apes, all before adding a Hero. Add Grenadier X to a squad of zombies and you have a beast of a unit. They can't use cover but they have the same armor as Apes, since they are Damage Resilient. Grenadier X and Zombies come in 8 points cheaper than Markus and a squad of Apes. Assault and Fast makes getting into Close Combat range much less deadly than Markus and Charge. While Blitzkrieg is a great order, Fast units don't really need it. You can cover the same ground without issuing a special order. Sturmpioniere are a Fast unit also, so they can keep up with the Zombies, since they have to. Add Stefan to the Sturmpioniere and you get extra wounds, an extra flamethrower, and Assault. They make for a pretty potent unit. There are a lot of reasons to take the Sturmpioniere and zombies. Even more so when we get the ubertoten assault and sucide sqauds.
  2. I find the SSU release much better than the oens for the other side, **** that is such a cute vehicle and i hope we get to see similair vehicles like this for the other side though for the axis is should be mounted on the sdkfz 251 series.
  3. Also don't forget that the GW codices are going to be way more expensieve that the DW books, for the price of the current csm codex I could get myself both the rule and zverograd if I wanted and still have cash to spare.
  4. Good to hear that hades fas some nie new abilities for existing units as for that penetrator ability for the fliegerfaust i think this might be a sign that we are going to see armor III flyers at some point and my bet will be on the SSU's next flyer.
  5. May I ask what materials you used to make that paved road, it looks perfect for the cityboard I am planning on, also what manner of cutting did you use for shaping the base of the building. I will be looking forward to seeing more on this project.
  6. They are actually smart zombies, troops that were injected with the serum when they were alive instead of beeing giving it after dying, this seems to lead to troops that gain far more benefits from the serum as more of their brains seems to be intact to the point that hey can talk, run, use weapons and tactics. if a zombies already scares you then imagine what a zombie that knows how to use a gun to shoot you before he's going to eat you.
  7. Glad to hear, I can't wait to add them to my axis forces.
  8. mgentile7 said: Dreachon said: Nice mini's but I am more stoked about the SSU heavy weapon teams, now I reall would love to see such units for my beloved axis. I agree the new type one units look great !!! I don't think those are armour 1 guys, they all are wearing body armour so it's quite possible for them to be armour 2.
  9. Nice mini's but I am more stoked about the SSU heavy weapon teams, now I reall would love to see such units for my beloved axis.
  10. Warboss Krag said: Long have we been lamenting this, and the further fact that Warfare doesn't get listings for these new units for months after the model release. No use buying the new models until I know what they do and can use them! I agree, it would be alot better if we just saw something about them but the only news is mostly tactics info.
  11. Lotus said: I like this. Great paint job. Is this a unit of your own making or an adapted unit…I didn't see it in the SSU lineup (that I found so far). Pretty cool. It's a brand new unit, it's found only in the dust tactics: operation hades boxed set, this is the first infantry class 4 unit in the game. Loving the mini, it is well painted.
  12. Alot can be glanced from their tactics staline. Both variants of the IS-5 are armour 6 vehicles with 8 DC and damage resillient, they also carry no less than 3 heavy MG each in addition to their main wepaon and the ability to transport 6 models. Both variants of the IS-48 are armour 7 vehicles with also 8DC and damage resilient, the karl Marx also has the 3 MG to support it's tesla weapon which is just plain nasty from reading it's DT stats, both tanks also also carry 6 models. Lets see Tesla Weapons: Continue to re-roll hits like laser weapons. Affect all spaces between weapon and target like flamethrowers. Ignore Cover. If a vehicle with a Tesla weapon is destroyed all units in adjacent spaces suffer a attack as if they had been attacked by the Tesla Weapon. If a non-vehicle unit with a Tesla weapon is destroyed roll a die if you get a hit, see above (vehicle). The Beria replaces it's co-axial MG for a flamethrower and mounts a rather potent main gun.
  13. Fenton said: Is Dust Studio considering putting out the Tamiya conversions for for the "fun of it," in their 1/48 line, or will this be an actual game product complete with AP? I am thinking the former only, as I cannot see FF passing on the full price they could make of the entire model. It would be cool though, especially if they had just card packs for vehicles complete with AP and weapon lines, so the entire lines of 1/48 conventional Tamiya/Hasegawa WWII models could be used like you can in S.O.T.R. I realize one could go ahead make cards in photo shop for conventional units, but it arguing/debating with players on whether they should be legal units, what the weapon lines should be, AP, etc., would not be worth it to me. Agreed, they should just keep them as a statline in the books and card, provide players with just the dustified components and allow players to get the rest of the vehicle themselves, it would allow them to add a considerable amount of new units to the game without having to produce that much. They can even make it a conversion pack that will provide you with the parts for 2 to 3 vehicles, imagine an axis heavy armoured car platoon box with bits to create a dust puma with a new turret or a schwere laserkanone to mounted on the sdkfz 234/4 chassis
  14. Like the idea of it but i won't be playing it, dust warfare is where I'll be staying at.
  15. MRex21 said: Granted. But Tactics has been in production since 2010. All the model parts, dice, and everything else are already there. They could have been doing this years ago. To not have unit cards for Warfare is a huge gaffe, in my opinion. Thankfully, several players have come out with nice, high quality versions of them to fill the void left by FFG. I don't know if they can even get back into that market. Why purchase when the same thing is available for free? FFG has been in the game long enough to figure out how to market a miniatures game. I'm not buying the 'this-is-their-first-time' thing. They have the extra parts to replaced damaged items. I'm don't see why those same parts can't be ordered 'a-la-carte' to complete partial units for the game. How many players have box fulls of extra walker parts who could be playing those units if only the hulls and legs were available for purchase? That's a built in secondary market that's being untapped. True about that secondary market but that will be entirely depended if FFG considers that to be a worthy investment, plenty of other companies do not provide this service and it works for them, yes it does indeed suck that after some time we are left with just so many spare bits that are mostly just gathering dust. As for the seperate hero packs, yes it is odd that sofar they have still not reacted to that, it's a missed oppertunity, many other items are also a lost chance but that is their problems, the playerbase is creating it's own cheaper solutions and if FFG can't be arsed to respond quickly enough that is their problem.
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