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  1. Some more off beat examples: Dirty Pair - the Adam Warren comics specifically have some awesome cyberpunk themes. If you're okay with a bit of violence, "EDEN: It's an Endless World" might be an interesting read that fits.
  2. My books just arrived yesterday and they are amazing books! So nice to just look at. Very excited to learn about Terrinoth since I'm not so familiar with that setting. This makes me really look forward to "Shadows of the Beanstalk" being that it will most likely be the same quality. ... have yet to actually play Genesys though 😓
  3. I’d also like to add that I just ordered the Worlds of Android from Amazon US to Japan for 31 US dollars plus about 10 dollars shipping. Also added the Terrinoth book and it cost me a total of about 80 usd including shipping so this is really your best way to get it for a reasonable price in my opinion. Do it before supplies get low because there were only 10 left when I ordered mine. If it’s not available from an Amazon warehouse it will be listed as third party seller fulfillment which often have higher prices and crazy expensive shipping rates.
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