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  1. So can an AT-ST walk over a 5" building?
  2. So does that mean troopers ignore buildings 6" and smaller?
  3. I'm confused by the Height rules in the terrain section. Is the "height" being referred to on pg 18 of the rrg the literal height of the leader model, or is it the "Height" value defined on pg 29? Is it the intention of the rules to allow them to ignore buildings that are smaller than them?
  4. Do the dice removed by cover and/or dodge count count as "Cancelling" for the purposes of suppression? That is, if an attack is negated by cover, are Suppression tokens still applied?
  5. I'm playing the Treasure of Davin Throm, and the monsters are engaging, but not attacking. Not sure if bug or easy mode.
  6. Have you tried just opening it and then saving it? Or can't you open it at all? EDIT: this is the link: https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/3c/bb/3cbb5642-39da-41dc-821b-daf729b1f15e/road_to_legend_rules.pdf I can just open it and save it, no problem at all. (Maybe your mobile/tablet can't open PDF?) Thanks for the link!
  7. Have you tried just opening it and then saving it? Or can't you open it at all? I can't open it at all.
  8. I've tried downloading the rules through the app but it fails for me every time. Is there any other way to get the pdf?
  9. The way I see it, the app will drive more boxed expansions. You'll still need the figures, monster cards etc to use them. People who are playing more will buy more stuff. As a purely anecdotal data point, I stopped buying expansions because I don't get the chance to play with the ones I've got. With a mode of play that is easier for me to enjoy (including solo play) I may well pick up new expansions. As long as it's all integrated, this should be a driver of more materials for Descent, not less.
  10. For me, this opens Descent back up. The Co-op campaigns were okay, but very linear by necessity, as well as fiddly. My experience of a lot of co-op board games is a lot of elements get missed because no one has a particular incentive to remember all the adversary stuff. Not on purpose, just a by-product. I've got loads of Descent I haven't been able to use because the players v overlord set up produced a lot of negative interactions between our group, especially where it comes to perceptions of imbalance in a non-symmetrical game. I love the idea of Descent but the reality of it meant that it's been sitting in my cupboard not getting played. If Descent as it currently exists is good for you, great! You still have Descent. Groups will each find a version of Descent that suits their own play styles.
  11. I expand the "Gain the Advantage" action somewhat. In my version, you get to declare your relative position to what you are gaining the advantage on. This means that in a classic dogfight, you get to sit on the tail and be immune to shots. Of course, your target will probably try to do something similar to shake you off. This means that the focus occurs on the positioning and the shooting only occurs once the positioning has been achieved.
  12. I read that, but it still looks to me from what's written there that challenge dice do increase the odds of failure. Am I reading it wrong?
  13. It surprises me that upgrading to challenge die has no effect on success - there's 9 potential failures out of 12 sides, compared to 4 failures out of 8 sides on the difficulty. Granted, this is my English major mathematics working, but isn't that 75% chance vs 50%?
  14. Hey there folks... I've read a few posts but haven't quite managed to wrap my brain around 1 idea in particular. When trying to make something more difficult, does upgrading the challenge dice or adding a setback dice have more of an effect?
  15. Hi, I'm a little confused by the Lightsaber construction rules in Force and Destiny. If you buy a hilt (or make it) do you then have to use a Crystal to get a functional sabre? And do the crystals replace the characteristics provided by the base weapon, or add to it?
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