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  1. Holy crap this is exciting! Sure, it doesn't add anything to the tournament world of Netrunner, but as a fan of the Legacy format, I can't believe this wasn't implemented sooner! This product cannot come soon enough! And yeah, sure its price tag is a little hefty, but since you'll probably be playing the game with the same opponent, and no one will really get to "keep" the game once its done, you can both split the cost of one box!
  2. The regular version $40 and will hit retailers in the UK eventually Maybe. I've never seen Worlds of Android on shelves anywhere so no guarantee retailers will order this one. shipping cost is bloody ridiculous for this anywhere outside of the US of A it seems. I purchased Worlds of Android in Canada via a FLGS. Mind you stock was very small, but seems it's still available. I'm sure I'll be able to get this book the same way; hopefully you can call around yours and ask if they'll be carrying?
  3. I finally finished my copy. Like joecor above, I loved the extra lore bits at the end, but found the main novella to be lacking in terms of focus. The story itself was alright, and seeing the world of Android through the eyes of a teenager/young adult was interesting, but things moved along quite slowly and some bits felt repetitive. I also felt the writing in the first half was a little difficult to follow; it felt like the author was trying to beef up the word count by using unnecessary adjectives everywhere. The second half was easier to process. Loved the physical product. Nice finish, beautiful presentation. As a huge fan of the Android setting and as someone who is anxiously awaiting more fiction set in it, I recommend like-minded fans check it out, if only to learn more about the world. If you're not a big fan and are just looking for a sci-fi tale to read on the side, you probably won't get much enjoyment out of this.
  4. Hey guys, just got my copy of Monitor! Excited to tear into it! Curious what everyone thinks of the book when they're done with it, seeing as this is the first novella to be released. Did you enjoy the story? How about the extra lore stuff included in the physical release? Post your reviews here!
  5. Either way sounds good: campaign first, then scenarios, or vice versa. I'm so excited that I can play this SOLO! I hate investing in an LCG if none of my friends are also buying... but if I can invest and play all by my lonesome, that's awesome!
  6. This looks amazing. I cannot wait to get my hands on this.
  7. This app is amazing. Really atmospheric. Well looks like I'll be double-dipping MoM.
  8. Got mine from and IT IS FANTASTIC. What a gorgeous book. I'm glad to see the Android Universe being fleshed out, and hope to see LOTS of from it in the future. More games, more books!
  9. Just curious which settings or characters you guys would like to see fleshed out in future novellas! Personally, I'd love to learn more about Human First, and NeoTokyo!
  10. Thought I'd bump this up, because we NEED this.
  11. RPG

    Checked out the site, looks interesting! Very bleak compared to the Android Universe, but I'll look into it! Thanks!
  12. RPG

    Yeah, I've been dying for a modern cyberpunk RPG. Shadowrun doesn't do it for me because of the whole magic and goblins thing, and Cyberpunk, while still a viable option, feels a little dated. I heard Pondsmith was working on a new system to coincide with the release of the upcoming video game, though... Anyway, yeah an RPG using the FFG Star Wars RPG mechanics would be great, and the Android setting is totally awesome ... so count me in!
  13. RPG

    People have been asking about it over on the Android forum for a little while now: So far, no announcements from FFG. Keep your fingers crossed!
  14. I hope they make this happen!
  15. Oh this is great, thanks!