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  1. I own all the novellas, and I can confirm that only the new one, Undercity, has exclusive content for the roleplaying game.
  2. BTW incredible work! This now allows my players to play using their tablets instead of using pen and paper sheets, which makes more sense in the Android setting! If you could optimize for mobile, or make an app, that'd be incredible! Buuut we'll take what we can get for now; totally going to donate!
  3. So unless it's a setting I'm missing, the print version is barebones. Is there a way to print with the selected theme? Or to save as PDF so I can print later?
  4. Pretty logical! Man, this book can't get here soon enough. I found some photos of the pregen characters from Happy Hour and some interesting talents in there! Mind you, they might be taken from the Star Wars books, so maybe they aren't "new", but they're new to me! haha Also cool to see some new archetypes, and the favor mechanic
  5. I believe I'd read somewhere that these adventures would be released for free as a download. I think it was in one of the "end of Netrunner" news articles... Anyone heard anything?
  6. Well look at that, I didn't even know you could set "all caps" in photoshop... Googled it, then checked my template.. sure enough that was the problem! Good call!
  7. Sorry maybe I wasn't clear, but yes I know that only certain letters are in the font, but even if I use (s), I don't get the symbols. Same problem in both your font and the original one. Again, I'm using Photoshop text layers. I don't see a way to set "body"; I feel really dumb right now since I must be doing something wrong. Hopefully my screenshot can help... I've selected an (S) and I set it to the GenesysTweak font, and it's blank. Yet it works in Word.
  8. I'm not a photoshop pro, just started using it... I'm having an issue here with these fonts. I can type all the letters of the alphabet and they appear fine, but the moment I select my text and switch to the Genesys font, it makes all letters invisible instead of showing any symbols. I feel like I'm going crazy. Any photoshop gurus know what's wrong? Fonts work fine in Word!
  9. I'm running an Android game. I'm using their excellent Worlds of Android book. Sure it doesn't provide tons of mechanical things, but using the basics in the Genesis core and a little imagination gets me a long way. Of course, once the Android sourcebook is released, I'll gladly use its info instead haha
  10. Thanks for the info! I'll have to mess around with it I guess to see what is optimal for printer ink! haha
  11. New to photoshop, great stuff here! Question: what's the best and most efficient way to print these when all is said and done? Convert them to PDF, merge them into one doc, and then use a custom printing grid of sorts (like 2x2 or something)? Are these meant to be folded and fit inside a standard 2.5 x 3.5 card sleeve?
  12. Very curious to see where this goes! I suppose until they release Android sourcebooks for Genesys (sure, The Worlds of Androids is a great setting book, but we need stats and mechanics!!) we can try and find equivalents in currently existing Star Wars books?
  13. So when playing with the app, you cannot recover damage when resting (you only recover strain). However, Onar Koma's ability says that when you rest you recover an "additional 2 damage". How are you guys playing this?Are you nullifying his ability completely? Or are you still letting him recover his 2 damage (otherwise, he'll die pretty quick seeing as he has no defense die)? I know the word "additional" implies that you should recover damage first to use the ability, but clearly they didn't have the app rules in mind when they designed him. We played with him allowed to recover 2 damage with a rest, but I'm curious how others are using him?
  14. Murne's power is based on the current threat level. Since that doesn't exist in the app, how do you use it? Did I miss something in the app rules? Otherwise what's a good workaround?
  15. So in other words, unless the Imp has multiple Attack options listed, he'll lose his only attack action and play the rest of his turn out using a repositioning action? I guess that's makes sense
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