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  1. Join the Coastal Katana Dojo for information regarding various playgroups in the area and all the tournament info for the region. https://www.facebook.com/groups/288719551476525/
  2. There are a decent group of us playing out in Abbotsford, so if you have any events in Vancouver that facebook group that was linked is a good place to announce them and you should get a bunch of us out from Abbotsford. Likewise if we manage to get ahold of a kit and have any events we will let you know.
  3. Never late to the party. I enjoy reading everyone's stories so if you guys keep posting them. I will keep reading them.
  4. So I am new to Thrones with 2.0 but have been playing card games for a while and here are some things that are just generally applicable to competitive card gaming and then some things that are specific to Thrones. 1. If you want to be competitive you need to know all the cards, and not just all the cards, what cards the strong decks are running, combo's, rulings, and interactions. Some of this will come by experience, some of this will come by investigation. Check the rules forums regularly, and make sure you have actually read the rule book a few times. That seems like a pretty basic idea but you would be surprised at how many people were taught the game by someone and have never actually read the rules. For Thrones nothing is more important than knowing the plot cards. The single most influential part of the game is the plot deck, know what they all do, and what the stats are especially initiative numbers, being first player can make or break a game in the later turns, you have to know what they are likely to play so you can either play a plot that will counter it, or to set yourself up to go either first or second and make the most of your challenges. When you see people posting decklists keep a specific eye on what plots they are running to get a feel for plot deck construction out of various archetypes. Essentially, if you have a good idea of what your opponent is going to play you have a better idea of what to do to counter it, this leads to the second point. 2. Play, play, play, play and play some more. Another fairly obvious point but important none the less. If you want to play competitively you need to know how to pilot your deck against every other deck out there. You need to know your decks strengths and weaknesses as well as other decks strengths and weaknesses and specifically you need to know what your deck has to do to beat every other deck. Lets take an example from the current meta. If I am playing Targaryn Fealty, I am going to play very differently depending on the matchup. Against Stark or Greyjoy aggro I know that I need to put as many characters on the table that i can every turn in order to survive to the late game to have a chance at winning. If I slam down a Danerys in setup with a Loyalist beside her, she is probably dead at the end of turn 2 if not turn 1. If I instead drop 4 weenies, and play a couple more each turn I can probably survive long enough to take control of the game. Against Baratheon Kneel, I might mulligan aggressively for Drogo in order to push through multiple military challenges early to get through their chaff and start killing the key characters so that I don't get locked down for all eternity. Against a Martell or Knights Watch deck I am going to make sure I never overextend unless I have an answer for Varys otherwise I run the risk of losing my whole board and losing control of the game. So these factors are going to affect both my setup, as well as how I play each turn, and what plots I select. The more games I play the more I will understand exactly what I need to do in each matchup and the more the deck will pilot itself leading to less errors. Now for some stuff that is a little more thrones specific. Deckbuilding - The 2 cost is the most important slot in your deck. The first few times I built decks I was enamored with the big people, Stannis, Jamie, Eddard, Drogo ect. I wanted as many of these heavy hitters in my deck as possible so that they could crush faces once they hit the table. My deck construction was weighted heavily to the high end, my setups were bad, and my people were dying to military challenges when they hit the table. Having those lower cost characters in your deck provide you with the opportunity for very strong set ups, let you oppose and initiate challenges in a variety of forms to grab some power or prevent it to your opponent, and act as chaff for keeping your big dudes in the battle once they hit the table. As a general rule I think most decks are looking to have 30-35 characters, some decks may vary obviously but if you don't have characters on the board you won't be able to do much. Again make sure you have a solid portion of 1, 2, and 3 cost people. I try to have at least six - eight 2 cost people in every deck as well as six or more one drops and that just helps your set up flow much more consistently. As far as attachments and events go there are no hard or fast rules, usually locations take up 11-14 slots depending on the deck so that leaves 15-18 slots for events/attachments, in most cases attachments are on the lighter side with 4 or 5 being a fairly common number or up to 7 or 8 on the high end. Events can be very powerful but you usually need to budget gold to play them, but still most decks have between 9-13 events. Economy and Card Draw are King - You are playing to win, but in order to win you need resources. If one player has more resources they are probably going to win so you want to make sure that your deck has ways to generate strong economy, either by locations, characters, or plots, as well as having a way to draw some cards. Card draw is at a bit of a premium right now since it is just a base set but most factions have at least one way to put more cards in your hand. Summons and Building contract are very strong plots for digging through your deck for answers. Most decks are going to run probably 15 "economy" type cards, 3x Kingsroad, 3x Roseroad, 3x factions reducer location, 3x faction reducer character, 3x banner house reducer character. If you are not running a banner house then you lose 3 people, but you gain access to the Fealty agenda which is usually worth 1 gold a turn. Strong Economy plots include Calling the Banners and A Noble Cause. Lastly there are some good podcasts out there that have a lot of card analysis of the base set as well as some deckbuilding tips and tricks so soak in as much as you can from those kind of sources, I know they helped me. Hope this is useful, the game I think is very deep strategically and a lot of fun so I hope you enjoy it.
  5. Thanks, Kempy It was fun to put together, I am glad people enjoyed reading it.
  6. The series is now concluded and all the links should be active, Hopefully these sites stay up but if not I will try to stay on top of re-linking them here on the FFG site.
  7. Added a few new articles to the original post including an interview with ex-L5R story team member Ree Soesbee
  8. I guess it wouldn't be proper to not contribute my own story here as well. My name is Aaron Frede, I was born and raised in British Columbia, Canada and got into L5R twelve years ago at the end of gold edition. I had been playing Star Wars CCG for many years until it was axed in 2001, I bounced around a couple games until in 2003 I picked up a Phoenix starter at my FLGS and was instantly hooked by the story that was included in the box. I got involved with the local L5R crew and have been playing ever since. Mt first tournament was a local Saturday tournament at Breakaway games and I distinctly remember getting smoked in every game. Didn't even come close to winning, but i learned a lot, had a lot of fun, and the people were very friendly. The next year when Diamond Edition rolled out i bought Dragon and Scorpion starters as they were the two clans that interested me most in the setting and I have been a loyal kikage-zumi ever since that day. I think I was drawn to the Dragon because they had a reputation as being enigmatic, distant, yet awe inspiring and scary at the same time. In the original setting the Dragon monks were feared and regarded as wild cards with mystical powers that you couldn't really control. I guess what drew me to Dragon the most was the idea of every individual following their own path, while still being loyal to their lord. There are so many fantastic stories that I could list, the Enlightened Madness series for sure is up there, Hitomi's entire arc was amazing I always thought she was a great character, The Last Ride both parts were awesome, Kurohito's Seppuku is a wonderfully tragic tale. I could go on much longer but I think i will stop there. As far as favorite quotes though there is a lot of those too but I will keep it to one interaction between Hogai and Satsu in Enlightened Madness, the series that made Hogai forever my favorite character. “There is a difference between a warrior and a killer, Satsu,” Hogai replied. “You are a warrior. I am a killer. Keep me by your side, to guard against your enemies.” “And why would I want a killer by my side?” Satsu asked. “So that you can see my example,” Hogai said, “and never become like me.” Hogai was my favorite because he was strong and wild, yet he knew his place. He was willing to sacrifice himself for others because he knew that ultimately he was just a soldier, no more important than anyone else who fought for their lord. This is a common theme for most characters in the setting but it is slightly more unusual in a monk. I also liked that he was a kikage-zumi and had the connection to Hitomi who was also one of my favorites. He was blunt and too the point since he was originally a Crab and didn't mince his words. Probably one of the best experiences I had because of L5R was the first GenCon our group went to where we got to meet so many other people from around the country and around the world. It was my first taste of the larger L5R community and how amazing it was. So many great laughs on the road and walking around. Sitting around building decks till 3am watching the Band of Brothers marathon. I have two favorite decks that I built, the first one was during Diamond and it was a terrible dueling honor deck that used Shiro Mirumoto so that my Samurai could attach two swords and Blade of Penance. I tried to get both blades on one dude and then bomb out honor, the concept was ok but my construction was poor as i was still a noob back then, however it did let me win my very first game in a tournament, only a year and a half after i started playing L5R. That learning curve, i am still working on being a better player. The second deck was during my second GenCon visit when Test of Enlightenment had just come out. It was Lotus so Dragon was busted and I was doing very well at the Friday grinder. It was a dueling honor deck that was pretty standard but I ran Itsume as meta to steal other people's Rosoku Sensei's since it counted as a Ring and shut off their ability to use all the busted enlightened guys. At 4-2 I was paired against a mirror match which I ended up losing since he drew into Mirumoto first (back then you could only have 1 copy of a unique on either side of the board), but he asked me about why I was running Itsume. The next day he won at match partly due to having added Itsume to his deck and he went on to win GenCon that year so i was pretty proud of my small contribution. As far as favorite arc's go, Diamond Edition because of formations, relative balance, and the story was fantastic. Samurai because of how even the playing field was, and also Lotus because everything was so broken and there were so many wild decks running around that you had to try and figure out how to play against to have a shot at beating them. I will always remember the road trips involving L5R. Iron Samurai from Calgary to Saskatoon, playing two koteis in two days on two hours sleep was always a blast. So many great stories from those trips. Taking a camper van out to Calgary and playing L5R in the back on the table for the whole road trip. Road tripping with the Portland crew down to play Strategic L5R at Emeralds in Sacramento was incredible. Strategic is one of my favorite variants of the game and I hope to run a few events of it during the hiatus. All the amazing people that I met through the game, I wouldn't have the awesome Tuesday night gaming crew i have now without L5R. So much amazing hospitality that has been shown to me, sleeping on Leon's floor under the pool table in seattle, in Greg's apartment in Calgary when there were so many of us jammed on the floor you couldn't get up and walk anywhere, Ornatov's awesome upstairs guest bungalow, Murph's house where despite what we said we consistently showed up at 2am and he was always waiting for us. Driving through the night to an event and watching the sun rise over the Rocky Mountains. Other than that just how passionately we would discuss the story on those trips, and how the world just came alive for us. I am so happy to have 12 years of memories of L5R and so excited for what the future under FFG will bring.
  9. During the springtime I was getting excited for the 20th anniversary of L5R this year at GenCon. I was thinking back on my experiences at GenCon, and stories I had read over the years of some of the amazing things that had happened there. I have always been a fan of the history of the game since I only joined in late Gold Edition and missed out on some of the experiences of L5R in earlier eras. A crazy idea started to brew within the depths of my mind, wouldn't it be neat to do an interview with every player that ever won the L5R championship at GenCon. One new article each day in the twenty days leading up to GenCon 2015. So I started doing some research and trying to track people down mostly via Facebook, and other social media outlets. As often happens with most ideas it started to grow and spiral into something bigger. I realized that if I only focused on GenCon I would be ignoring the rest of the L5R scene around the world throughout the years. I have to say that at it's height L5R in Europe was bigger than it ever was in North America and I couldn't reasonably do a series of this scope and exclude a player base that has been fundamental in the success of L5R. I decided to expand the series and to interview as many GenCon and European Champions as I could and to include winners from big tournaments in South American and the Pacific Rim. I realized that it might not be realistic to expect to get in touch with every single major tournament winner over the past twenty years so I sought out a few guest interviews to fill in some of the holes. Throughout this process I was enjoying it so much that I reached out to a few others as well with unique viewpoints on L5R throughout the years. The process has been so much fun for me to hear the stories that people have to tell about the game, and to experience L5R through their memories. I have to give a huge thanks here to Matt Dalen who ran the Jade Hand site for years and still keeps it up although he is no longer actively archiving. Also I would like to thank everyone over at the Kolat Informant for preserving some of the archives from Steel and Iron, a website that was instrumental in the history of L5R. Of course I have to say thanks again to each of the individuals who participated in the interviews for sharing a bit of what makes L5R the best game on the planet, and demonstrating again that the community of this game is incredible. Also to everyone out there that plays L5R and makes the community of this game what it is. These stories are ours, all of ours as a community, and there are so many more waiting to be told. Instead of just dumping 20+ articles here I thought it would be neat to release them slowly, hosting them on various fansites throughout the next month or so. I was hoping to have them done earlier in the summer and be able to release them in the month leading up to GenCon but real life stepped in and my free time vanished in June and July. Many of the sites like the more popular clan boards I can simply post the articles from my account on their forums but I know there are a multitude of other L5R fansites out there and want to give them a chance to participate as well. So if you run or are a member of of a L5R fansite and want to host one of these articles get in touch with me either via PM or email: aaronfrede @ gmail (dot) com As they go out I will be providing links to them from this post so you can always check back here to see a master list of sorts. In light of everything that has happened with the sale to FFG it is now the actual end of an era for L5R and the start of a new one. I have seen a lot of people posting on facebook with their memories and would like to invite them to catalog them here as well. Simply reply to the post and answer these questions as well as telling us any other interesting stories or tidbits that you can think of. I am super excited for what FFG will do with the license but I also love hearing tales of what L5R means to people and to hear their memories. Name: Where are you from, tell us about your playgroup?: How did you hear about or get involved in L5R? Did you/Do you consider yourself a clan loyalist? What did you like about or what drew you to your clan of choice? What was your first L5R tournament experience? Favorite story or quote from the fiction? Why? Favorite character? Why? Best memory or experience you had playing L5R or because of L5R. Favorite deck that you built or played and why. Favorite Arc and why. Favorite Tournament experiences. Anything else you would like to tell players about L5R at that time, or any stories to bring back some fond memories for old school players or inspire new ones? I hope you enjoy reading these stories and interviews as much as I enjoyed conducting them. The posts will be re-linked when i get back from school this afternoon. Carry the Fortunes. Aaron Twenty Years of Memories Master List Twenty Years of Memories: CEO of Rokugan Twenty Years of Memories: 2014 Twenty Years of Memories: 2013 Twenty Years of Memories: 2012 Twenty Years of Memories: 2009-2011 Twenty Years of Memories: 2008 Part 1 Twenty Years of Memories: 2008 Part 2 Twenty Years of Memories: 2008 Part 3 Twenty Years of Memories: 2007 and 2002 Twenty Years of Memories: 2006 Twenty Years of Memories: 2005 Twenty Years of Memories: 2004 Part 1 Twenty Years of Memories: 2004 Part 2 Twenty Years of Memories: 2003 Part 1 Twenty Years of Memories: 2003 Part 2 Twenty Years of Memories: Tales from a T.O. Twenty Years of Memories: 2001 Twenty Years of Memories: 2000 Twenty Years of Memories: 1999 Twenty Years of Memories: 1998 Part 1 Twenty Years of Memories: 1998 Part 2 Twenty Years of Memories: 1997 Twenty Years of Memories: 1996 Twenty Years of Memories: The First Historian
  10. In the Customization and Modification section (pg 130) under the rules for Installing Mods it mentions that it is a Hard Mechanics check to install a mod, but if the player rolls any Despair icons on the check he breaks the attachment. On a Hard Modifications check with three difficulty dice there is no chance for a Despair to come up. Are GM's out there really using Destiny Points to upgrade a modification check? I checked and I know the EoE book went to print like this and now I feel bad that I didn't notice it during that beta because it really seems like an oversight. Perhaps this should be changed to something like 3 Threat, that at least has a chance of showing up?
  11. Just thought it was strange that three of the six alien species have a base attribute of 1 cunning (excluding droids). If people are interested in playing a type of character that focuses on this attribute they are extremely limited in their choice of race. I know there is another book, and other resources out there to give access to other races, but if people are playing this book as a stand alone (as we are doing in the beta) then the choices are limited. I realize this is a small thing, but one of my players brought it up when he was creating his Diplomat/Agitator and so i figured it was worth mentioning. I think the easiest fix is probably giving the Sullustaan's 1 in Presence rather than Cunning, they don't really seem to be an overly charming or leadership oriented race, but thats just my 2 creds.
  12. 3WhiteFox3 said: According to one of the previous updates, cover does increase your ranged defence, so precise aim will benefit if your opponent has particularly good cover or armor that adds defence, so it's a bit more useful; though I would like to see it act like the True Aim manuever, giving the benefits of aiming and reducing the defence. ahh ok, i must have missed that, so a rank 2 Precice Aim is at least useful, although the fact that the base talent still does nothing since the Aim manuever is still mathematically better, is still problematic.
  13. I don't recall coming across anything in the base book that dealt with how fast credits should be accquired. I realize that this system is more flexible and is encouraging different groups to play their own style however some GM's may be at a loss without some rough guidelines so I would suggest including one line in the book maybe bundled in with accquiring xp about a normal, slow, and fast rate of accquiring credits. In our games it has ussually been around 2500 a player (from various sources, bounties, selling items, rewards) with occasionally a little more if they go out of their way to earn it. That may seem like a lot but when you have ship repairs, and fuel to pay for along with saving for new weapons and gear I think it has been pretty reasonable.
  14. With the week 11 changes to Precise Aim it is now slightly better. If you only have one rank in it you are still better off aiming, and if you do manage to have two ranks in it then it would be worthwhile, but only against enemies with at least two defense. A lot of times enemies will have two setback die in the pool, one from defense and one from cover but it is VERY rare that enmies will have more than one defense. For the talent to be usefull it should specify setback die rather than defense or it should be changed to be similar to how the new Bodyguard works, you suffer a bit of strain to downgrade the difficulty of the check. As it stands now it is still a talent that does nothing most of the time, and if you manage to get it ranked then it will be useful once in a blue moon.
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